European Court of Human Rights prohibits weakening end-to-end encryption

The European Court of Human Rights has banned the weakening of end-to-end encryption of messages in messengers. The decision was made on February 13, EUReporter reports. The day before, the European Commission and an industry surveillance network called for a general check of users’ personal messages to detect signs of ... Read more

Kremlingram: ukrainian entrepreneur launches project to investigate ties between telegram and russia

Petcube CEO and Fuelfinance co-founder Yaroslav Azhnyuk announced the launch of the Kremlingram project. The Ukrainian businessman wrote about this on Facebook. According to him, the site has Ukrainian and English versions, and contains key theses and articles on the security of the Telegram messenger and its ties to Russia. ... Read more

Signal adds PQXDH cryptographic protocol to protect against possible hacking by quantum computers

Signal messenger has announced a significant update to its cryptographic protocol aimed at increasing its resilience to potential future threats from quantum computing. The update, called PQXDH, is an extension of Signal’s existing X3DH specification. This step is intended to create an additional layer of protection against the possibility of ... Read more

WhatsApp introduces native app for macOS with enhanced video and audio calling features

WhatsApp has officially launched a native app for macOS that offers users the ability to participate in video calls with up to eight callers and audio calls with up to 32 callers. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page, and the application itself can be downloaded directly ... Read more

WhatsApp will allow users to send photos in HD quality

WhatsApp has introduced a switch that will allow users to send high-quality HD images. This was announced by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, writes The Verge. “Sharing photos on WhatsApp just got an upgrade,” he noted. “Now you can send in HD.” Over the next few weeks, the feature will be ... Read more

Google Messages now provides full end-to-end encryption for RCS on Android

Google has announced that Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages in the Messages app on Android smartphones will now be fully end-to-end encrypted by default. This important update ensures that messages remain private, protected from both Google and carriers. Google also announced that group chats in Messages will now support end-to-end ... Read more

WhatsApp introduced channels, Ukraine was one of the first to get access to the function

WhatsApp Messenger, owned by Meta, launches WhatsApp Channels. This is a one-way messaging tool, reports AIN.UA. Channels can be used by people, organizations and businesses. Admins will be able to send text, videos, photos, stickers or polls. At the same time, they will not be able to add subscribers to ... Read more

Telegram rolls out Stories, but not everyone can create them

Telegram users can finally share their own Stories. Everyone can see them, but only Premium subscription owners can publish them. This was reported by 9to5Mac. With Stories, users can share photos and videos that disappear after a while. At the same time, they can choose when exactly the story will ... Read more

Telegram assures that the messages of their users are securely encrypted

Everything that users send to Telegram is securely encrypted. This was stated by the company’s representative, Remi Vaughn, commenting for Mezha.Media on the information that thanks to the received technologies, the Federal Security Service of Russia learned to track correspondence in encrypted messengers, including Telegram. He explained that while no ... Read more

Russia’s Federal Security Service has learned to monitor, but not read correspondence in Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal

Thanks to the obtained technologies, the Federal Security Service of Russia learned to monitor correspondence in encrypted messengers Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal. This is reported by Babel with reference to The New York Times. The FSB can also track phone locations, identify anonymous users, and hack accounts. Russian technology firms ... Read more

Telegram will get stories. They will be displayed from 6 to 48 hours

Soon Stories will appear in Telegram, which will be placed above the list of chats, writes GRUNT with reference to the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov. Users will be able to choose who sees each of their Stories. They will also be able to edit photos and videos, add ... Read more

A dangerous vulnerability in Telegram remotely activates the camera and microphone on macOS

A dangerous bug was discovered in Telegram that allows attackers to activate the camera and microphone on laptops with macOS. This was announced by Google engineer Dan Reva, writes Forbes. He discovered a vulnerability in the Telegram app for macOS and was able to bypass the TCC by giving unauthorized ... Read more

The CIA started a channel in Telegram and offers the russians to leak secret data

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has launched a new campaign on Telegram that aims to take advantage of what US intelligence officials say is an “unprecedented” chance to persuade Russians disillusioned with the war in Ukraine and life in Russia to share classified information, writes CNN. This initiative includes ... Read more

WhatsApp can be used on several smartphones

WhatsApp messenger previously did not allow you to log into your account from several smartphones, despite the fact that it supported parallel use on tablets, computers, and browsers. Now Meta has announced that this policy will change and in the coming weeks, users will be able to install the messenger ... Read more

Meta has significantly updated WhatsApp Desktop for Windows, it’s faster and has improved calling features

Meta has announced an update for WhatsApp Desktop for Windows that will include a higher speed and improved calling features. The update promises faster app load times and smoother interface animations. The WhatsApp update also includes new options to change the size and position of video channels, which will allow ... Read more

WhatsApp is testing ‘expiring groups’

Probably, everyone at least once became a member of a “one-time” group chat, which is dedicated to some event, for example, the birthday of a work colleague. Once an event has occurred, it usually remains in your chat list. WhatsApp has started testing a new feature that will make it ... Read more

Messenger is returning to Facebook’s mobile app after nine years apart

It’s been a long time since Meta separated Messenger from Facebook’s main mobile app. But after almost nine years of separation, the company is ready to combine them again. “We are testing the ability for people to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app and you’ll see us expand ... Read more

Viber has received a file management function to optimize the storage capacity of the smartphone

Active use of messengers over time can lead to the fact that saved files, photos, videos, and other content can take up a lot of space in the smartphone’s storage. This adds inconvenience to owners of devices with a small memory capacity. It is for such a case that Viber ... Read more

Teams Premium with OpenAI technologies is now available to a wide range of users

Immediately after the news that Microsoft is investing multibillion funds in OpenAI, the company began integrating artificial intelligence technologies into more of its products and services. Microsoft has announced that Teams Premium is now available to a wide range of users. The service offers large language models based on OpenAI’s ... Read more

Telegram has added the option to register without a SIM card

Telegram users are well aware that to register in the messenger from the very beginning it was necessary to use a phone number that was linked to the account and served as a login. Telegram developers note that the number was never shown to third parties, unless users themselves allowed ... Read more

You can now buy and sell a short username on Telegram

Messenger Telegram has officially launched the announced before ability to buy and sell short, recognizable usernames for personal accounts, public groups and channels. The whole process is implemented through the Fragment live auction. Ownership of Telegram collective names must be secured in the immutable registry of TON, a scalable blockchain ... Read more

Signal secure messenger got stories for some reason

It is not entirely clear why a messenger that primarily specializes in the security of communication needs such functionality at all, but still – the developer announces that Signal finally has its stories. According to them, this was one of the most common requests for new features from users. As ... Read more

Try entering “bavovna” on Telegram on Android, Windows or Mac

Telegram constantly adds new features, which are announced during releases, but the messenger sometimes has “Easter eggs”. One of these was recently noticed by Ukrainian users. If you enter the word “bavovna” in Ukrainian in the message, the program will provide the corresponding emoji tips. This feature is currently available ... Read more

Durov wrote about the sale of nicknames in Telegram and received a lot of dislikes, which he had to hide

After launching paid subscription Telegram Premium, which users met without much enthusiasm, the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov, it seems, continues to actively look for ways to monetize his service. His next step could be the emergence of a blockchain-based platform for the sale of nicknames and in the ... Read more

WhatsApp has updated the app for Windows, now it works without a smartphone

The new WhatsApp for Windows no longer requires a smartphone to be connected to send, receive and sync messages. You can already download the new version of WhatsApp in Microsoft Store. Previously, Windows users were offered the WhatsApp web application for the desktop, as well as the ability to access ... Read more