Intel has expanded the line of 14th generation Core desktop processors (Raptor Lake Refresh)

Intel has unveiled new 14th generation Core chips for desktop systems at CES 2024, adding mass-market models with 65/35W power consumption to the series. We would like to remind you that the top-end Raptor Lake Refresh processors were offered by the manufacturer back in October last year, and now the ... Read more

Intel introduces Core Ultra 100 mobile processors with powerful GPU and AI accelerator

With the release of its new Core Ultra chips for laptops, Intel has announced the beginning of a new era of “artificial intelligence computers.” Intel’s chips, codenamed Meteor Lake, contain an NPU, or neural processing unit, to accelerate artificial intelligence tasks. [gallery ids=”170775,170773,170777″] However, in addition to the AI accelerator, ... Read more

Intel accused AMD of misleading users by “rebranding old processors” but then removed the accusation

Intel has accused its competitor AMD of misleading consumers by rebranding old processors with new model numbers, writes Ars Technica. This accusation was published in a now-deleted Intel presentation, where the company criticized AMD’s Ryzen 7020 series for using Zen 2-based processor cores, which have been released since mid-2019, in ... Read more

Intel Lunar Lake-MX: mobile plans for the future

As Intel prepares for the presentation of the Meteor Lake mobile chip line, slides with architectural and technical features of the next generation processors – Lunar Lake-MX – have been leaked online. The latter will have a TDP of 8-30 W and are designed for systems with low power consumption. ... Read more

Intel has fixed an issue that was causing very strange processor behavior

On Tuesday, Intel released a microcode update that fixed a bug in CPUs that attackers could exploit against cloud hosts, reports ArsTechnica. This bug, designated CVE-2023-23583, affected almost all modern Intel processors. According to one of Google’s security researchers, Tavis Ormandy, the bug caused processors to “enter a state of ... Read more

Intel and AMD hope for PC market recovery thanks to AI PC

Intel and AMD’s profit growth indicates that the PC market is recovering from the pandemic. In addition, both companies’ executives hope that the integration of artificial intelligence into PCs will accelerate this growth, writes Reuters. Executives from both companies talked about the stabilization of the PC market during their earnings ... Read more

NVIDIA says new restrictions on chip exports to China are already in effect

New US restrictions on the export of advanced chips used in the field of artificial intelligence to China have come into effect earlier than planned. This was reported by the American manufacturer NVIDIA, writes Reuters. According to the company, the restrictions came into effect on Monday due to the postponement ... Read more

First look at the Intel Core i9-14900K: 6 GHz for the people!

Intel has introduced a line of 14th generation Core desktop processors. The chips codenamed Raptor Lake Refresh extend the cadence of the current LGA1700 platform. This time, the update is more like a cosmetic refinement of the previous generation CPU. However, higher frequencies, certain optimizations, and, in some cases, functional ... Read more

TSMC may face stiffer competition in the semiconductor industry

TSMC may face stiffer competition in the semiconductor industry. This was stated by the founder of the Taiwanese manufacturer Morris Zhang, writes Nikkei Asia. He explained his opinion by saying that TSMC’s competitors are taking advantage of governments around the world’s desire to increase their own chip production capacity for ... Read more

Intel has introduced the Intel Arc A580 8GB video card for $179. “Thunderstorm of Authorities” in Full HD mode?

Intel has expanded the range of Intel Arc graphics adapters by officially presenting the Intel Arc A580 model. The video card was announced simultaneously with the older devices in the series, Arc A750 and Arc A770, last fall, but only now is it time for practical implementation. The Intel Arc ... Read more

Intel hints that Windows 12 could be released as early as 2024

During the Citi conference held in early September, Intel CFO David Zinsner hinted at a possible release of Windows 12 in 2024, reports PC Gamer. Speaking about the future of Intel, David Zinsner mentioned a major Windows update and how it will help boost sales of the company’s products. He ... Read more

ASUS will offer a full line of Intel NUC devices with a focus on business users

ASUS announced today that it has signed a formal agreement with Intel Corporation that marks the completion of the Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) product line. ASUS already manufactures and sells Intel NUC devices with 10th-13th generation processors and will develop future NUC systems. “I am confident that this ... Read more

Intel unveils Thunderbolt 5 with data transfer speeds up to 120 Gbps and charging up to 240 watts

