Google Maps

Google Maps now shows weather for Android users

The Google Maps app on Android has received an update that shows weather and air quality, reports 9to5Google. As with iOS, where this feature was introduced earlier, Android users will see a small square in the upper left corner of the app displaying the current weather. [gallery ids=”180800,180802″] If you ... Read more

AI will help Google Maps find cool places. But the feature has limitations

Google Maps will use artificial intelligence, promising users to find cool places through the use of large language models, writes The Verge. The feature will respond to requests for restaurant or store recommendations. In this case, AI will analyze information about more than 250 million places and ideas to offer ... Read more

Google Maps finally has a tunnel navigation feature. How to activate it?

Google Maps has finally added the ability to navigate tunnels using Bluetooth beacons. For now, it is available only for Android users, reports Engadget. Bluetooth beacons provide navigation and traffic information underground where there is no GPS signal. They are installed in some cities, including New York, Paris, Sydney, Rio ... Read more

Google Maps updated visual design, author of the original UX says it’s not good

Google Maps has changed its visual design, but not everyone liked the update. It was criticized by Elizabeth Laraki, who once participated in the development of Google Maps UX design. She wrote about it on the X platform. “Last week, the team dramatically changed the map’s visual design. I don’t ... Read more

Google Maps will get new functionality – updated routes, shared lists, and emoji reactions

Google has announced several interesting updates to Google Maps. These include improved public transportation routes, shared lists, and emoji reactions. This is stated in the company’s blog. For example, updating public transportation routes will allow users to better plan their trip. They will be able to choose the best route ... Read more

Use paper maps. Rescuers rescued tourists who were using Google Maps to follow a route that didn’t exist in reality

The British Columbia Search and Rescue Service has advised hikers to use paper maps and a compass instead of electronic maps after rescuing two hikers using a helicopter who were walking on a trail that was shown on Google Maps but did not exist in reality, writes The Sydney Morning ... Read more

Google Maps will get new AI features. What will change for users?

Google has announced an update to Google Maps and is adding artificial intelligence tools to the service. Their goal is to make it easier for users to search, explore the environment, and get to their destination, writes TechCrunch. For example, the tech giant is updating its map search function. Users ... Read more

Google adds new accessibility features to its products

Google continues to work to make its devices and products as accessible as possible for all users. In recent updates, the company has added accessibility features to maps and slightly improved link entry in Chrome. This year, the company introduced a feature in Chrome that detects misspelled URLs and displays ... Read more

Google Maps is launching a feature to show travelers their upcoming trip

Google Maps is about to introduce a new “Immersive View for Routes” feature that will help the user gather information about traffic, bike lanes, complex intersections, parking, and more. The company announced this at the annual I/O conference, writes TechCrunch. In the coming months, “Immersive View for Routes” will start ... Read more

Google Maps partially updated the satellite map of Ukraine [Mariupol, Hostomel, Kyiv]

Google Maps rolled out the first partial update of satellite images for Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war. Judging by the level of destruction of the cities, they are dated to the spring of 2022, so no military secrets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be revealed. ... Read more

Google Street View as a time machine. A little-known function of Google Maps

The Google Maps service was launched on February 8, 2005. Just two years later, on May 25, 2007, the Street View function appeared in it. Over the past 15 years, the service has collected an impressive collection of photos taken in different years and they are available for viewing by ... Read more

Google showed new features for electric cars with built-in Google Maps application

Google continues to improve its services for use in electric vehicles and has announced several new features for Google Maps. I would like to clarify that this applies to the Google Maps application, which is built into electric cars, in particular, in some models of Polestar, Volvo, Renault and cars ... Read more

It will be more convenient to plan routes for electric cars in Google Maps

Most electric cars still do not have a long range, so their owners have to spend more time planning long trips. Perhaps in the near future, Google Maps will make their task easier, because lines were found in the application code indicating the appearance of the function of automatic trip ... Read more

The Google Maps and Waze teams will merge, but the applications will remain separate

Google has decided to merge the teams that develop its mapping services Google Maps and Waze. However, at least for now, their apps will remain separate, reports The Wall Street Journal. The Geo unit will merge more than 500 employees at Waze, which has been independent from Google since its acquisition ... Read more

Google Maps ecological routes will appear in almost 40 European countries

The function was launched in the US in October last year. Google Maps will allow you to plan a route that takes traffic into account and looks for the best fuel-saving destinations. Google says the feature will now be available in “nearly 40” European countries. However, the full list of ... Read more

Online maps can hide the house on request. How to do it?

Google, Apple and Microsoft maps can be requested to hide images of your private home. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already used to this feature due to stalking problems – however it is also available to ordinary users.  To hide the house, services blur its image. Keep in mind that ... Read more

Immersive View mode in Google Maps will allow you to see cities live

In most cases, Google Maps offers a flat view of the terrain. Google Earth 3D mode lets you add some volume and see 3D buildings. However, the company has now announced a new mode for viewing cities –Immersive View.  The mode turns Google Maps into a 3D version of SimCity ... Read more

In Google Maps you can see the secret military facilities of Russia

Google Maps mapping service stopped hiding secret military and strategic objects of Russia. They used to be hidden, but now anyone can view them in the most available quality. [gallery ids=”32991,32993,32995″] All secret Russian facilities are now publicly available on Google Maps: including intercontinental ballistic missile mines, ammunition storage bases, ... Read more

Google Maps will receive navigation updates and better integration with iOS

Google Maps will receive a major upgrade that will add toll road prices and more details when navigating, such as stop signs. Integration with iOS should also be improved, including a new widget and the ability to get routes on maps directly from the Apple Watch. Google says it will ... Read more