Google Maps finally has a tunnel navigation feature. How to activate it?

Google Maps has finally added the ability to navigate tunnels using Bluetooth beacons. For now, it is available only for Android users, reports Engadget. Bluetooth beacons provide navigation and traffic information underground where there is no GPS signal. They are installed in some cities, including New York, Paris, Sydney, Rio ... Read more

Google Maps updated visual design, author of the original UX says it’s not good

Google Maps has changed its visual design, but not everyone liked the update. It was criticized by Elizabeth Laraki, who once participated in the development of Google Maps UX design. She wrote about it on the X platform. “Last week, the team dramatically changed the map’s visual design. I don’t ... Read more

Google Maps will get new functionality – updated routes, shared lists, and emoji reactions

Google has announced several interesting updates to Google Maps. These include improved public transportation routes, shared lists, and emoji reactions. This is stated in the company’s blog. For example, updating public transportation routes will allow users to better plan their trip. They will be able to choose the best route ... Read more

Waze will notify users if there is an “accident history” on their way

At the end of last year, Waze started testing a feature that would notify users of their “accident history” on the road. As reported by Engadget, it is finally being officially added to the app. Reportedly, drivers using Waze will receive notifications if there is a curve, intersection, or other ... Read more

Google Maps will get new AI features. What will change for users?

Google has announced an update to Google Maps and is adding artificial intelligence tools to the service. Their goal is to make it easier for users to search, explore the environment, and get to their destination, writes TechCrunch. For example, the tech giant is updating its map search function. Users ... Read more

Google cuts jobs at Waze and continues merger of mapping products

Google is cutting jobs at its Waze mapping service as it merges that division with its own mapping products. This was reported by CNBC. Chris Phillips, who heads Google’s mapping division called Geo, said in an email to employees that the company is changing Waze’s strategy to include Google ads ... Read more

Thanks to AI, the Google platform will predict floods 7 days in advance and will cover 80 countries of the world

As part of its work on the use of artificial intelligence to overcome the climate crisis, Google is expanding its flood forecasting capabilities to 80 countries. VP Engineering & Research and Crisis Response Lead Yossi Matias wrote about this in the blog. With the addition of 60 new countries in ... Read more

Google Maps is launching a feature to show travelers their upcoming trip

Google Maps is about to introduce a new “Immersive View for Routes” feature that will help the user gather information about traffic, bike lanes, complex intersections, parking, and more. The company announced this at the annual I/O conference, writes TechCrunch. In the coming months, “Immersive View for Routes” will start ... Read more

15% of Ukrainian drivers involuntarily spy for the aggressor country using Russian mobile navigators

The Russian government receives online information about the situation on Ukrainian roads, the passage of military equipment and even entrances and exits to any house, using information collected and transmitted by thousands of our drivers, reports InformNapalm, referring to the research data of the Public Union Association of Responsible Carriers. ... Read more