Intel has officially announced Thunderbolt 5, the latest version of the high-speed hardware interface developed in collaboration with Apple. This new standard promises to bring significant improvements over its predecessor, Thunderbolt 4. Among the most significant innovations: Increased speed. Thunderbolt 5 offers a total bandwidth of up to 120 Gbps, ... Read more

Gaming platform on Intel Core i9-13900KS: no limits

Top-end processors have always been of great interest to the most demanding desktop users. Flagship models allow you to navigate the capabilities of the current generation platforms, compare them with your needs, and generally evaluate the power of the fastest CPUs. At the beginning of this year, Intel (the official ... Read more

Intel patches Downfall vulnerability in processors released since 2015

Intel has patched a vulnerability in processors released since 2015, known as Downfall. It could allow attackers to bypass system barriers designed to protect data, potentially giving them access to sensitive information, even passwords and encryption keys, writes Wired. The vulnerability was discovered by Google researcher Daniel Mogimi, who found ... Read more

Chinese processor Loongson is four years behind Intel, benchmark shows (but it’s not accurate)

Leading Chinese processor manufacturer Loongson Technology has announced that its latest desktop processor is on par with the tenth-generation Intel Core architecture, which includes Comet Lake and Ice Lake chips, writes The Register. These Intel processors were introduced in 2019-2021, with up to 10 cores and clock speeds above 5.0 ... Read more

Intel is going to put AI into every product the company makes

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is optimistic about artificial intelligence. According to him, the company plans to build AI into every product it creates. It is reported by The Verge. Later this year, Intel will release its first consumer chip with an embedded neural processor for machine learning tasks, Meteor Lake. ... Read more

Intel licenses the production and sale of NUC mini PCs from ASUS

Intel has agreed to allow ASUS to manufacture and sell Next Unit of Computing (NUC) hardware. According to the non-exclusive license agreement, ASUS will manufacture, sell and support NUC systems of the 10th-13th generations. In addition, ASUS has the opportunity to develop new NUC system designs, which could potentially lead ... Read more

Intel is discontinuing production of the NUC line of mini PCs, opening the way for partners

Intel Corporation has announced its decision to stop production of Next Unit of Computing (NUC) computers – small form factor PCs. However, the company will encourage its partners to continue manufacturing these mini PCs, reports PCWorld. Intel’s NUC has been the leader in compact PCs, leaving larger case options to ... Read more

Intel will invest $25 billion in the construction of an additional factory in Israel

Intel will spend $25 billion to build a new semiconductor factory in Israel. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu announced this, calling it the largest international investment in the country, writes Reuters. The new Intel factory in Kiryat Gat is due to open in 2027, operate until at least 2035 ... Read more

Review of the Intel Core i9-13900F processor: a respectable “nine” for complex tasks

With the announcement of the 13th generation Core chip series, Intel significantly strengthened its position in the desktop segment, confirming the importance of this CPU category. The first processors of the Raptor Lake family were presented back in September last year, while at the beginning of the current Intel expanded ... Read more

MSI showed a laptop with a Meteor Lake processor at Computex 2023

Exhibitions such as Computex 2023 provide a unique opportunity to see products that have not yet been officially announced. This is exactly what happened with the latest version of the MSI Prestige 16 Studio laptop, which appeared at the company’s demonstration stand. The peculiarity of the modification is that it ... Read more

Intel announced layoffs after its biggest quarterly loss in history

A string of layoffs continues to roil the tech industry. Intel has confirmed plans to cut staff to cut costs. This is reported by USA Today. Intel declined to say how many workers would be laid off, but said layoffs would take place across the company. As a reminder, in ... Read more

Ultra means better. Intel may change the usual processor labeling system

Intel Core mobile processors of the 14th generation, which have the code name Meteor Lake, are already actively running in various tasks. Recently, mention of the new chips was spotted in the Ashes of the Singularity test base. The test chip had the designation Intel Core Ultra 5 1003H and ... Read more

Intel posted its biggest quarterly loss in its history

In the first quarter of 2023, Intel posted a net loss of $2.8 billion, or 66 cents per share. A year earlier, the manufacturer recorded a net profit of $8.1 billion, or $1.98 per share. This is reported by CNBC with reference to Intel information. Excluding the impact of inventory ... Read more