iPhone 14 Pro Max

How much has Apple done with its smartphones in a year: we look at the differences between the iPhone 15 lineup and its predecessors

Usually, tech manufacturers update their main models once a year. And the further it goes, the harder it becomes for developers to surprise their fans with something. This is especially true for flagship devices, as they have a lot of demanding users who expect significant and interesting changes every time. ... Read more

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max leads global smartphone shipments, users are increasingly switching to top models

According to a report by research company Omdia, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max was the best-selling smartphone in the first half of 2023, with sales of 26.5 million units. It is followed by the iPhone 14 Pro, which has sold 21 million units, CNBC reports. In addition, Apple generally dominates ... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max battery life comparison — PhoneBuff

Flagship smartphones should provide the user with everything they need, including long battery life. This is still one of the key user requests. And although the models of the last two years have significant improvements, battery life still remains an important factor when comparing devices from different manufacturers. Youtube channel ... Read more

The blogger tested the durability of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, comparing it with the durability of the iPhone 14 Pro Max

One of the biggest problems of modern smartphones remains the strength of the casings. One careless drop of the device can change the owner’s plans for an urgent visit to the service center, where you will have to leave a lot of money for repairs. Especially when it comes to ... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Max components are 3.7% more expensive than the previous model

Counterpoint Technology Market Research published a report, according to which the components of the iPhone 14 Pro Max alone increased their price by 3.7%, compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max a year earlier.  Thus, the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 128 GB of storage and mmWave support costs the ... Read more

OneUI 5.1 significantly improves the animations of the Samsung smartphones interface

Among other things, there is a point that is often used by Apple supporters in Internet disputes on the topic of “iOS vs. Android” – the smoothness of interface animations. Indeed, in many cases, Apple was better able to implement the quality of animations, because the UI needs to be ... Read more

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max — a comparison of the most popular flagships

Once every six months, we update this material together with one of the flagship smartphones from Apple or Samsung. This time we have a new product — the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Both companies did not make “major” changes in their latest smartphones, but each of them still has its ... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Max lost the place of the smartphone with the fastest connection, losing to two competitors at once

Among other things, flagship smartphones can not only show high scores in performance tests, maintain high FPS in games, etc., but also have the fastest communication capabilities. And among them there are also leaders and outsiders. With the release of the iPhone 14 Pro Max last fall, it was this ... Read more

Battery life test showed a noticeable advantage of the iPhone 14 Pro Max over the Google Pixel 7 Pro

As has been proven more than once, the battery capacity does not always play a decisive role in the duration of the operation of smartphones (and not only them). For example, comparing the specifications of various flagships, you can see that the battery capacity of the iPhone is often smaller ... Read more

Apple expects iPhone 14 delivery delays due to COVID-19 restrictions in China

COVID-19-related restrictions at Foxconn’s main iPhone 14 manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou, China, mean that shipments will be lower than expected, Apple said in a brief press release. This, in turn, means that customers who have ordered iPhones will have to “wait longer to receive their new products,” the company added. ... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra cameras: photos

Despite the efforts of other manufacturers, Apple and Samsung remain the biggest competitors in the smartphone market, so their flagships are interesting to compare with each other. And if the choice between the Android and iOS platforms is increasingly reduced to user preferences, then everything is much clearer with cameras. ... Read more

Apple miscalculated: iPhone 14 Plus pre-orders are worse than iPhone 13 mini

One of the most compact smartphones of today was gone when Apple refused to continue keeping the iPhone mini model in the line. This happened, of course, because of the low demand for a small smartphone. But the company took another step and replaced mini with Plus. According to analyst ... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra — how the fiercest competitors among flagship smartphones look next to each other

Some of the best smartphones right now are devices from Apple and Samsung. Companies have long been leaders in the capabilities of their flagships, and it is with them that all other available options are first compared. Buyers of such smartphones want to receive from the new gadget the most ... Read more

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max: the new face of Apple flagships

Without any surprise, the first presentation of the fall of 2022 from Apple concerned primarily the company’s new smartphones. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are new flagships that this time are more different from the “regular” iPhone 14. Among the most noticeable changes are a new notch ... Read more