Police in the US say Apple’s NameDrop feature is dangerous, but it’s not

In the United States, the police and some media outlets have begun to actively spread the word that Apple’s new NameDrop feature could be dangerous, but in fact it is not. According to MacRumors, police departments across the US have started spreading information that NameDrop is supposed to work by ... Read more

Apple earned almost $23 billion in profit for the quarter, but sales are falling

Apple has announced its results for the fourth fiscal quarter. They show that the tech giant’s sales have been declining for the fourth quarter in a row, writes CNBC. Apple’s revenue in the September quarter decreased by 1% to $89.5 billion. It is noteworthy that only the iPhone business showed ... Read more

Apple Watch could have worked with Android, but the iPhone got in the way

Since its introduction in 2016, the Apple Watch has remained exclusive to the iPhone, while some competing smartwatches, even with Android Wear, still receive support for Apple smartphones. That is, the iPhone is still a monopolist when it comes to Apple Watch. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said that this situation could ... Read more

Tata to manufacture iPhones in India, supply them to global and local markets

Tata Group will start manufacturing iPhones in India for the local and global markets. This was stated by India’s Junior Minister of Information Technology Rajiv Chandrasekar, according to TechCrunch. He made the announcement after the board of directors of Taiwan’s Wistron approved the sale of Wistron InfoComm Manufacturing (India) Pvt ... Read more

OpenAI’s Sam Altman doesn’t believe that any AI device will eclipse the iPhone’s popularity

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman claims that he has no interest in competing in the smartphone market, in particular with Apple’s iPhone. He made this statement during the Tech Live event organized by The Wall Street Journal, writes Gizmodo. This is how the OpenAI CEO commented on rumors about the potential ... Read more

Apple spends $558 to produce iPhone 15 Pro Max – 12% higher than the 2022 model

The iPhone 15 Pro Max costs Apple $558 to produce. This is 12% more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, writes AppleInsider with reference to Nikkei. However, the difference is also noticeable for other current models. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro cost Apple $523, which is 8% more ... Read more

Apple is preparing a system that will be able to update unopened iPhones

It often happens that someone buys a new smartphone that has just been released, but it has an outdated version of the operating system. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a system that will fix this situation. The iPhone 15 comes out of the box with the iOS 17 ... Read more

iPhone named the most popular smartphone among American teens (again)

Apple’s iPhone remains the most popular smartphone among American teenagers. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the investment bank Piper Sandler, writes AppleInsider. The study involved 9,193 teenagers aged 15.7 across the United States. It turned out that 87% of the respondents have an iPhone, ... Read more

Apple partially fixes iPhone 15 overheating problem

Apple has released iOS 17.0.3, which partially fixes the issue that caused the new iPhone 15 to overheat. In addition, the company also fixed several security flaws, writes Ars Technica. Apple claims that they cannot completely solve the problem of smartphones overheating because apps like Instagram and Uber also cause ... Read more

US court jails Liao brothers who exchanged fake iPhones for real ones

A group of fraudsters who exchanged fake iPhones and iPads for real ones and thus defrauded Apple will be sent to federal prison in the United States, reports The Verge. We are talking about the Liao brothers – Zhimin, Zhiting and Zhiwei. For eight years, they had been running a ... Read more

Google compares iPhone to pager in new video “Meet iPager”

Google is trying to persuade Apple to implement the Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging protocol. To this end, the company released a video comparing the iPhone to a pager, writes AppleInsider. The video is titled “Meet iPager” and is stylized as one of Apple’s signature product launch videos. The video ... Read more

Apple’s 5G modems are three years behind Qualcomm’s chips – WSJ

For years, insiders have been talking about Apple’s plans to abandon third-party communication modules in favor of its own. However, the task turned out to be more complicated than the company thought. That’s why the iPhone 15 line is still connected to Qualcomm, and the contract between the companies was ... Read more

