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The gaming industry should prepare for two years of suffering spoke to the leaders of gaming companies. They believe that 2024 will be the year the studios close and suggest preparing for “two years of suffering.” “If 2023 was the year of layoffs, 2024 will be the year of closures. Not just developers, but publishers, media, service companies… There ... Read more

Made in Ukraine. Results of 2023 with Ukrainian game developers

It is very surprising, but the rather difficult year of 2023 was very successful for the Ukrainian game development market. Although there were no AAA projects from Ukrainian developers (we’ll leave out the divisions of large Western companies) this year (we’re waiting for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl in Q1 ... Read more

Indie Cup Ukraine’23: game about the Russian-Ukrainian war wins in two categories

The winners of the online festival of Ukrainian independent developers Indie Cup Ukraine’23 have been announced. The role-playing game Hollow Home by Twigames team won in two nominations, Most Promising Game and Critics’ Choice. This is a story about a Ukrainian teenager who tries to survive and help others in ... Read more

Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023. Patch 1.3 (+27 games)

Back in early 2023, I started working on an article about new Ukrainian games and never expected that this work would stretch over several months and a number of materials. The first part of the article, “Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023 (33 games)” was published on February 26, 2023, ... Read more

Ukrainian artist wins Blizzard contest

Ukrainian game artist Olga Gyshchak has won the Blizzard contest. Her artwork Teambuilding, which was submitted to the Blizzcon 2023 Art Contest, won and was shown during the Blizzcon 2023 broadcast, writes Olga Gyshchak, who is only 24 years old, graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree ... Read more

Valve introduces SMS confirmation for developers publishing their games on Steam

Valve has reported that in recent months, the number of complaints about hijacking developer accounts on Steam, from which game builds infected with malware are published, has increased. To prevent such cases, the company has introduced additional security measures, reports Bleeping Computer. From now on, all developers on Steamworks will ... Read more

Ukrainian woman appointed as head of Ubisoft’s Ukrainian studios for the first time

Ubisoft has announced the appointment of Ukrainian Olha Sendziuk as the head of Ubisoft Kyiv and Ubisoft Odesa studios. This is the first time that Ukrainian Ubi studios, which were established in 2008 and 2018 respectively, will be run by a citizen of Ukraine, as previously this position was held ... Read more

From Xenus to Starfield. An interview with Ilya Gulyaev, a Ukrainian artist working at Bethesda Game Studios

I met Ilya Gulyaev by chance. I posted on Twitter a photo of discs of old Ukrainian games from my own collection, and Ilya commented: “My path from Xenus to Starfield, my first job in game development, freelance 3D Modeler on Xenus, I was 14 years old.” As it turned ... Read more

Top 25 game development companies of Ukraine site published the results of another study of the Ukrainian game development market. Game companies that develop their own products – mobile, AA, and AAA projects, as well as outsourced studios and game dev startups of IT companies – entered the new Top 25 game dev companies of Ukraine. ... Read more

A selection of 3 Ukrainian visual novels: Hazy Mind, Heralds of the Avirentes, Argumentum ad Culpam

Greetings, Mezha readers! We bring to your attention a list of upcoming visual novels from Ukrainian developers, which are scheduled to be released this year. This is Hazy Mind, Heralds of the Avirentes, Argumentum ad Culpam. Novels are very different in atmosphere and content. They can pleasantly surprise connoisseurs of ... Read more

Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023–2025. Patch 1.2 (+ 19 games)

Back in early February 2023, when I started working on an article about Ukrainian games under development, I had no idea what I was signing up for. The material, the first part of which, Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023 (33 games) was released on February 26, 2023, spanned five ... Read more

Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian games 2024-2025. Part II (+ 25 games)

The author apologizes for the delay of the second part of the material “Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2024-2025” due to force majeure. The first 25 games, from Anomaly Hunter to Miramixi Storyteller, can be found here, and a complete list of series materials can be found at the end ... Read more

Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2024-2025. Part I (25 games)

