China to create $40 billion state fund to support semiconductor industry

Processors are the new oil, and every country wants to have its own development and production of semiconductors. Despite the fact that there are many high-tech industries in China, China’s hi-end processors are not very good, especially after the restrictions imposed by the US government. Therefore, China is introducing its ... Read more

Foxconn founder Terry Gou is running for president of Taiwan. He says China will not intimidate him

Terry Gou, the founder of Foxconn and one of Taiwan’s richest men, has announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. This is the businessman’s second attempt to run for president, writes Про це пише Insider. Answering a journalist’s question about how he would respond to pressure from Beijing over ... Read more

Emmanuel Macron blames social media and video games for outbreak of violence in France

French President Emmanuel Macron has blamed social networks TikTok, Snapchat and video games for the outbreak of violence in France, writes Kotaku. As you know, in any uncertain situation, video games and social networks should be blamed for everything. French President Emmanuel Macron seems to have learned this lesson well. ... Read more

Microsoft has warned about an attack by Chinese hackers on US infrastructure

China-backed hackers have compromised “critical” US cyber infrastructure across multiple industries, focusing on intelligence gathering. Microsoft warned about this, writes CNBC. It is about a Chinese hacker group codenamed Volt Typhoon, which has been active since mid-2021. Microsoft notes that the organization is apparently working to destroy critical communications infrastructure ... Read more

The battle for chips between Washington and Beijing could hurt American technology – NVIDIA

The U.S. tech industry risks being hit hard by an escalating chip battle between Washington and Beijing. This is the opinion in the interview with Financial Times that was expressed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. He said US export controls had left a group of Silicon Valley companies “with our ... Read more

China has banned American chipmaker Micron from participating in key infrastructure projects

The trade and technology war between China and the USA is reaching a new level. Now not only US and Allies restrict China’s access to chip nanufacturing equipment and stop granting export licenses to some Chinese companies. China strikes back by banning US memory maker Micron Technology from participation in ... Read more

Starting today, smartphones that are not linked to a real name will stop working in Hong Kong

Hong Kongers unable or unwilling to link their SIM cards to their real names found their mobile phones switched off this morning as the government’s SIM card registration deadline loomed. According to RTHK, as of February 21, 2023, about 12 million prepaid and contract SIM cards were registered. They were ... Read more

The US Air Force shot down a Chinese spy balloon. China is outraged

The F-22 fighter jet using an AIM-9X air-to-air missile destroyed Chinese spy balloon off the coast of Southern California, reported Reuters citing US officials. The high-altitude balloon was shot down about 11 km off the US coast in the Atlantic Ocean over relatively shallow water (up to 14 m deep). ... Read more

A Chinese surveillance balloon has been flying over the United States for several days

A Chinese surveillance balloon was spotted over the North of the USA a few days ago. The trajectory of its movement passes over several important military facilities. This is reported by Reuters, citing a briefing of the US Department of Defense. “The United States government has detected and is tracking ... Read more

Democracy Index 2022: only 8% of the Earth’s population live under “full democracy”

The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research department of The Economist, released a Democracy Index 2022 study. Its main topic is Ukraine and the impact of events in our country on democracies around the world. Democracy Index 2022 is an annual classification of 167 countries of the world compiled by the ... Read more

In 2022, North Korea carried out a record number of ballistic missiles test launches

Tiny, but armed to the teeth, North Korea carried out a record number of test launches of ballistic missiles in 2022 – about 80. This is more than all other countries in the world combined. This situation “slightly” worries the neighbors, especially Japan, because some of these missiles fall within ... Read more

Gaslighting is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year 2022

Little by little, various services and sites are starting to sum up the results of 2022. Here, for example, is the website of the publishing house Merriam-Webster, which for 180 years has been publishing one of of the most influential dictionaries of the English language – American Dictionary of the ... Read more

The United States has banned American technology companies from building The United States has banned American technology companies from building facilities in China for 10 yearsfor 10 years

US technology companies receiving federal funding under the CHIPS and Science Act, will be banned for 10 years from building “advanced technology facilities” in China. During the briefing this was announced by US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. “We’re also going to be implementing the guardrails to ensure those who receive ... Read more