Cell phones are still around: Nokia has updated the Nokia 130 and 150 models

Remember phones with buttons, no touch screens and no app stores? Yes, they still exist, and sometimes such models get updates. Nokia even introduced two new phones for those users who just need a cell phone. The “older” Nokia 150 model will offer: a familiar retro design; 2.4-inch display with ... Read more

The Rotary Un-Smartphone is an “unsmart” mobile phone… with a disk dialer

There are people who fundamentally do not want to use modern smartphones, preferring old push-button “mobile phones”. But their “oddities” (at least from the point of view of today’s youth) are nothing compared to Justine Haupt’s hobby – this girl is working on a project of… a mobile phone with ... Read more

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio received built-in wireless headphones

The Nokia brand, which has been under the management of HMD for many years, has never been shy to evoke nostalgia in potential buyers. Here we can mention the re-release of the updated Nokia 3310 and 8110 models. But this time the manufacturer turned to the music theme and introduced ... Read more