Apple added the ability to check the number of battery cycles in iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro have received features that are not available in previous iPhone models. Owners of these smartphones can find out the number of battery charge cycles, the date of its manufacture, and the time of its first use. This was reported by The Verge with reference ... Read more

New FineWoven iPhone cases have received negative reviews – they are easy to scratch

New iPhone cases and accessories received negative reviews. The Verge shared its impressions of Apple’s new product after the relevant tests. It is a special FineWoven material that the company began using in its products instead of leather. It is used for iPhone 15 cases, AirTag holders, and MagSafe wallets. ... Read more

iOS 17 is now available: what’s new for iPhone?

Apple has released iOS 17, a new version of the iPhone operating system that should add new features and improvements. The update is already available for iPhone Xs and newer Apple smartphones. Large images for contacts The Phone app has been updated in iOS 17 to make important calls more ... Read more

Foxconn is going to double the number of workers and investments in India within 12 months

Foxconn continues to diversify its production by moving part of its production capacity from China to other Asian countries. According to Reuters, the company plans to double its investment and the number of employees in India over the next 12 months. Foxconn’s representative in India, Wee Li, wrote about this ... Read more

Apple to update iPhone 12 software after French complaints about excessive radiation

Apple is preparing a software update to address the excessive radiation levels of the iPhone 12 reported in France. This is reported by Engadget with reference to Reuters. This refers to a recent statement by the French national frequency Agency ANFR. It notified Apple of the decision to ban sales ... Read more

French watchdog halts iPhone 12 sales due to too much radiation

Apple should stop selling the iPhone 12 in France due to above-threshold levels of radiation, according to an assistant minister of the French digital economy, writes Reuters with reference to the newspaper Le Parisien. The French national frequency agency ANFR has notified Apple of its decision to ban sales of ... Read more

Apple Vision Pro will receive apps for iPhone and iPad by default

One of the most important components of the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset is software. The company paid attention to this from the very beginning, so with the updated branded App Store, support for iPhone and iPad apps will also be available in Apple Vision Pro. This week, ... Read more

This year, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 should be released simultaneously

Usually, different Apple gadgets received major operating system updates at the same time. Last year, the release schedules of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 were “differed” by more than a month. The reason for this delay was the Stage Manager feature in iPadOS, which the company needed additional time to ... Read more

Apple did not plan to switch the iPhone to the USB-C port, the company wanted to create a smartphone without connectors at all

Apple planned to use its own Lightning connector for the iPhone until it could completely abandon ports, says insider Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. However, due to the decision of the European Union, which requires mobile device manufacturers to switch to the USB-C standard by the end of next year, Apple ... Read more

Samsung Try Galaxy now allows you to simulate the operation of an open Galaxy Fold with two iPhones

Some time ago, Samsung launched a special Try Galaxy page, where iPhone users can see exactly what OneUI looks like and get a glimpse into the “Android world” through Samsung’s eyes. It may not be the best, but it is still a demonstration of a competitive product to potential buyers. ... Read more

Apple starts assembling iPhone 15 in India and plans to move production from China

Apple has started production of the iPhone 15 at the Foxconn plant in Sriperumbudur, India, writes Bloomberg. The plant will begin shipping the new phones a few weeks after the new iPhone models begin shipping from China. Reducing the time between shipments of India- and China-made iPhone models is a key ... Read more

Apple is considering removing the red end-of-call button from the center of the iPhone screen.

In the beta version of iOS 17, Apple has changed the location of the end call button on iPhone, writes Gizmodo. The red button is located in the bottom right corner. Most modern phones, including Android, use a call end button in the center of the screen. Therefore, the update ... Read more

Apple promises to fix a bug that could affect screen time limits for children

  Apple has promised to fix a bug in its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices that may affect parental screen time controls for children, The Wall Street Journal reports. The bug impacts a feature called Downtime, which allows parents to remotely set hours when children cannot use their devices. ... Read more