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Ming-Chi Kuo: only 1% of Vision Pro owners returned the headset

According to a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, only 1% of owners of the $3500 Vision Pro headset eventually returned the new product from Apple. He also said that about 20-30% of these people simply could not figure out how to use it. Although Apple devices are usually easy to learn ... Read more

Vision Pro owners have started returning the headset. What’s the reason?

Some owners of Vision Pro started posting on social media that they had returned the headset due to discomfort while using it, writes The Verge. Former owners say that the headset gives them headaches and motion sickness. Other users also complain about the weight of the device and the design ... Read more

You can now restore access to Vision Pro yourself

Vision Pro owners had an unusual problem – they had to go to the Apple Store to restore access to the headset. However, Apple has already taken user feedback into account and released an update that fixes this situation. According to MacRumors, the company has released a new version of ... Read more

To recover your Vision Pro password, you need to contact the Apple Store

Vision Pro owners who have forgotten their device’s password have only one option: contact the Apple Store, reported by Bloomberg. Apple support is also puzzled by this situation, as they were not prepared for the influx of dissatisfied headset owners who cannot regain access to the device on their own. ... Read more

Apple has sold about 200 thousand Vision Pro

Apple has sold approximately 200 thousand Vision Pro headsets since pre-orders began on January 19. This was reported by MacRumors, citing its own sources familiar with the company’s sales. According to preliminary reports by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, about 160-180 thousand headsets were sold during the pre-order week, so it looks ... Read more

Apple has shown a demo video of Vision Pro: this is what it looks like to control, communicate, work, and play in a mixed reality headset

Last week, Apple once again gathered media representatives who were the first to see and test the new augmented reality headset. The 30-minute sessions were designed to demonstrate space navigation and control, make short calls, work with the Mac, and have fun (watching photos and videos, movies, etc.). Before that, ... Read more

Pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro have reached 160,000 to 180,000 units, but demand for the headset is not growing

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared an analysis of pre-orders for Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset, which shows that the company was able to sell 160 000 to 180 000 units during the first weekend. The instant sellout and subsequent extension of delivery times to 5-7 weeks initially seemed like a ... Read more

The Apple Vision Pro headset impressed reviewers. However, there are still questions about the gadget

Sales of the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset are just around the corner. The company is preparing its staff and store network for this event. At the same time, it is organizing private demonstrations for media representatives.  For example, Victoria Song from The Verge, Cherlynn Lowe and Dana Wallman ... Read more

Apple has a lot of challenges for 2024, and iPhone sales are not the biggest of them – Gurman

Previously, it was common to hear opinions that Apple should focus on the iPhone, the product that brings the company the most profit and can “pull” many other initiatives of the manufacturer. However, according to analyst and well-known Apple insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, it is not the sales of ... Read more

Qualcomm unveils new chip to compete with Apple’s Vision Pro

Qualcomm has introduced the new Snapdragon XR2 Plus Gen 2 chip, which is capable of rendering images of higher quality than Apple’s Vision Pro, reports The Verge. The chip will be used for a mixed reality platform that Qualcomm is working on with Samsung and Google. The Snapdragon XR2 Plus ... Read more

Apple plans to release Vision Pro in February and increases production of the headset

Apple is ramping up production of the Vision Pro mixed reality headset and plans to launch the product in February. This is reported by Bloomberg, referring to people familiar with the case. At the factories in China, production of the new headset has been going at full speed for several ... Read more

Apple Vision Pro will receive apps for iPhone and iPad by default

One of the most important components of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is software. The company paid attention to this from the very beginning, so with the updated branded App Store, support for iPhone and iPad apps will also be available in Apple Vision Pro. This week, ... Read more

Nostalgic: Apple Vision Pro already has a Windows XP emulator

In preparation for the release of Apple Vision Pro, the company is already offering third-party developers the opportunity to test their own software, including the visionOS operating system simulator. It has already tried to run a port of Windows XP, which managed to boot the system. UTM, a developer of ... Read more

Before the start of sales, test samples of Apple Vision Pro are unlikely to be “forgotten in the bar”

Earlier this week, Apple opened applications for test versions of the Apple Vision Pro headset. For the company, this means that the gadget will leave the thick walls of its “native” laboratories and fall into the hands of third-party developers. But Apple is known for its thirst for secrecy and ... Read more

On the eve of the presentation of the mixed reality headset from Apple, the technical specifications of the device’s displays still ended up on the Internet

A really big and significant event for Apple will take place next week. The traditional conference for developers WWDC 2023 should be opened by a presentation that will focus on new laptops, operating systems that should be released later this year, and the “highlight” of the event will be a ... Read more

Apple executives increasingly skeptical of Reality Pro mixed reality headset, and Apple Glasses may never see the light of day

Many technology fans are waiting for the WWDC 2023 conference, with the opening of which Apple should finally demonstrate its first mixed reality headset – Reality Pro. The company has been preparing for this for years, postponing the announcement several times, spending billions on development and involving a thousand engineers ... Read more

Another MagSafe: Apple’s mixed reality headset will have a proprietary power connector

Complementing his story about the functionality of Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset, Mark Gurman also revealed more information and about the physical features of the device. Previously, an unexpected detail in the design of such a headset was an external battery. To reduce weight and increase comfort during use, the ... Read more

Apple’s strategy for the development of a mixed reality headset will follow the way of the Apple Watch

Despite the numerous difficulties with the launch of the AR/VR headset, Apple is still planning a presentation for the beginning of this summer. A brand-new product category is currently a priority for the company, with considerable resources and years of development devoted to it. Almost simultaneously Bloomberg and The New ... Read more

Meta showed new prototypes of VR headsets: different designs to test different features

Reality Labs from Meta showed new prototypes of VR headsets that bring us closer to hyper-realistic graphics. New products are still far from the commercial market, but designs called Butterscotch, Starburst, Holocake 2, and Mirror Lake allow you to better imagine a headset that will replace the current Quest 2, ... Read more

Project Cambria is a VR headset from Zuckerberg that wants to replace a laptop

Meta leader Mark Zuckerberg has published a video with a new generation VR headset, which is going to launch this year. This the first show of Project Cambria, which, according to Zuckerberg, will one day replace a laptop. In the video, he tests the headset and demonstrates its functions. It ... Read more