Google Photos

Google Photos will help you clean up your library

The Google Photos service for iOS and Android has a new feature that will help users clean up their library, writes The Verge. The new feature will help you identify similar photos, screenshots, receipts, and documents in your library and suggest further actions. For example, Photo Stacks will group similar ... Read more

Google Search will help you find the original source of the photo

Google has begun rolling out the About this image feature, which will help users find more information about a photo and its source on Google Search, writes The Verge. This image was first announced back in May of this year during the Google I/O conference, but it has only just ... Read more

Google Photos will automatically create backups for RAW photos

Google Photos will now automatically back up RAW photos on Android. This was noticed by 9to5Google. For Pixel 8 owners, a banner has appeared in the Photos app stating that all new RAW photos will now appear in the app’s gallery and be automatically uploaded to the cloud. In the ... Read more

Google Photos will have a significant improvement in photos

In the fall, we are also expecting new smartphones from Google. Starting with the announcement of Android 14, the company mentioned the Ultra HDR feature, which should provide a wider range of colors and shades. So, along with the new Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, we can expect to ... Read more

Owners of Pixel smartphones and Google One subscriptions have received 12 new video effects in Google Photos

Google has added a new section to the Google Photos video editor that includes 12 different effects. They can be applied to any of your videos, but there is no way to change the saturation of the effects or any other parameters. Dust mix Paper tear B&W film Lomo Light ... Read more

The web version of Google Photos has received a number of new tools

Usually, Google prefers to expand the functionality of its mobile applications, but this time the web version of the Google Photos service received an update. Tools and filters such as Portrait Light, Portrait Blur, Dynamic, Color Pop, HDR and Sky are now available to users. Just dropped! Portrait Light, Portrait ... Read more

Magic Editor — a new AI photo editing tool in Google Photos

During the Google I/O 2023 conference, the company talked about the new Google Photos service tool – Magic Editor. It uses generative AI to make major changes to photos without using professional tools. The operation of this tool was demonstrated on the example of two pictures: a woman against the ... Read more

Video Unblur will appear in Google Photos

Last year, Google during the presentation of smartphones Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro announced the appearance of the Photo Unblur function in the Google Photos service. It takes advantage of the Tensor G2 chipset and helps make blurry photos clearer. This feature is exclusive to Pixel smartphones. It seems ... Read more

Magic Eraser in Google Photos is now available on older Pixel smartphones and Google One subscriptions

The AI-powered Magic Eraser feature, which lets you easily remove unwanted objects from your photos, is no longer exclusive to the new Pixel smartphones and is coming to more devices. Magic Eraser was first introduced in 2021 with the release of the Pixel 6. Starting today, Google is rolling out ... Read more

iOS 16.3.1 “broke” the Google Photos application

Users of the Google Photos service on the iPhone report problems in app’s work after latest update of the iOS operating system 16.3.1. The application “crashes” immediately after launch. If the app didn’t have access to the photos, it will start, but immediately shut down after granting permissions in the ... Read more