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A fire broke out in the Prague office of GSC Game World. It is not yet known whether this will affect the development of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

According to the Czech gaming publication Vortex, a fire broke out in the building housing the Prague office of GSC Game World. An electrical fire broke out in a high-rise building on Na Pankráci Street, where GSC Game World’s office is located. Five fire trucks arrived at the scene and ... Read more

4A Games is probably developing a new game. And it doesn’t seem to be another Metro

The Ukrainian-Maltese 4A Games is hiring specialists and it seems to be a new project, not related [but not certain] to the Metro franchise. Journalists of AIN.UA drew attention to this. The company is hiring specialists to “develop the next big AAA game,” according to a tweet. Join the development ... Read more

The promising Ukrainian role-playing game New Arc Line has finally been announced… but there’s a problem

The promising steampunk role-playing game New Arc Line from Kyiv-based Dreamate, which we’ve been following for a while now, has finally been announced. Dreamate has released a full trailer for its spiritual descendant Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura and Dragon Age: Origins, and announced the platforms, preliminary release date, ... Read more

1.3 million Steam users attended Ukrainian Games Festival 2023

GTP Media has shared the results of the Ukrainian Games Festival 2023, which took place on Steam from August 18 to 24, 2023. Ukraine’s Independence Day Festival was attended by 1.3 million logged-in Steam users – 19 times more than last year! The Ukrainian Games Festival banner first appeared on ... Read more

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is a Ukrainian wargame about the Soviet-Finnish wars

The Ukrainian turn-based wargame Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty by Starni Games, which tells the story of the Soviet-Finnish wars of 1939-1940 and 1941-1944 and the German-Finnish war of 1944-1945, has been released. Commanding a small Finnish army, you have to fight back against a much stronger enemy and stop ... Read more

Off The Grid: the first gameplay trailer of the game from Ukrainian-German studio Gunzilla Games

The first gameplay trailer of the ambitious battle royale 2.0 Off The Grid by Ukrainian-German studio Gunzilla Games has been released. The game, which is being developed by about 200 developers in Kyiv and Frankfurt am Main, was announced in May 2022 as a new take on the Battle Royale ... Read more

Made in Ukraine 2023 festival on

After Steam, the Ukrainian games festival on the occasion of the Independence Day has started on It’s called Made in Ukraine 2023 and will take place during the week. Some of the games presented here are the same as those at Ukrainian Games Festival 2023, but without DRM, plus ... Read more

Metro: The Outpost is a free-to-play mobile shooter in a post-apocalyptic setting developed by RedBeat Games, a Kyiv-based studio

As it turned out, not only Metro 4 by 4A Games is being developed in Kyiv, which is likely to take place in Moscow again, and the mobile project Metro: The Outpost by RedBeat Games. At the moment, it is only a concept/technodemo, but as a mobile shooter it looks ... Read more

Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 has started on Steam

Just like last year, Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 has started on Steam on the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day. As in 2022, this event is an initiative of the Ukrainian gaming community led by GTP Media, the organizers of the Indie Cup festival and the Ukrainian Games platform. The festival ... Read more

“The Last Day of Childhood” – the first trailer of the Ukrainian game Hollow Home

Kyiv-based game studio Twigames studio has presented a teaser trailer for Hollow Home, an isometric narrative RPG about the Russian-Ukrainian war, which was announced in March 2023. The trailer, titled “The Last Day of Childhood,” shows gameplay from the beginning of the game, the last peaceful day before the full-scale ... Read more

The results of the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #3 contest have been summarized

Ternox summed up the results of the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #3 contest, which it organized and sponsored. We remind you that the third Ukrainian visual short story contest since the beginning of the full-scale invasion was dedicated to Virtuality. The winners of the competition in the General Impression category ... Read more

The Ukrainian game BIGFOOT received a major UPDATE 5.0

Horror shooter BIGFOOT from the Ukrainian studio CyberLight Game Studio got a big update. The developers continue to port and adapt BIGFOOT for the Unreal Engine 5 engine and this time added the Lumen global illumination system to the game, which improves the lighting, making it more realistic. As part ... Read more

Train World – a railway simulator from a Ukrainian developer

The train simulator Train World, from the Ukrainian studio Turn Point Games (it’s actually one person, Dmytro Aleksiuk), was released on Steam and Epic Games Store. Train World is a traditional rail network strategy/simulator. You build tracks, buy locomotives and wagons, set routes and transport goods and passengers. And you ... Read more

