Actor Michael Gambon, who played Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films, dies

Sir Michael Gambon has died at the age of 82. The British actor had an eventful career, including the role of Professor Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series, writes The Guardian. The death of the star was announced in a statement on behalf of his wife and son, published ... Read more

Scavengers Reign is a surreal science fiction series from HBO Max

HBO Max has presented the official trailer of the sci-fi animated series Scavengers Reign, created by Joseph Bennett and Charles Guettner. The series, based on the 2016 short film Scavengers, tells the story of a spaceship crew stranded on an alien planet after an accident and trying to survive, adapt ... Read more

Tomb Raider: The Legend Of Lara Croft – teaser of the animated series about Lara Croft from Netflix

Netflix produces good animated series based on well-known game franchises, so they continue to develop this area. In 2024, we will see an animated series about Lara Croft – Tomb Raider: The Legend Of Lara Croft. Netflix has presented a short teaser for the series, from which not much is ... Read more

Hollywood screenwriters end their strike. What conditions did the studios offer them?

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is calling off its strike. Its members will now explore a new contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), which represents Hollywood studios, writes The Verge. The WGA has released the details of the contract, which is yet to be ... Read more

New voice actors of “Rick and Morty” series made their debut in the trailer of the 7th season

Adult Swim has remained silent on the future of the Rick and Morty cartoon series after the show’s co-creator and star Justin Roiland left due to a scandal earlier this year. Fans were worried that his departure would cause the series to fade away, as Roiland voiced both main characters. ... Read more

Hollywood writers reach tentative agreement with studios – strike ends

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and major Hollywood studios have reached a preliminary agreement. It will put an end to the strike that lasted 146 days, reports Los Angeles Times. The proposed three-year contract provides for an increase in wages for screenwriters, as well as the introduction of new ... Read more

Hollywood screenwriters’ strike may end soon – there is a chance for a deal with movie studios

The Hollywood screenwriters’ strike may be about to end. That’s because in the near future, they may be able to conclude a new deal with movie studios. This is reported by The Verge with reference to CNBC host David Faber. After face to face meeting today, writers and producers near ... Read more

Actor Stephen Fry’s voice was stolen from the Harry Potter audiobooks and restored with the help of AI

The famous British comedian, actor, and writer Stephen Fry complained that his voice was stolen and restored by AI. This is reported by Yahoo with reference to Fortune. During his speech at the CogX Festival in London, the actor, who had recently visited Kyiv, played a file in front of ... Read more

Warner Bros. showed a teaser for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Warner Bros. has shown a teaser for the film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and is preparing to release the first trailer on September 14, writes Gizmodo. The movie teaser lasts 30 seconds and looks just wild! Bright and energetic, it is atmospherically reminiscent of the first part, which was ... Read more

Hayao Miyazaki is not going to retire and is working on ideas for a new movie

Famous Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki is working on a new movie. So his retirement seems to be postponed again. Junichi Nishioka, the head of the Japanese Ghibli studio, said this in an interview with CBC News, according to The Verge. “Other people say that [The Boy and the Heron] ... Read more

What to watch in September: 6 new movies and 5 TV series

Fortunately, there is still something to see in September. But we don’t know whether the strike of screenwriters and actors will end soon, so we advise you to go to the movies as much as possible now, because there may not be any high-profile premieres for some time. So here ... Read more

Paid reviews found on Rotten Tomatoes, aggregator’s reputation at risk

The reputation of the movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes is under threat. The reason is that some of its critics were allegedly paid for positive movie reviews. This was reported by Vulture, writes IGN. The expose concerns a PR company called Bunker 15. According to the publication, it paid some ... Read more

Fall premieres – what Netflix is preparing to show viewers

Netflix is actively preparing for the new season. The streaming service showed a preview of cinematic novelties to be released this fall. Traditionally, every viewer will be able to choose something interesting for themselves. But take a look at the films that will potentially attract the attention of every viewer. ... Read more

