Mozilla lays off about 60 employees and cuts investments in some products

Mozilla has joined a significant number of tech companies that have announced staff reductions this year. It is laying off about 60 employees, which is about 5% of its staff, writes Engadget. “We’re scaling back investment in some product areas in order to focus on areas that we feel have ... Read more

Mozilla introduces a tool to remove personal information from data brokers’ websites

Earlier, Mozilla launched a tool to detect your personal data on unwanted websites, and now it also gives you the opportunity to delete this information. The Monitor tool notified users when their personal data was published on brokerage websites. Now, the company has introduced a paid enhancement, Monitor Plus, which ... Read more

Firefox on Android now supports 450 extensions

Over 450 extensions have been added to the Firefox browser on Android, and you can start using them right now. Mozilla announced the news in a blog post. “Extensions were first created as a way for people to customize their own internet experience, from artists designing themes to developers who ... Read more

Mozilla tells how it made a “failed” bet on Yahoo search engine in 2014

Mozilla’s decision to change the default search engine in Firefox from Google to Yahoo turned out to be a bad bet that worsened the user experience. This was told by the company’s CEO Mitchell Baker, writes Bloomberg. She made the statement in an interview in 2022, which was shown during ... Read more

Mozilla acquired Fakespot — a service for checking reviews in online stores

Fake product reviews in online stores are a global problem. On foreign resources, you can fight it with the help of the Fakespot service — it detects cases of fraud by sellers on popular resources such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. And, according to its authors, this is not ... Read more

Mozilla is launching a new startup focused on “trustworthy” AI

Ahead of its 25th anniversary, Mozilla launches AI startup, reports TechCrunch. According to Mark Surman, Executive President of, the company’s mission is not to create just any AI, but to create open source AI that is “trustworthy”. “Working on trustworthy AI for almost five years, I’ve constantly felt a ... Read more

Firefox 105 is out – developers promise increased speed and memory savings

The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 105, which is not a major release, but has interesting features. The development team managed to make some necessary changes to the browser in a fairly short period of time, reports The Register. The new features are relatively minor and small, but they can improve ... Read more

The dislike and not interested buttons on YouTube are almost non-functional

According to research by Mozilla, even when users indicate on YouTube that they are not interested in certain types of videos, similar recommendations continue to appear, reports The Verge. Using recommendation data from over 20,000 YouTube users, researchers found that the “not interested”, “dislike”, “stop recommending channel” and “remove from ... Read more

Mozilla has released its own translator. It does not use the cloud and operates privately

Mozilla launched an extension to its Firefox browser, which will allow you to translate sites in the browser without using the cloud. In this way, the data translated by the user remains private. The extensions were created in collaboration with European universities under the EU-funded Bergamot Project. The aim was ... Read more