Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao pleads guilty to money laundering and resigns

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has agreed to resign and plead guilty to money laundering as part of a US government investigation, reports Engadget. According to CNBC, Changpeng Zhao and the cryptocurrency exchange have signed a corresponding agreement with the government. According to the agreement, Binance will pay a fine of ... Read more

Germany, France and Italy agree on how to regulate artificial intelligence

France, Germany, and Italy have reached an agreement on how to regulate artificial intelligence. This is expected to speed up negotiations at the European level. This is reported by Reuters, which has reviewed the relevant joint document. According to it, the governments of the three countries support “mandatory self-regulation through ... Read more

Google ordered to pay $1 million to female CEO for gender bias

Google has to pay $1 million in punitive damages for gender bias to Google Cloud development director Ulku Rowe. This decision was made by a jury of the New York District Court, writes Bloomberg. The company also has to pay the female director $150 thousand for pain and suffering due ... Read more

3D printer buyers in the US are being asked to check their criminal backgrounds

Residents of the state of New York who are going to purchase 3D printers may be required to provide information about their criminal background. This bill was initiated by Senator Jennifer Rajkumar, writes Tom’s Hardware. The document is called A8132 and aims to prevent the unauthorized manufacture of firearms or ... Read more

In California, the right to repair equipment has become law. What does this mean for manufacturers?

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Right to Repair Act into law. This will make it easier for equipment owners to repair their devices themselves or send them to independent workshops, writes The Verge. Manufacturers now have to provide the appropriate tools, parts, software, and documentation for seven years after ... Read more

Valve loses a court case in the EU and has to pay 1.6 million euros in fines for geoblocking

The General Court of the European Union has upheld the decision to impose a fine for geo-blocking on Valve Corp. which owns the Steam digital game distribution platform, reports Bloomberg. As it is known, the European Commission has fined Valve and five other publishers for obstructing cross-border sales of PC ... Read more

The EU wants Apple to open its ecosystem to competitors

The European Union wants Apple to open its ecosystem to competitors, writes GSMArena. European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton stated this desire to the CEO of the American company Tim Cook during a meeting in Brussels. According to him, Apple should allow iPhone owners to use competitive services, ... Read more

US sues Amazon for market monopolization

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a lawsuit against the global giant Amazon, accusing the company of violating antitrust laws, reports CNBC. The lawsuit was also supported by the attorneys general of 17 US states. The case will be heard by the Federal Court in Seattle. The plaintiffs believe ... Read more

California governor vetoes bill requiring drivers to be present in self-driving trucks

California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have required the mandatory presence of people in autonomous trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. This was reported by The Verge with reference to Reuters. This is the so-called Assembly Bill 316. It received widespread support among state legislators and was ... Read more

European Commission names companies and services subject to EU digital market rules

The European Commission has defined companies and services that fall under the category of “gatekeepers” within the European Digital Markets Act (DMA). This is stated in the official EU report. The list includes 6 technology companies: Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, Microsoft. The list of services includes: social networks (TikTok, ... Read more

Apple and Microsoft argue with Brussels over EU digital market rules

Apple and Microsoft are arguing with Brussels over whether iMessage and Bing should be classified as gatekeepers under the new European legislation, writes Financial Times. We are talking about the Digital Markets Act (DMA). If companies meet certain criteria set by this document, they fall into the category of “gatekeepers”. ... Read more

Ukraine wants to decriminalize porn, the bill is already being registered in the Verkhovna Rada

Ukraine is preparing to decriminalize porn. This was reported in Telegram by MP, First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Taxation and Customs Policy Yaroslav Zheleznyak. According to him, the relevant draft law “On Amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine on Ensuring Freedom from Interference with ... Read more

Microsoft has faced an EU investigation over possible competition violations

Microsoft faced an investigation by the European Union due to concerns that the company is crowding out competitors by unfairly bundling Teams with its Office 365 and Microsoft 365 packages, Bloomberg reports. The European Commission said it had opened a formal investigation into whether Microsoft may have breached EU competition ... Read more

