Google Meet

Beauty filters to be added to Google Meet

Google Meet is introducing beauty filters to help you look your best during calls. The feature is currently available on a limited number of smartphones. Call participants will have two options to improve their appearance: Sublte and Smoothing. The first option will slightly smooth the face, highlight the eyes and ... Read more

Google Meet gets FullHD support for group calls

Google has added support for FullHD webcam quality for group calls in Google Meet. Previously, high quality cameras were only available for 1-on-1 calls. The feature is available for Google Workspace users who have webcams with a resolution of 1080p or higher. By default, users will continue to use 720p, ... Read more

Duet AI in Google Meet will be able to conduct meetings instead of you

Google Meet aims to revolutionize the way users think about virtual meetings with new AI-powered features announced at the Google Cloud Next conference, reports The Verge. One of the most significant additions to Meet is Duet AI, which can take notes in real time during a meeting. If you click ... Read more

Google Meet’s picture-in-picture mode has received new functionality

The Google Meet service has received an update that significantly expands the functionality of the picture-in-picture mode. Previously, users were offered limited options for resizing the window with a fixed aspect ratio, plus buttons to turn the microphone and camera on/off, and to end the call. From now on, Google ... Read more

Google Meet has added the option of streaming in Full HD quality for users of Google One 2 TB and above

Video conferences in Google Meet will now become even clearer thanks to the new streaming option in 1080p. However, it can currently be enjoyed only by Google One users who have at least 2 TB of cloud storage space, as well as owners of Workspace premium subscriptions. Of course, in ... Read more

Google Meet now allows you to turn off the video of your interlocutors

Google Meet has announced a new feature that allows you to turn off the video of individual users during conferences. This should help reduce the number of distractions. For example, if your colleague has some strange virtual background, or someone’s cat constantly appears in front of the camera. Google notes ... Read more

Google Meet has added 360-degree virtual backgrounds for video calls

If you prefer to use a variety of backgrounds during work video calls with colleagues, now you have the opportunity to show even more imagination. Google Meet has added 360-degree virtual backgrounds for mobile callers. The feature was announced back in January, but is now rolling out to more Google ... Read more

OneUI 5.1 will add the feature of co-editing Samsung Notes during Google Meet calls

Samsung presented a new Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship smartphone, one of the features of which is the built-in S Pen. The branded pen allows you to conveniently work with notes in the Samsung Notes application, which has received integration with the Google Meet service. In OneUI 5.1, it will be ... Read more

YouTube Music will get support for group listening in Google Meet

Last August, Google Meet for Android received a feature that allows you to watch videos on YouTube, listen to music on Spotify, or play games together. Now the YouTube Music service should also receive support for the Live Sharing mode. The update will allow all video conference participants to interact ... Read more

Google combines Meet and Duo into one application for voice and video calls

Google combines Meet and Duo into one application for voice and video calls Google has announced the merging of its Meet and Duo video calling apps to form a single platform. Very soon, of the two, only Google Meet will remain but it will be based on Duo features. Over ... Read more

Google will improve weak webcams and microphones with AI

Meet developers have been thinking about how to make online meetings better. The Google Workspace team is currently working on ways to enhance any webcam and microphone with artificial intelligence (AI). The most striking development is Portrait Restore. According to Google, it will make clearer even images from a bad ... Read more