Huawei releases a unique liquid cooling case

The case is powered by a smartphone and has a built-in liquid cooling module.

Huawei slows down smartphone production to focus on AI chips

Demand for artificial intelligence chips has forced Huawei to slow down its smartphone production and reprioritize, writes Reuters. The Chinese company uses one factory to produce both Ascend and Kirin AI chips used in smartphones. Due to limited capacity, the company has to slow down the production of Kirin chips ... Read more

AITO M9 is a new crossover from Huawei

High-tech Chinese companies are increasingly entering the automotive world. It is worth mentioning the Xiaomi electric car or the AITO M5 crossover, which had the Huawei operating system. This time, however, the company went even further and became one of the founders of a joint venture that will produce the ... Read more

Counterpoint named the best-selling smartphones in October in 8 countries. iPhone is in the lead

Researchers from Counterpoint Research have named the TOP 5 smartphone models that were the best-selling in eight countries in October 2023. The best-selling smartphone in the United States is the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, chosen by 24% of buyers. Apple iPhone 15 Pro is in second place (16%), and ... Read more

Huawei will start building its first European plant in France in 2024

The Chinese company Huawei will start building a plant in France next year to produce equipment for mobile networks. This is reported by Reuters with reference to informed sources. Huawei’s intention to build its first European plant in France became known several years ago. In 2020, the Chinese manufacturer outlined ... Read more

Taiwan inspects four firms suspected of cooperation with China’s Huawei

The Taiwanese government has launched an investigation into four firms suspected of cooperating with the Chinese company Huawei, reports Reuters. According to media reports, several Taiwanese tech companies are helping Huawei build infrastructure for a secret network of chip factories in southern China. The targeted companies include divisions of Topco ... Read more

Taiwanese companies help Huawei build chip manufacturing plants in China

Several Taiwanese tech companies are helping Huawei Technologies Co. build infrastructure for a secret network of chip factories in southern China. The unusual cooperation was reported by Bloomberg. We are talking about several such projects in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. According to the publication, they involve divisions of Topco ... Read more

Reuters: Huawei plans to return to the 5G smartphone market by the end of the year, overcoming US sanctions

Huawei Technologies, the Chinese technology giant, plans to return to the 5G smartphone market by the end of 2023, according to research firms, reports Reuters. The move marks a major recovery for the Chinese manufacturer after US sanctions hit its smartphone business hard. Huawei is expected to procure 5G chips ... Read more

Huawei Freebuds 5 review: unusual design and good sound

Huawei Freebuds 5 continue the popular series of completely wireless earbuds, which at one time stood out among competitors with an active noise cancellation system and fairly high-quality sound for a model of this format. However, other manufacturers did not stand still, and before the release of the fifth series ... Read more

The EU may ban the use of Huawei for work in 5G networks

The European Union is considering the possibility of introducing a mandatory ban on the use of services of companies that may pose a security threat in 5G networks. We are talking, in particular, about the Chinese Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. This is reported by Reuters with reference to the Financial ... Read more

Seagate fined $300 million for supplying Huawei drives during sanctions

The US government imposed a fine of $300 million on Seagate for alleged violation of export controls on the supply of hard drives to the Chinese company Huawei, writes BBC. According to the US Department of Commerce, Seagate Technology supplied Huawei with goods worth more than $1.1 billion after the ... Read more

Huawei presented the MatePad 11 tablet (2023), FreeBuds 5 and the inexpensive Enjoy 60 smartphone

Huawei held an event where a number of new devices and accessories were presented. The company presented a foldable smartphone Mate X3, P60 line of smartphones, which received a camera with a variable aperture, as well as the MatePad 11 tablet (2023), FreeBuds 5 TWS earbuds, and the inexpensive Enjoy ... Read more

Huawei Watch Ultimate — a premium protected smartwatch with battery life of up to 14 days

Huawei presented its answer to Apple Watch Ultra — a Watch model Ultimate. This is a premium protected smartwatch for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Huawei Watch Ultimate is available in two colors: blue and black. In the first case, the watch is equipped with straps made of titanium alloy and ... Read more

Huawei introduced the Mate X3 foldable smartphone

Huawei Mate X3 is officially presented. The smartphone has received a number of improvements, but it is unlikely to be sold outside of China. Mate X3 is noticeably lighter than its competitors – it weighs 239 grams, which is, in particular, 24 grams less than the Galaxy Fold4. The external ... Read more

Smartphones of the Huawei P60 line received a camera with a variable aperture and support for two-way satellite communication

Huawei introduced a trio of smartphones included in the P60 line: the P60, P60 Pro and P60 Art models. All three devices are equipped with 6.67″ LTPO OLED displays with a resolution of 2700×1220 pixels and a refresh rate of 1-120 Hz. Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipsets are installed inside ... Read more

Huawei FreeBuds 5i wireless earbuds review

Huawei has significantly scaled back its consumer electronics business in Europe due to sanctions, but continues to actively produce accessories such as fully wireless earbuds. For many years, this segment has been important for the manufacturer to build its own ecosystem of products, so they managed to develop a good ... Read more

Huawei has opened pre-orders for a smartwatch with built-in Watch Buds in Europe

If you can’t imagine life without your favorite earbuds, but you don’t always want to carry a charging case with you, the new Huawei Watch Buds smartwatch is just for you. This is quite an interesting solution, because the earbuds are hidden inside the body of the smartwatch. To get ... Read more

The US stops granting export licenses to Huawei

The Biden administration stopped issuing licenses to American companies to export most goods to the Chinese company Huawei. Huawei has faced U.S. export restrictions on 5G goods and other technology for several years, but U.S. Department of Commerce officials have granted licenses to some U.S. firms to sell certain of ... Read more

The US suspects Huawei of spying on military bases: the manufacturer’s equipment is being checked

The US is conducting an investigation into the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. It is suspected that its equipment on telecommunication towers can intercept sensitive information from military bases and missile mines and transmit it to China, according to Reuters with reference to anonymous sources. US authorities are concerned that Huawei can ... Read more

Meta, Microsoft, Epic Games and others together set the standard for the metaverse

A group of technology companies, including the largest players in the market, have decided to join forces and develop compatibility standards for an open metaverse. To an organization called Metaverse Standards Forum were included Meta, Microsoft, Huawei, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Epic Games, Unity and Adobe. The list obviously ... Read more

Canada bans China’s Huawei Technologies from 5G networks

Wireless operators in Canada are not allowed to install Huawei equipment on high-speed 5G networks, the Canadian government said on Thursday, joining other countries in banning the products of the technology giant from China.  “We are announcing our intention to prohibit the inclusion of Huawei and ZTE products and services ... Read more

Huawei suspended new orders for Russia and dismissed staff

Due to the threat of sanctions Chinese techno giant Huawei sent Russian employees on unpaid leave. It will last a minimum month. Previously, the company has suspended the implementation of new orders for Russia because of the fact that Beijing is threatened by secondary sanctions for doing business with Moscow. ... Read more