The EU has approved the Chips Act, which will help develop the semiconductor industry in Europe

The European Union approved the Chips Act. This document is designed to improve semiconductor manufacturing capabilities in EU member states, reports Engadget. The act aims to use 43 billion euros ($47.5 billion) of investment to increase the share of chip production in the EU to 20% in 2030. Now this ... Read more

In the US, schools are suing social media over classroom discipline issues

In the US, lawyers are persuading school boards to file lawsuits against social networks, arguing that their apps cause mental health problems, disciplinary problems in classrooms and distract from learning. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal. Nearly 200 school districts across the country have joined the lawsuits against ... Read more

The Verkhovna Rada committee supported the draft law on the English language, but removed the regulations on cinema and television

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on humanitarian and information policy unanimously adopted a decision to support the presidential draft law No. 9432 on the English language, with the removal of all regulations about cinema and television from it. People’s deputy Volodymyr Viatrovych reported this on Facebook. According to his ... Read more

In the EU, Apple is being forced to allow users to replace iPhone batteries themselves

Rules approved by the European Council oblige companies, in particular Apple, to provide users with the ability to independently replace batteries in iPhones and other products, writes AppleInsider. The European Council announced the adoption of a new regulation on batteries and spent batteries. It sets strict rules for verifying the ... Read more

Tech giants from the US were allowed to store the data of European users on American servers

The European Union has adopted a plan that will allow tech giants from the US to continue to store data about European users on American territory, writes Engadget. In a decision announced on July 10, the European Commission approved the Trans-Atlantic Framework Agreement on Data Privacy. Under its terms, the ... Read more

7 tech giants are ready to comply with the new rules of the EU digital market

Companies Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, Microsoft and Samsung have informed the European Commission that they meet the criteria, established by the EU when adopting the Digital Markets Act, reports Engadget. This allows companies to be classified as gatekeepers. According to Reuters, Booking.com expects to achieve this status by the ... Read more

Pornhub blocks content for some users in the US due to age verification laws

On July 1, the US states of Mississippi and Virginia passed laws requiring adult sites to verify the age of users, despite efforts by Pornhub to oppose the legislation. This is reported by Ars Technica. These efforts include blocking Pornhub from accessing users in these states. The platform is also ... Read more

Google is preparing to close access to local news in Canada due to a new law

Google has announced that for users in Canada, it will remove Canadian news from its search engine, news aggregator and Discover app, which provides users with a list of news articles and videos. This is reported by thestar.com. The tech giant will also shut down its Google News Showcase program, ... Read more

In Ukraine, the status of the English language is being transformed – the draft law was registered in Verkhovna Rada

Verkhovna Rada registered draft law No. 9432 “On the application of English in Ukraine”. The document is defined by the President as urgent. According to the explanatory note to the draft law, it was developed in order to regulate at the legislative level the issue of the functioning of the ... Read more

SpaceX keeps suing the Ukrainian IT company Starlink over the trademark

The Ukrainian IT company Starlink is preparing for a new court in order to protect the right to trademark, which the American giant SpaceX is asking to cancel. This was reported by AIN.UA with reference to the owner of the Ukrainian company and trademark Serhii Dulytskyi. According to him, SpaceX ... Read more

OpenAI lobbied in the EU for the relaxation of regulation in the field of AI

The company OpenAI lobbied in the European Union for the relaxation of regulation in the field of artificial intelligence. This is reported by Time with reference to documents on the company’s interaction with European officials. It is about the EU Law on AI, which on June 14 was approved by ... Read more

The EU wants “readily removable” batteries in smartphones: but what does that mean?

The European Union (EU) has passed legislation that could usher in a new era of repairable devices, with a particular focus on easy battery replacement. However, the interpretation of what constitutes “readily removable” is still a matter of debate, writes ArsTechnica. Recently, the European Parliament voted for new battery handling ... Read more