Closed testing of the Ukrainian tactical shooter Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories has begun

Ukrainian studio Red Mountain Games, which is developing the spiritual successor to the tactical police shooter SWAT 4 – Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories, announced the release of free prologue Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories – First Shot and holding a closed game testing. The test will take place for two weeks, ... Read more

Ukrainian studio Mauris told about the updated combat system of the Corsairs Legacy game

Studio Mauris, which develops the Ukrainian pirate action/adventure Corsairs Legacy told about the updated ground combat system of the game. 5 months since the release of Corsairs Legacy demo on Steam the studio has processed player comments and made some adjustments to the ground combat system. Many parameters of the ... Read more

The Ukrainian game STONKS-9800 was released in Steam Early Access

1980s Japanese stock market simulator inspired by retro anime and city pop STONKS-9800, from the Ukrainian developer Ternox Games, was released in Steam Early Access. As a reminder, in this game you have to buy shares, receive dividends, follow the course, influence the stock market, manage companies. In addition, it ... Read more

A Twisted Path To Renown – a new game from the Ukrainian studio Game-Labs

It became known that the Kyiv studio Game-Labs, the authors of the Ultimate General, Ultimate Admiral and This Land Is My Land are working on a new project – a shooter A Twisted Path To Renown. The studio announced this during an appeal to players in This Land Is My ... Read more

Catch & Cook: Fishing Adventure – a Ukrainian fishing game

In 10 days, another Ukrainian game will be released on Steam, an arcade fishing simulator Catch & Cook: Fishing Adventure by Campfire Studio, authors of Package Rush and My Dream Setup. This is the third game from the studio since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. In Catch & In ... Read more

Karpatia: Order Of The Comet – a Ukrainian game that takes place in Palanok Castle

The page of the Ukrainian game Karpatia: Order Of The Comet from the developer Dmytro Danylov (no, we are not related). This game takes place in Mukachevo Castle Palanok, which was reproduced using photogrammetry technology and Unreal Engine. Karpatia: Order Of The Comet is a first-person narrative mystical adventure with ... Read more

Football, Tactics & Glory: World – a new game from the Ukrainian studio Creoteam

Kyiv studio Creoteam (Collapse, Collapse: The Rage, Football, Tactics & Glory) announced a new game – Football, Tactics & Glory: World. As the name suggests, this is an expansion / sequel to the turn-based football simulator Football, Tactics & Glory, which was released in 2018 and received several major updates ... Read more

Strategy Men of War II will be released on September 20, 2023. This is a Ukrainian game, but there are nuances

Dedicated to the Second World War, the real-time strategy Men of War II from the Ukrainian studio Best Way has received a release date. The game, like the previous parts of the series, will only be released on Windows PC on Steam and Epic Games Store. Best Way is a ... Read more

Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 will be held on Steam from August 18 to 24, 2023.

GTP Media, a company that organizes Indie Cup contests and plans to launch a Ukrainian Games hub for Ukrainian developers announced that this year’s Ukrainian Games Festival, like last year, will be held on Steam on Independence Day – from August 18 to 24, 2023. Last year’s Ukrainian Games Festival ... Read more

Mavka. Forest Song has already earned almost $13 million at the box office

Ukrainian animated film Mavka. Forest song continues to conquer the world. During 16 weeks of national distribution, the movie earned UAH 151,541,192. 1,209,104 tickets were sold. This is reported by Ukrainian State Film Agency. But even more interesting are the earnings of Mavka abroad, to which Germany has finally joined, ... Read more

The Ukrainian platformer We Are Eva was released on Steam

Ukrainian platformer/puzzle game We Are Eva from the studio Totally Normal Creature is released on Steam. We are Eva is a rather hardcore 2D platformer about a very charismatic and very talkative demoness who knows how to travel between dimensions. Of course, her name is Eva. Eva regularly breaks the ... Read more

Ukrainian narrative puzzle game Cognition Method got a new demo

Ukrainian narrative spatial puzzle Cognition Method, whose authors were inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey has received a new demo on Steam. According to the developers, the demo includes numerous updates to how Cognition Method looks, plays, and how the game’s story unfolds. Right now, this is as ... Read more