Ferrari: a teaser trailer for a biopic about the motorsport legend

STXfilms and Neon studios presented the teaser trailer of the biopic Ferrari, dedicated to the career and personal life of the legendary Enzo Ferrari. This film is based on the book Enzo Ferrari by Brock Yates: The Man, the Cars, the Racing, the Machine”. The film is directed by Michael ... Read more

Netflix’s film adaptation of the manga One Piece – first fan reviews of the series

The film adaptation of the popular manga One Piece, which tells the story of the epic journey of the young pirate Monkey Dee Luffy and his diverse crew, has received its first positive reviews, writes Gizmodo. The premiere of the series, which is the responsibility of the Netflix streaming service, ... Read more

Dune: Part Two – the film’s premiere was postponed to March 2024

The premiere of Dune: Part Two has been postponed to March 15, 2024. This is just one of several major changes in Warner Bros, writes The Verge. Films are being postponed against the backdrop of strikes in Hollywood, which have already affected the production and promotion of many films and ... Read more

Amazon announced that the Fallout series will be released on Prime Video in 2024

Amazon has announced the premiere of a series based on the popular role-playing game series Fallout in 2024. It will be released by Prime Video, reports Engadget. The company announced the development of the franchise adaptation together with the creators of Westworld three years ago. However, the show’s release date ... Read more

Trailer for the epic movie Rebel Moon

Netflix has shown a teaser trailer for the upcoming epic sci-fi film Rebel Moon. Its premiere is scheduled for December 22, 2023. Zack Snyder is responsible for the film, known for his work on many large-scale projects, including: Man of Steel, 300 Spartans, and Army of the Dead. Rebel Moon ... Read more

Trailer for “The First Code” – the film will be released on November 16

The team of the feature documentary The First Code presented a new trailer and poster and announced the long-awaited date of the Ukrainian premiere: the film will be released on November 16, 2023. With a budget of over $500,000, the film has already been shown in private screenings in Warsaw, ... Read more

“Barbie” became the most successful movie of Warner Bros. Pictures in Ukraine

After only four weeks of release, Greta Gerwig’s Barbie became the highest-grossing film of all Warner Bros. Pictures in Ukraine. The film has already grossed 110.2 million UAH, surpassing the final collection of the previous leader, according to Kinomania, the official distributor of Warner Bros. Pictures. Before the release of ... Read more

Apple sued over Tetris movie released on Apple TV+ this spring

Gizmodo editor-in-chief Daniel Ackerman sued Apple over the movie “Tetris” / Tetris< /a>, which was released on Apple TV+ in 2023, writes The Verge. He claims the movie is a theft of his 2016 book The Tetris Effect. According to the editor-in-chief, Apple, the Tetris company, the film’s producers, and ... Read more

What to watch in August: 7 new movies and TV series

Well, the first two months of the summer were pretty intense in terms of premieres, and we hope that August will not let us down either. There are also some very interesting projects. We offer them to you in our selection of 7 new movies and 7 TV series that ... Read more

“Barbie earns $1 billion in worldwide box office and continues to break records

Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” has officially earned $1 billion at the worldwide box office. This is the fastest Warner Bros. Pictures release to reach this milestone in just 17 days in theatres, writes The Verge referring to Variety. The film also became the second film to reach this mark in 2023, ... Read more

Cinemas, pavilions and productions: a studio complex will be built in Abu Dhabi by 2025

In the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, where parts of the Hollywood franchises “Dune”, “Star Wars” and “The Fast and the Furious” were filmed, a large studio complex twofour54 Studios will be built, writes Variety. The announcement of the investment in the world-class studio comes as neighboring Saudi Arabia ... Read more

End of an era: Disney stops selling DVDs and Blu-rays. So far only in Australia

Disney has announced the end of DVD and Blu-ray releases in Australia. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 will be the last physical media film to hit Australian shelves. Previously released discs will be available while supplies last. This is reported by The decision affects all Disney film studios, ... Read more