Pornhub sues state of Texas for requiring age verification of users

Pornhub, along with the adult industry advocacy group Free Speech Coalition and several other website operators and porn industry representatives, are suing the state of Texas to block the state’s law requiring age verification for viewing adult content. This is reported by Vice. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. ... Read more

Pornhub blocks content for some users in the US due to age verification laws

On July 1, the US states of Mississippi and Virginia passed laws requiring adult sites to verify the age of users, despite efforts by Pornhub to oppose the legislation. This is reported by Ars Technica. These efforts include blocking Pornhub from accessing users in these states. The platform is also ... Read more

Netflix made a documentary about Pornhub

Netflix announced a documentary about Pornhub called Money Shot: The Pornhub Story. The movie is released on March 15, 2023, and contains interviews with porn stars, activists, and former employees of Pornhub, offering viewers the history of successes and scandals of the porn site, whose name has become almost universal ... Read more

The American state of Arkansas proposed law would require ID check to watch porn online

A new bill is being promoted in Arkansas (USA) aims to make access to porn sites more difficult. The Protection of Minors from Distribution of Harmful Material Act would require anyone in Arkansas to provide a “digitized identification card” before viewing a site that contains more than 33.33 percent of ... Read more

Pornhub by Passport: ID is now required to access porn sites in Louisiana

The US state of Louisiana has passed a law requiring age verification for any website that contains 33.3% or more pornographic material, reports Mashable. Porn sites now have to verify a visitor’s age using a program called LA Wallet, which requires a Louisiana ID or driver’s license. A Twitter user ... Read more

YouTube blocked Pornhub channel over “multiple rule violations”

YouTube bans Pornhub channel for ‘multiple violations of community rules’ reports The Verge. According to Google, the Pornhub account violated YouTube’s external linking policy, which prohibits users from linking to content prohibited on the platform, such as pornography. “Upon review, we terminated the channel Pornhub Official following multiple violations of ... Read more