GitHub expands availability of Copilot Chat AI tool to help with coding

GitHub, a web service owned by Microsoft, has expanded access to its artificial intelligence-based tool Copilot Chat. It is now available in public beta for individual users in the Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code integrated development environments (IDEs). This was reported by The Verge. “Now, teams of developers and ... Read more

Part of Twitter’s source code has been leaked online

As reported by New York Times, court documents were published on Friday that show that part of Twitter’s source code – the underlying software that makes the platform possible – has been leaked online. According to court documents, Twitter claimed copyright infringement in an attempt to remove the code from ... Read more

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI ask court to dismiss AI copyright lawsuit

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI want a court to dismiss a proposed class-action lawsuit that accuses the companies of copying licensed code to build GitHub’s AI-powered Copilot tool, reports The Verge. In several filings submitted in federal court in San Francisco, Microsoft-owned OpenAI and GitHub said the claims in the lawsuit ... Read more

Google makes a video blurring tool open source

Google has announced that two of its newest technologies that are privacy-enhancing (PET), including one that blurs objects in video, will be made available to anyone for free through open source. The new tools are part of Google’s Protected Computing, which should transform “how, when and where data is processed ... Read more

AI-assistant GitHub Copilot becomes available to all developers. Some will get it for free

GitHub Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant that offers code in the editor and has become publicly available to all developers. The price for use is $10 per month or $100 per year. Verified students and developers of popular open source projects will be able to work with it for ... Read more

Microsoft opened the code for 1995 3D Movie Maker because it was asked to

In 1995, Microsoft Kids released 3D Movie Maker. That same year, the original Toy Story proved that full-length computer animation was possible, so people began installing software on home computers that allowed them to create rough but creative 3D animations that played 6-8 frames per second. After the Movie Maker ... Read more

GitHub will introduce two-factor authentication from contributors by the end of 2023

GitHub has announced that two-factor authentication will be mandatory for all contributors to the code on the service. “The software supply chain starts with the developer. Developer accounts are frequent targets for social engineering and account takeover, and protecting developers from these types of attacks is the first and most ... Read more