CrossOver 24 for macOS has been released. What’s new?

CodeWeavers has released CrossOver 24 on macOS, which brings even more games and various improvements, writes 9to5Mac. CrossOver is a platform that allows you to run applications from Windows on Mac, including games. The 24th version is based on Wine 9.0, which has more than 7 thousand changes and improvements. ... Read more

Baldur’s Gate III will be available for Mac users on September 21, and for Xbox – by the end of the year

Mac users eager to dive into Baldur’s Gate III won’t have to wait long. Larian Studios has confirmed that the full version of the game will be available on macOS starting September 21. Although the game was already available on Apple’s platform as an early access version, it was only ... Read more

Apple has patched two vulnerabilities that allowed the installation of malware

Apple has released security updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS to fix two zero-day vulnerabilities. Attackers could use them to install malware, writes Ars Technica. The company fixed the vulnerabilities with updates for iOS 16.6.1, iPadOS 16.6.1, macOS 13.5.2, and watchOS 9.6.2. However, there were no updates for older ... Read more

WhatsApp introduces native app for macOS with enhanced video and audio calling features

WhatsApp has officially launched a native app for macOS that offers users the ability to participate in video calls with up to eight callers and audio calls with up to 32 callers. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page, and the application itself can be downloaded directly ... Read more

Linux surpasses MacOS among Steam gamers, Windows takes the lead

The Linux operating system has overtaken Apple’s macOS in popularity among gamers on the Steam game distribution platform. This is evidenced by the results of the July Steam survey, writes Ars Technica. The company regularly asks users to anonymously evaluate their hardware and publishes the information collected on a monthly ... Read more

macOS Sonoma: new widgets, video conferencing, big Safari update, and gaming mode on Mac

During the WWDC 2023 conference, Apple presented macOS Sonoma, the upcoming version of its operating system for Mac computers and laptops. macOS Sonoma focuses on personalization with new interactive screensavers and redesigned widgets. Now users can place them directly on the desktop. Widgets are interactive and will allow users to ... Read more

CrossOver 23 will add DirectX 12 support to Mac games

Traditionally, computers from Apple are not very suitable for gaming, because most of them do not support macOS. But third-party developers are still working on programs that will help Mac owners play (or at least try) something interesting. One such solution is CrossOver from CodeWeavers. So, the developer announced that ... Read more

A dangerous vulnerability in Telegram remotely activates the camera and microphone on macOS

A dangerous bug was discovered in Telegram that allows attackers to activate the camera and microphone on laptops with macOS. This was announced by Google engineer Dan Reva, writes Forbes. He discovered a vulnerability in the Telegram app for macOS and was able to bypass the TCC by giving unauthorized ... Read more

Apple has released an update with Rapid Security Responses for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

Previously, operating systems for Apple smartphones, tablets and computers received the function Rapid Security Responses — security updates that aim to quickly fix critical issues. Such updates can be installed automatically and without a full system update. Users started receiving the first such update yesterday evening. Rapid Security Responses are ... Read more

Bitcoin cryptocurrency whitepaper, written by Satoshi Nakamoto, found in the macOS operating system

Bitcoin cryptocurrency whitepaper (non-promotional marketing text detailing the product) written by Satoshi Nakamoto can be found on any Mac running macOS Catalina or later, but no one knows why it’s there, reports AppleInsider. Although macOS has many hidden files that are not intended for the average user, a whitepaper can ... Read more

Microsoft Outlook for Mac is now free

Microsoft has redesigned and optimized Outlook for Macs with Apple Silicon chipsets, which should make it faster and improve performance. Moreover, the company has made Outlook for macOS free to download and use. Previously, Microsoft offered a free version of Outlook only for iOS. macOS users had to buy a ... Read more

Telegram for macOS received a power saving mode

Telegram for macOS has received a new Power Saving Mode, which should reduce the power consumption of the application. The update is available in Telegram 9.4.1 version. In power-saving mode, the application turns off various animations, autoplay of videos and gifs, and other interface effects. As a result, Telegram uses ... Read more

Apple has released security updates for older devices. Even the ten-year-old iPhone 5s received such

One of the arguments in the constant battle “iOS vs. Android” is support and its duration. It is easier for Apple to maintain its devices, because they do not have such a variety of gadgets as other manufacturers. And that is why some, for example, security patches can be obtained ... Read more

Apple released updates to iOS 16.3, macOS Ventura 13.2 and other OSes, adding global support for Advanced Data Protection and FIDO keys

With the release of new Apple operating systems, the company did not have time to add all the desired features with the release versions. But it is gradually supplementing the systems with such capabilities. iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, macOS Ventura 13.2 and others were released last night, adding global support ... Read more

Updates to Apple’s operating systems come with a new Freeform app

Traditionally for Apple, another Tuesday evening brought updates of operating systems for all current devices of the company. Among other things, a new application appeared on iPhone, iPad and Mac — Freeform. Apple does not often add new applications to the standard list of existing ones. This time, however, such ... Read more

One of the latest updates to Apple’s operating systems, ahead of the releases of iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, contains security fixes

There’s not much left before major updates to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. But Apple does not forget about current versions of systems that have now received minor updates. They are responsible for security fixes. Last night, users started receiving notifications about available updates. These are iOS and iPadOS 15.6.1 and ... Read more

Apple iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura will receive Lockdown Mode — “extreme” protection against cyber attacks and spyware

It’s hard to remember an Apple presentation that didn’t talk about user data security. This is one of the points the company always emphasizes. But, of course, there are no perfect things. Apple does not like the example with the company NSO Group and its creation Pegasus, thanks to which ... Read more

China wants to reduce its reliance on Windows and macOS by redoubling efforts to develop its own OS

China has created an open platform to accelerate the development of its own operating system and get rid of dependence on American developments such as Windows and macOS. This is reported by South China Morning Post. Kylinsoft, a subsidiary of state-owned China Electronics Corp, last week joined forces with more ... Read more

Apple iOS 16 and macOS Ventura users will be less likely to encounter CAPTCHA

On many sites, users are constantly confronted with security checks to confirm that the user is not a bot. Sometimes you just have to say that “I’m not a robot”, and sometimes look for pictures of traffic lights, buses, and fire hydrants. This is not to mention the recognition of ... Read more

Passkeys support from Apple on macOS Ventura will help get rid of passwords

At WWDC 2022 Apple has demonstrated a feature that will allow you to access all sites and services on the Internet using Touch ID or Face ID. Safari on macOS Ventura will support  passkeys, an authorization standard with multi-platform support, which will allow you to log in everywhere without using passwords.  ... Read more

Apple news: macOS Ventura

Apple has launched its annual developer conference with several high-profile announcements. In particular, a new operating system macOS Ventura was presented. One of the main innovations of the system is the Stage Manager tool. This is a new version of multitasking from Apple. Stage Manager can be activated in the ... Read more

WWDC 2022 is in two days. What you can expect from Apple this time

Apple’s annual developer conference traditionally begins with a brand presentation. COVID-19 has finally started to weaken, so large companies are beginning to return to the offline format with viewers. Apple Park will finally have an audience.  Of course, the broadcast on the company website is not cancelled, so fans of ... Read more

CleanMyMac X has received a new feature that protects against cyber threats from Russia

Since Russia started the war in Ukraine, the number of cyberattacks has risen sharply. This forced the world to overestimate the importance of data security, so the CleanMyMac team added a new category of programs to the Uninstaller – Suspicious module. Now, if any of the programs installed on your ... Read more