Google sold 10 million Pixels in 2023

Google sold about 10 million Pixel devices in 2023. wrote 9to5Google with a reference to the Nikkei. The most popular smartphones sold were the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. They accounted for the lion’s share of all the company’s smartphones sold. Other popular smartphones for the year include the Pixel ... Read more

Pixel owners have problems with storage again

Just in October, Pixel owners faced a problem that resulted in the loss of access to the storage, and now a similar bug has reappeared. This time, because of the Google Play update, writes 9to5Google.  After the January Google Play update, users on Reddit started complaining about the same problems ... Read more

Google is working on a new Pixie assistant based on the Gemini AI model

After Google unveiled the Gemini AI model, the next step for the company is to develop Pixie, a new assistant exclusively for Pixel smartphones. This was reported by 9to5Google. The company plans to use Gemini to develop “an artificial intelligence assistant called Pixie that will be exclusive to Pixel devices.” ... Read more

Pixel smartphones have received a major update with new features

Toward the end of the year, Google released a new update for Pixel smartphones with many new features that smartphone owners are starting to receive now. In addition to Gemini, a new AI model that will be coming to 8 Pro, the company announced a number of AI improvements for ... Read more

Google fixes bug in Android 14 that caused data loss on Pixel

Since the release of Android 14, many Pixel smartphones have been experiencing bugs that could restrict user access to storage, but Google has finally released an update that fixes this issue. According to Engagdet, the company has fixed a storage bug in the new update, and users can recover all ... Read more

The At a Glance widget on Pixel smartphones will show you when your taxi arrives

It looks like Google is preparing a new feature for their At a Glance widget that is available on Pixel smartphones. A new Ridesharing option has appeared in the settings, which shows the status of your ride in the Uber or Lyft services on the main screen of the device. ... Read more

Google will allow the use of smartphones as video recorders

Pixel smartphones, as well as some other Android devices, offer users the Personal Safety app, which includes several useful features such as Emergency Sharing, Safety Check and Car Crash Detection. And it seems that soon the application will receive another innovation. Google has released an update for Personal Safety (version ... Read more

Google will soon introduce the ability to find even turned off smartphones through Find My Device

Several recent iPhone models with iOS 15 release in 2021 were able to support Find My even when turned off. In this way, a lost or stolen smartphone should still be displayed in the search engine, regardless of its current state. Google is also preparing its response to similar functionality ... Read more

Digital car keys on iPhone can now be shared with Google Pixel

One of the still rather exotic features of the new smartphones is a digital car key that allows you to get into the car and start the engine with just a smartphone. This, of course, requires a suitable new smartphone (such as the iPhone or Google Pixel) and a new ... Read more

Google paid influencers to advertise a Pixel phone they never used

Google and the largest operator of radio stations in the United States iHeartMedia have been sued for unfair advertising of Pixel 4. FTC and four states say the companies aired “nearly 29,000 deceptive endorsements by radio personalities” during 2019 and 2020, and Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Samuel Levine said, ... Read more

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL have received the latest security update

On the eve of the presentation of the new Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones (scheduled for October 6), the company has symbolically released the latest security update for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Models released in 2019 were supposed to receive developer support for three years, and ... Read more