GitHub Copilot

Microsoft loses money on every GitHub Copilot client

Microsoft is suffering significant financial losses due to the artificial intelligence tool GitHub Copilot, The Wall Street Journal reports. The AI-powered assistant is available in two subscription options. The individual plan costs $10 per month or $100 per year. The price of the business plan is $19 per user per ... Read more

GitHub expands availability of Copilot Chat AI tool to help with coding

GitHub, a web service owned by Microsoft, has expanded access to its artificial intelligence-based tool Copilot Chat. It is now available in public beta for individual users in the Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code integrated development environments (IDEs). This was reported by The Verge. “Now, teams of developers and ... Read more

Apple has restricted the use of ChatGPT and banned Copilot for employees

Apple has restricted the use of ChatGPT and other external AI tools to some employees as it develops its own similar technology. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal by reading the relevant document. According to it, the company is concerned about the possible disclosure of confidential data by ... Read more

Microsoft reported that blocking Ukrainians’ access to GitHub Copilot is a bug

Microsoft Corporation provided Mezha.Media with an official response regarding blocking Ukrainian developers access to the GitHub Copilot tool in Visual Studio. The company notes that the access ban that Copilot users faced was a bug and not a deliberate limitation of the AI tool for Ukrainian users. Microsoft has already ... Read more

Microsoft blocked access to GitHub Copilot for Ukrainians

The popular artificial intelligence tool GitHub Copilot, which helps developers write code in Microsoft Visual Studio by automatically completing it, stopped working for users from Ukraine. This is reported by numerous Ukrainian developers who faced the fact that all their Copilot plugins have lost contact with the GitHub server. Moreover, ... Read more

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI ask court to dismiss AI copyright lawsuit

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI want a court to dismiss a proposed class-action lawsuit that accuses the companies of copying licensed code to build GitHub’s AI-powered Copilot tool, reports The Verge. In several filings submitted in federal court in San Francisco, Microsoft-owned OpenAI and GitHub said the claims in the lawsuit ... Read more