Keychron Q1 HE will be the first wireless customized keyboard with magnetic switches

Keychron’s next keyboard, the Q1 HE, will be “the world’s first open-source wireless customizable keyboard with magnetic switches.” The company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign in November and start shipping in January 2024. The price has not yet been disclosed. Equipped with innovative magnetic switches, the keyboard will provide ... Read more

Lemokey L3 is a new mechanical keyboard for gamers with a high polling rate

Виробник механічних клавіатур Keychron запустив на Kickstarter збір коштів на нову клавіатуру під ігровим суббрендом – Lemokey L3. This is a shortened TKL (TenKeyLess, without additional numeric keypad) wireless keyboard, which is a modified version of another Keychron model, Q3 Pro. The Lemokey L3 differs from it not only by ... Read more