As we already wrote in the article Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023, more than 100 video games are currently being developed in Ukraine (110 at the last count), focused on PC and console, from small indies to large AAA projects. In previous articles, we talked about projects that have ... Read more

During the two days of Global Game Jam 2023, Ukrainians created 83 games

This is not news at all, because it is about the events that took place more than a month ago, on February 4-5, 2023, but quite active, despite the war, the involvement of Ukrainian developers in Global Game Jam, only confirms the manifestations of the new renaissance of the game ... Read more

Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian games 2023. Patch 1.1 (+10 games)

As we promised, we bring to your attention patch 1.1 for the article Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian games 2023. This material includes games that the author missed last time, or whose status has changed since the publication of the previous article. The first material contained 33 Ukrainian games of 2023, ... Read more

Erra: Exordium – Ukrainian-Sumerian-Akkadian dieselpunk

For the first time, we paid attention to the Ukrainian project Erra: Exordium from the studio Fair Pixel sometime in the summer of 2022 when they tried a demo version of the game. This combination of Sumerian-Akkadian motifs with a dieselpunk setting looked too unusual. Once again, the game appeared ... Read more

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly. An interview with the developers of the Ukrainian games about guns

I got acquainted with the game World of Guns: Gun Disassembly back in 2014 year, after it was released on Steam. Even then, I knew that this project came from Ukraine, but I could not contact the developers. But now it has happened and we are talking with Valerii Zadorozhnyi, ... Read more

73 Ukrainian visual novels were submitted to the Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #2 competition

The acceptance of projects for participation in Ukrainian Visual Novel Jam #2 has ended. A total of 73 visual novels were submitted to the competition. 56 games were submitted to the previous competition. Now the project evaluation stage has begun, so everyone can freely download any of the 73 games, ... Read more

The Moon Hell – a Ukrainian action/RPG in a dark fantasy setting and it is not Dark Souls at all

An interesting Ukrainian action/RPG in a dark fantasy setting The Moon Hell will be released in a few days on Steam. We decided to turn to the developers of the game, namely Andrii Masiuk, who presents half of the A.M. Team studio to learn more about this project. Good afternoon, ... Read more

Indie Cup invites Ukrainian game developers to participate in the Central & Eastern Europe’23 festival

Applications for the Indie Games Festival Indie Cup Central & Eastern Europe’23 are already being accepted. Developers from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic are invited. And of course, no russians! As usual, participation in Indie Cup CEE’23 is free. Both PC ... Read more

Ternox Games: about indie games, publishing and contests for developers

Ternox Games is a Ukrainian indie developer that has already released 6 games for PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4/5. In addition, he also acts as a publisher of small games of other authors on consoles. And in his free time from development, he still manages to hold contests ... Read more

Corsairs Legacy – Corsairs with a Ukrainian flavor

We have already written several times about the Ukrainian game Corsairs Legacy, which if all goes well, should be released this year. The game recently received a new gameplay trailer, and soon players will be able to download the free Corsairs Legacy: Prologue and try the game for themselves. Well, ... Read more

Who works in Ukrainian GameDev and how much do they earn? DOU survey

Ukrainian GameDev is somewhat different from other IT industry. There are often specialists with less work experience (especially in QA and Game Developers), more people are involved in product rather than outsourcing companies. These conclusions were reached at GameDev DOU, having conducted a survey among 787 specialists in June of ... Read more

Top 25 Ukrainian gaming companies ?! We have questions

GameDev DOU published a rating of the 25 largest game development companies from Ukraine. It contains both familiar names to the general public and fairly specialized companies that do not want to draw undue attention to their work. The list includes companies that develop their own products – mobile games, ... Read more

Interview with the developers of the game Cat Drive, in which our cats destroy hordes of orcs

A few days ago we were writing about the killer-shooter Cat Drive, in which cats from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense, and Cyberpolice shoot hordes of Russians orcs and neutralize their war bosses. You can get acquainted with the game at the link, we decided to talk to ... Read more