Figure AI, a startup developing humanoid robots, raises $675 million

Figure AI, a startup developing humanoid robots, raises $675 million in a funding round with a $2 billion valuation. Investors include NVIDIA, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and other tech companies, writes Bloomberg with reference to informed sources. Jeff Bezos, through his firm Explore Investments LLC, provides $100 million. Microsoft, which ... Read more

NVIDIA makes the unified NVIDIA App

NVIDIA is testing a new app called NVIDIA App, which is still in beta, but is designed to replace the graphics card control panel and bring other apps like GeForce Experience and custom graphics settings under one roof. The Control Panel still works great, but its design hasn’t changed in ... Read more

NVIDIA increased revenue by 256%, driven by GPU sales

NVIDIA reported that its results for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2023 exceeded Wall Street expectations, writes CNBC. Wall Street analysts expected the company’s revenue to reach $20.62 billion, while the actual result was $22.10 billion. Experts predicted earnings per share at $4.64, while the actual figure was $5.16. ... Read more

NVIDIA Eos is an AI factory with 4,608 H100 chips

NVIDIA has demonstrated how the NVIDIA Eos supercomputer built on 4 608 H100 chips looks like. The company calls it an AI factory. NVIDIA Eos is built on the experience gained from the design of previous NVIDIA supercomputers such as Saturn 5 and Selene. Eos consists of 576 NVIDIA DGX ... Read more

NVIDIA has released Chat with RTX. What can a local chatbot do?

NVIDIA has released its own free chatbot – Chat with RTX for PCs with RTX 30 series and higher graphics cards for local generative AI. Chat with RTX leverages rich-aided generation (RAG), NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM, and NVIDIA RTX acceleration to leverage the generative power of artificial intelligence on the local computer. ... Read more

NVIDIA has become more expensive than Amazon and Google, albeit for a short time

NVIDIA’s market value surpassed that of Amazon and Google, albeit briefly, reaching a market capitalization of $1.83 trillion with a share price of over $740. For comparison, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) boasted approximately $1.82 trillion and Amazon $1.8 trillion at the same time, writes 80LV. At the close of trading, ... Read more

NVIDIA Grace Hopper GH200 chip passes first tests

Nvidia's Grace Hopper GH200 chip is Nvidia's answer to the demands of advanced artificial intelligence and high-performance data processing in enterprises and data centers.

GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER 16 GB test results: slightly more fps for less money

Finally, the time has come to learn about the capabilities of the latest model from NVIDIA’s updated line of graphics cards – GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER 16 GB. Initially, the test results were supposed to appear yesterday, but a delay in receiving test samples forced NVIDIA to postpone the completion ... Read more

RTX Remix is out in beta, now anyone can remaster old games with DirectX 8 or 9

NVIDIA’s RTX Remix game modification tool has entered open beta testing, making it available to all users interested in remastering classic DirectX 8 or 9 games, according to Tom’s Hardware. Previously only available through NVIDIA-sponsored mods such as Portal RTX, this tool allows users to enhance older games with modern ... Read more

Sanctions are not working. China continues to receive banned NVIDIA A100 and H100 chips

Despite the sales ban on certain high-end NVIDIA chips to China (including Hong Kong) in September 2022, Chinese government organizations, including those associated with the military, continue to receive top-of-the-line NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs, writes Reuters. According to tender documents examined by Reuters, Chinese educational and research institutions, along ... Read more

Twitch, OBS, and NVIDIA to improve broadcasts for streamers and viewers

Twitch, in collaboration with OBS and NVIDIA, is launching Twitch Enhanced Broadcasting based on GeForce RTX GPUs. The technology will allow users to conduct several simultaneous broadcasts from one PC. You can register for the beta test, which will begin later this month, on the broadcast tools page. Currently, streamers ... Read more

iStock launches new AI tool for creating stock images

iStock, a subsidiary of Getty Images, has a new tool for creating stock images using generative AI. Getty collaborated with NVIDIA on this project. The basis for the new generative AI is a similar feature in Getty Images, which the company also worked on together with NVIDIA. The difference between ... Read more

