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PC of the month (February 2024)

The end of the winter season seems to be a good time to choose and purchase powerful gaming systems. In January, key component manufacturers offered a number of new products that can influence the overall landscape of balanced configurations in different price categories. Most of the presented components have already ... Read more

PC of the month (January 2024)

The beginning of a new year is usually a good time to radically upgrade or build new powerful PCs. It is during this period that a large-scale Consumer Electronics Show traditionally takes place in Las Vegas, which hardware manufacturers gladly use as a platform for major announcements, presenting their new ... Read more

PC of the month (December 2023)

The end of the calendar year is usually a good time to build and upgrade powerful gaming configurations. At this time, most manufacturers are trying to improve their annual results and suppliers are trying to free up their warehouses, so the number of promotional offers with real discounts is growing. ... Read more

ARTLINE Gaming GT502 gaming system review: a powerful platform based on ASUS components

When it comes to a powerful gaming system, a potential owner of such a PC is usually interested not only in a banal list of components, but also in the overall concept and implementation of the platform. Today we are going to review a variant of the powerful desktop ARTLINE ... Read more

PC of the month (November 2023)

The second half of autumn is usually a period of price stabilization in the PC component market. The new products presented the day before have been available on online platforms for some time now, and the most impatient buyers have spent a lot of money to please the clever traders. ... Read more

PC of the month (September 2023)

The beginning of autumn is a good time for gaming enthusiasts and professionals who need powerful desktop platforms for their work. During the hot summer months, interesting components announced in the spring appeared on the market, and during this period, initial retail prices usually manage to decrease. Promotional offers for ... Read more

Gaming platform on Intel Core i9-13900KS: no limits

Top-end processors have always been of great interest to the most demanding desktop users. Flagship models allow you to navigate the capabilities of the current generation platforms, compare them with your needs, and generally evaluate the power of the fastest CPUs. At the beginning of this year, Intel (the official ... Read more

PC of the month (May 2023)

For PC of the month, the fast-moving spring season, which was saturated with various hardware announcements, comes to an end. If you have decided to assemble a powerful gaming system for work and entertainment, now is the best time to do so. There will always be situations when, it would ... Read more

PC of the month (April 2023)

The spring equinox is a good time to build a new desktop or upgrade your platform. Most of the components announced at CES have already gone on sale or even managed to drop in price after the initial hype. There are also enough difficult game challenges, especially if you did ... Read more

PC of the month (February 2023)

Last month was generously filled with various hardware announcements. The January CES exhibition traditionally brings a lot of new products – manufacturers of desktop and mobile components willingly choose this platform for their high-profile premieres. So this year was no exception either. Not all hot components have made it to ... Read more

PC of the month (December 2022)

The last month of the year is almost always packed with announcements, events, and the start of sales of various desktop components. Manufacturers are trying to use the pre-holiday period as effectively as possible in a business sense, and for this, they need to have time to offer attractive products ... Read more

PC of the month (December 1996)

One of the readers, commenting on another article PC of the month, said, that this was a good initiative and that he hoped we would continue to collect current PC configurations in the future. To which, of course, I replied that we have been doing this for over 20 years, ... Read more

PC of the month (November 2022)

The autumn months are traditionally full of interesting announcements and are not accidentally chosen by component manufacturers for the most extensive updates. The beginning of the active season is the best time for new decisions and gradual preparation for the hottest holiday period. In the next “PC of the month” ... Read more

A first approach to Socket AM5: orientation to Ryzen 9 7950X

The appearance of a new desktop platform always arouses increased interest among those users who need the most powerful solutions in this format. Socket AM5 becomes the basis for AMD systems for the next three to five years, so the nuances of such an update are even more interesting than ... Read more

PC of the month (September 2022)

The time on the eve of the change of generations of desktop platforms is a difficult period for those who decided to assemble a powerful desktop system for games or work tasks. Some components are just coming on sale and cost more than expected, some are still on the way ... Read more