First iOS Trojan steals Face ID data to hack bank accounts

The first trojan, GoldPickaxe, has appeared on iOS. Once on a smartphone, it can collect Face ID data, identity documents, and intercepted text messages, reports Tom’s Guide. GoldPickaxe was developed on the basis of the Android trojan GoldDigger and modified to work on both mobile operating systems. The collected data ... Read more

Fortnite will appear on iOS, and with it the Epic Games Store, but only in the EU

Epic Games will be able to release Fortnite on iOS again, and at the same time, its Epic Games Store, but only in the EU for now. The company announced this in X (ex-Twitter). This opportunity arose thanks to the requirements of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which led ... Read more

Apple allows cloud gaming services to make apps for iOS

Apple has announced significant changes to its App Store policy and will allow cloud gaming services to have applications on iOS, reports The Verge. This means that, for example, Xbox Cloud and GeForce Now, which were previously only available on iOS through a browser, will now be able to have ... Read more

The next iOS update will strengthen iPhone protection against thieves

In the iOS 17.3 update, Apple may strengthen iPhone security by adding a new security feature called Stolen Device Protection, writes The Verge. The new feature will help protect your smartphone from thieves. Currently, the lock screen password is enough to access financial or personal information on your smartphone. In ... Read more

We didn’t have to wait long: the Microsoft Copilot app for iOS and iPadOS is now available

A little over a week ago, Microsoft quietly launched the Microsoft Copilot app for Android. However, a version for Apple smartphones and tablets did not appear at the same time. However, we didn’t have to wait long, as the new app is now available in the App Store. This was ... Read more

Not only in the EU: Japan is also preparing a legal framework to force Apple to allow iOS apps to be installed outside the App Store

The European Digital Markets Act (DMA) will, among other things, force Apple to allow the installation of applications outside the company’s App Store and allow payment for it by other means. No matter how much Apple tries to fight back, it will have to agree to this and implement the ... Read more

Journal app is the biggest update to iOS 17.2

Presented in the summer at WWDC, the Journal app became one of the biggest updates to iOS 17.2 for iPhone. The app’s release was slightly delayed and didn’t make it into iOS 17 right away, but now it’s available to all Apple smartphone users who receive the latest OS updates. ... Read more

Address bar in Chrome on iOS can be moved down

Chrome for iOS now allows you to move the address bar to the bottom of the app, reports Engadget. This is a minor but useful feature that will make it easier to reach the address bar on devices with a large screen. This feature has been available in Safari and ... Read more

Apple is preparing a system that will be able to update unopened iPhones

It often happens that someone buys a new smartphone that has just been released, but it has an outdated version of the operating system. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a system that will fix this situation. The iPhone 15 comes out of the box with the iOS 17 ... Read more

Apple has patched two vulnerabilities that allowed the installation of malware

Apple has released security updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS to fix two zero-day vulnerabilities. Attackers could use them to install malware, writes Ars Technica. The company fixed the vulnerabilities with updates for iOS 16.6.1, iPadOS 16.6.1, macOS 13.5.2, and watchOS 9.6.2. However, there were no updates for older ... Read more

Apple moves the end call button again in iOS 17 beta

In the latest iOS 17 beta, Apple has moved the end call button again. It is now located at the bottom center of the call screen, writes The Verge. It’s a small change, but it could mean that the new call controls in iOS 17 won’t be so different when ... Read more

Apple is considering removing the red end-of-call button from the center of the iPhone screen.

In the beta version of iOS 17, Apple has changed the location of the end call button on iPhone, writes Gizmodo. The red button is located in the bottom right corner. Most modern phones, including Android, use a call end button in the center of the screen. Therefore, the update ... Read more

Twitter competitor: Instagram’s new Threads app is set to launch on July 6

Instagram’s rumored Twitter competitor has hit the iOS app store in the US. The app will be called Threads and is expected to launch on July 6, according to the App Store. This is reported by TechCrunch. “Threads is where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you ... Read more

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads, which will eventually allow the company to compete with Google and Apple’s app stores. This is reported by The Verge. The new ad type is set to launch as a pilot project with several Android app developers later ... Read more

Chrome on iOS will soon be able to search using the camera

Google continues to add new features to iOS – Chrome browser version. So, among other things, Chrome on iOS will finally get support for Google Lens, which will allow iPhone owners to search the Internet for objects using the camera. Currently, you have to use a separate app for this, ... Read more

iOS 16 is installed on 81% of iPhones, Android 13 on only 14.7% of devices

It’s no secret that thanks to Apple’s hardware and software development, it is possible to distribute new versions of the iOS operating system for the iPhone very quickly. The company’s latest statistics says that the latest iOS 16 is installed on 81% of all iPhones currently in use. And for ... Read more

Apple has released an update with Rapid Security Responses for iOS, iPadOS and macOS

Previously, operating systems for Apple smartphones, tablets and computers received the function Rapid Security Responses — security updates that aim to quickly fix critical issues. Such updates can be installed automatically and without a full system update. Users started receiving the first such update yesterday evening. Rapid Security Responses are ... Read more

YouTube Premium will soon get support for the SharePlay feature on iOS

Google has announced several changes that will affect YouTube Premium subscribers. One of the main innovations is the appearance of support for the SharePlay function on iOS devices. Let me remind you, with the help of SharePlay various applications integrate with FaceTime and content is synchronized for all participants in ... Read more

Predictive text input in Ukrainian will finally appear in the iOS 16.4 keyboard

Ukrainian localization first appeared on iPhone smartphones in 2010 with the release of iOS 4, that is, almost 13 years ago. However, until now, Apple’s operating system lacked a Ukrainian dictionary that would allow predictive text input on the keyboard. The company is finally going to fix this problem in ... Read more

The US Department of Justice is intensifying its investigation into Apple’s software monopoly and competition with other companies

The story of the investigation into Apple’s monopoly on software on the company’s gadgets is not new. It has been ongoing since 2019, and in recent months more and more lawyers have been involved, new requests for documentation have appeared, and the number of consultations with companies involved in the ... Read more

iOS 16.3.1 “broke” the Google Photos application

Users of the Google Photos service on the iPhone report problems in app’s work after latest update of the iOS operating system 16.3.1. The application “crashes” immediately after launch. If the app didn’t have access to the photos, it will start, but immediately shut down after granting permissions in the ... Read more

OneUI 5.1 significantly improves the animations of the Samsung smartphones interface

Among other things, there is a point that is often used by Apple supporters in Internet disputes on the topic of “iOS vs. Android” – the smoothness of interface animations. Indeed, in many cases, Apple was better able to implement the quality of animations, because the UI needs to be ... Read more

Apple continues to improve its services, which should strengthen its position against Google – Financial Times

There was a time when the tension between Apple and Google seemed much less. For example, at that time, you could see the Google Maps application on the iPhone immediately when it was turned on for the first time. But after the acquisition and wider launch of Android, such fruitful ... Read more

Apple has released security updates for older devices. Even the ten-year-old iPhone 5s received such

One of the arguments in the constant battle “iOS vs. Android” is support and its duration. It is easier for Apple to maintain its devices, because they do not have such a variety of gadgets as other manufacturers. And that is why some, for example, security patches can be obtained ... Read more

Apple released updates to iOS 16.3, macOS Ventura 13.2 and other OSes, adding global support for Advanced Data Protection and FIDO keys

With the release of new Apple operating systems, the company did not have time to add all the desired features with the release versions. But it is gradually supplementing the systems with such capabilities. iOS 16.3, iPadOS 16.3, macOS Ventura 13.2 and others were released last night, adding global support ... Read more