NVIDIA releases slower version of RTX 4090 specifically for China

NVIDIA has started selling the RTX 4090 graphics card in China again, but has slowed it down by 11% to comply with US export restrictions, reports The Register. The RTX 4090D, a special version for export to China, started appearing in Chinese stores on Thursday. The video card differs in ... Read more

SeaSonic officially recommends using a hair dryer to bend the RTX 4090 power cables before installation

The situation around the "12VHPWR" power connector is still active. Even after making changes to the connector and renaming it "12V-2x6", companies are still concerned about the correct use of power supplies and are issuing instructions on how to properly connect the power to video cards. Seasonic now recommends bending ... Read more

NVIDIA prepares GeForce RTX 3050 6 GB to replace the 8 GB version

NVIDIA is planning to offer a 6GB version of the GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, which will apparently replace the current 8GB version of the GeForce RTX 3050. The first information about the possible appearance of such an adapter appeared back in October, and now the information is confirmed by ... Read more

NVIDIA RTX technologies are already supported in more than 500 games and programs

The NVIDIA RTX series of graphics cards was introduced in 2018, and since then, more than 520 games and programs have been released that support ray tracing and DLSS. In a blog post, the company said that DLSS, an award-winning artificial intelligence-based visualization technology that enhances graphical performance, is already ... Read more

NVIDIA says it is working with the US government to create limited chips for customers in China

NVIDIA is working closely with the U.S. government to ensure that its new chips for the Chinese market comply with export restrictions. This was stated by the company’s CEO Jensen Huang at a press conference in Singapore, writes Reuters. As you know, new restrictions have recently been imposed on the ... Read more

NVIDIA is going to meet the high demand for AI chips in Japan

The American company NVIDIA intends to meet the extremely high demand for AI chips in Japan. This was stated by the manufacturer’s CEO Jensen Huang during a visit to this country, writes Reuters. “Demand is very high, but I promised the prime minister we will do our very, very best ... Read more

The combination of DLSS FG + AMD FMF triples the fps in Cyberpunk 2077. But there are nuances

NVIDIA and AMD are actively developing their technologies for intelligent image scaling, which can significantly improve performance in games. This is especially true for the latest versions of NVIDIA DLSS Frame Generation and AMD Fluid Motion Frames (FMF), which have a significant impact on the final fps. As it turned ... Read more

It will take years for the US to achieve independence in chip manufacturing – NVIDIA CEO

It may take the US another 20 years to get rid of its dependence on foreign supplies for chip production. This opinion was expressed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang during the DealBook conference in New York, according to Bloomberg. He noted that his company’s products depend on many components that ... Read more

NVIDIA faces legal action over engineer who stole and accidentally revealed Valeo code

Automotive technology developer Valeo is suing NVIDIA after an engineer made an unfortunate mistake during a video conference, writes Bloomberg. It was a specialist named Mohammad Moniruzzaman, who worked for Valeo’s German division but later moved to NVIDIA. In the spring of 2022, the two companies were working on a ... Read more

NVIDIA postpones release of new AI chip aimed at China until 2024

NVIDIA has informed customers in China that it is postponing until early 2024 the release of a new AI chip that the company developed to comply with US export restrictions, writes Reuters with reference to informed sources. According to them, it is the H20 chip. It is considered to be ... Read more

NVIDIA expects to receive about $20 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter

In the third quarter of fiscal year 2024, NVIDIA reported revenue of $18.12 billion. This result is 206% higher than the previous year and 34% better than in the second quarter. This is stated in the company’s statement. The data center division generated revenue of $14.51 billion, up 279% year-on-year ... Read more

NVIDIA plans to accelerate artificial intelligence on Windows 11 PCs with RTX 40 and RTX 30 GPUs

During Microsoft Ignite, NVIDIA announced that TensorRT-LLM is being added to Windows 11 and will be available to more than 100 million RTX users after launching in the latest driver package on November 21.

NVIDIA announces H200 AI accelerator and Jupiter supercomputer

At SC23, NVIDIA announced the H200 accelerator with HBM3E memory and the Jupiter supercomputer, which are scheduled for release in 2024, reports AnandTech. The H200, an updated version of the H100 accelerator, will feature faster and larger HBM3E memory, which will improve its performance in memory-constrained workloads. This upgrade is ... Read more