Poland receives permission to purchase 96 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters

Poland continues to arm itself. The next step is modern Boeing AH-64E Apache attack helicopters, and finally the Polish government has received approval of its order from the US Department of Defense. Poland plans to purchase 96 Boeing AH-64E Apaches worth $12 billion. In addition to the helicopters themselves, the ... Read more

Rozetka has launched a site in Poland and is looking for employees

Rozetka, the largest online marketplace in Ukraine, has joined other domestic companies in their expansion into the Polish market. According to AIN, Rozetka already launched a Polish site with a top-level domain that completely repeats the design of the Ukrainian version, but with fewer offers so far. In addition, apparently, ... Read more

MEGOGO is launched in Poland

The streaming service MEGOGO opens an office and significantly expands the catalog of Polish content. Thus, Poland will become the fourteenth market where the Ukrainian company will provide its services. The service offer primarily includes television packages with interactive functions, as well as a library of films and series, which ... Read more

Poland plans to provide Ukraine with 60 more modernized Soviet tanks (30 of them PT-91 Twardy) and 14 Leopard 2

Poland is the largest supplier of tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and it seems that the country wants to consolidate this position. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the Canadian CTV News about the new delivery of tanks, which will include Polish PT-91 Twardy and Leopard 2. Since the ... Read more

Poland received the first South Korean tanks K2 Black Panther and 155 mm self-propelled guns K9 Thunder, ordered only 3 months ago

The speed with which Poland is arming itself is really impressive. Not even 3 months have passed since conclusion of a contract for the supply of South Korean K2 Black Panther tanks and 155 mm self-propelled guns K9 Thunder, as our neighbors have already received the first tank company and ... Read more

Polish mObywatel will start showing Ukrainian driver’s licenses and vehicle registration certificates from Diia

The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced many Ukrainian citizens to leave for European countries. Among them, the largest number of Ukrainians was accepted by Poland, which helps them a lot at various levels. Among other things, Poland and Ukraine have established an exchange of digital documents. Mykhailo Fedorov announced today ... Read more

Baykar Makina is giving the Poles a Bayraktar TB2, and in the meantime they have started raising funds for three Mi-2 AM-1 helicopters for Ukraine

As expected, the Turkish company Baykar Makina decided to give the Poles one Bayraktar TB2 attack UAV, fundraising for which finished a few days ago. This was reported by journalist Sławomir Sierakowski, who started this campaign. We will remind, at the beginning of June, after the same fundraising in Lithuania, ... Read more

Cats have become an alien invasive species in Poland. This has made cat fans angry

The Polish Institute of Nature Studies has decided that cats belong to alien invasive species. This caused controversy among society, which refuses to accept the opinion of scientists. Cats were added to the list of alien species at the beginning of the month. In response to public outrage, the institute ... Read more

Poland plans to increase its army to 400,000

We have already mentioned that Poland is going to increase the number of ground forces to 80,000 troops by forming two new all-military divisions to be stationed along the Vistula River in the central region of the country. It has now become known that there are even more ambitious plans ... Read more

Poland has already built 140 km of the “Wall” on the border with Belarus

The whole world mocked Donald Trump over the wall on the border with Mexico, and it turned out that in the XXI century, fences have to be built in Europe. Thus, Poland is putting into operation the first section of the fence on the border with Belarus. This was reported ... Read more