Midjourney may be banned from creating images of Biden and Trump before the US election

On the eve of the US elections, Midjourney is considering banning political images, writes Engadget. With the emergence of AI tools that can quickly generate modified images and videos, creating fake content to spread political disinformation ahead of the upcoming US presidential election has become easier than ever. So Midjourney ... Read more

Midjourney sees “the dress that broke the internet” as blue and black

On the wave of new interest in “Blue or white dress phenomenon”, that went viral in 2015, someone thought to ask the question about the colors of the cursed dress to the AI. A record of this can be found in the Reddit community r/midjourney. Midjourney Bot, responding to the ... Read more

The following models of well-known car brands according to Midjourney

Designers and artists continue to master AI and sometimes create quite interesting things with its help. For example, Reddit user Grafix-thecreator posted an AI-generated gallery of defunct models of famous car brands. Some look very interesting to me. For example, Tesla Aero, Nissan GT-X or Lamborghini Nemesis. Others, such as ... Read more

Midjourney introduced a Zoom out feature that resembles a camera lens

Midjourney has introduced version 5.2 of its AI imaging model, which includes a new unique Zoom out feature. It allows you to save the central created image, and automatically build a larger “scene” around it, simulating reduction by the camera lens. This is reported by Ars Technica. The feature can ... Read more

Midjourney seems to be having issues with the game controllers

AI generator Midjourney learns quickly and creates almost photorealistic images, but errors in its work still happen – and sometimes quite funny. Reddit user showed the results of Midjourney’s work on with the request “female influencer relaxing playing PlayStation 5 having a blast”. And if there are almost no issues ... Read more

Midjourney has stopped offering free trials

Midjourney, a popular AI-powered image generator, has ended its free trial due to “extraordinary demand and trial abuse”, CEO David Holz said in a message posted on Discord, reports The Washington Post. The abuse was allegedly related to people creating fake accounts to get free images, which caused a load on ... Read more

The Pope in a down jacket: an image of Francis that was actually created by the AI generator Midjourney went viral on Twitter

Over the weekend, an image of Pope Francis in a bulky down jacket hit Twitter, and it quickly went viral as users believed it was real. In fact, the image was first posted on Reddit along with three other images in the same style and are the result of the ... Read more

A group of artists and lawyers filed a lawsuit against Stable Diffusion and DeviantArt

Matthew Butterick is a writer, designer, programmer, and lawyer. Last November, Matthew and a group of lawyers filed a lawsuit against GitHub Copilot for its “unprecedented piracy of open source software.” The lawsuit is still ongoing. This time he was interested in neural networks for image generation. Artists around the ... Read more

The Avengers 1980 directed by Wes Anderson – Midjourney V4 image generator version

What if the superhero movie The Avengers was directed in 1980 by the American director Wes Anderson, known for his films The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch? The answer to this question can now be given by artificial intelligence, which generates images based on text clues. Twitter user ... Read more

Midjourney v4: an incredible new version of the AI image generator

AI imaging service Midjourney has begun alpha testing of the fourth version (v4) of its text translation model to an image that is available to subscribers on the Discord server, reports ArsTechnica. The new model provides greater detail than previously available version, which inspired some AI artists to note that ... Read more

The creepy woman keeps appearing in images generated by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has recently become a particularly hot topic, particularly through image generators such as DALL-E and Midjourney. Trained on billions of images, the systems harness the allure of the black box, creating works that seem both alien and strangely familiar, reports Vice. No one can explain how neural networks ... Read more

Midjourney’s new AI image generator: how to start drawing with it

The number of AI “artists” has been replenished with a new player which is becoming more and more popular. Midjourney Research Lab has developed a bot based on artificial intelligence that creates paintings based on a text request. Unlike other similar programs such as DALL-E, Midjourney is open to use. ... Read more