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ASUS ROG Ally (RC71L) review: portable gaming system on Windows 11

Portable gaming systems on Windows, which used to be mostly produced by Chinese companies that were practically unknown in our country (see, for example, one of our very first reviews – GPD WIN 3), have finally attracted the interest of major brands, as the success of Steam Deck seems to ... Read more

iFixit compares the hardware in Steam Deck OLED and Lenovo Legion Go

The well-known resource iFixit has published a detailed video comparing what is under the case of two portable gaming systems – Steam Deck OLED and Lenovo Legion Go. Traditionally, iFixit was primarily interested in how easy it is to repair a device, and both systems received positive reviews: the resource’s ... Read more

Valve announced Steam Deck OLED

Valve has officially announced an updated Steam Deck OLED with a better screen and a larger battery. The OLED version will have two variations: 512 GB and a limited version with 1 TB of storage. They will cost $549 and $649 respectively. The console will have a slightly larger 7.4-inch ... Read more

YouTuber shows what PlayStation 5 Slim looks like from the inside

Although we don’t know when the PlayStation 5 Slim will go on sale, some YouTubers have already managed to get the console, compare it to the regular version, and even disassemble it. Tech blogger Dave2D has released a 10-minute video in which he explains and shows the design features of ... Read more

Sony has updated the PlayStation 5 – previous models will be replaced by a version with a Blu-ray drive

As the Christmas season approaches, Sony is preparing to launch sales of its updated PlayStation 5 game console. It has a new, more compact design and now essentially has one version of the case, which is designed for horizontal installation, as a separate stand for $29.99 will be required for ... Read more

Xbox data leak: Microsoft executive says company’s game plans have changed

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has sent an email to Microsoft employees about a large-scale data leak about Xbox. In it, he claims that the company’s plans were “inadvertently disclosed” but may have already changed, writes The Verge. According to Phil Spencer, the intentions regarding Xbox became known as part of ... Read more

Microsoft plans to update Xbox Series X with new design and features in 2024

Microsoft is preparing to unveil a major redesign of its Xbox Series X console in 2024. The new design, codenamed Brooklyn, was accidentally revealed in recent FTC documents against Microsoft. Now all the documents in this case have been deleted by the regulator, but a copy of the file has ... Read more

Lenovo has introduced a new portable gaming system Legion Go

Unofficial information about Legion Go appeared a month ago, and now, at IFA 2023, Lenovo has finally officially presented its first Windows-based “pocket gaming” device. The Lenovo Legion Go is equipped with a processor up to AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme with AMD RNDA graphics and intelligent power management technology, runs ... Read more

Nintendo announces Switch OLED Mario Red Edition console, it will cost $350

Nintendo has announced a special version of the Switch OLED portable console in bright red. It’s called Switch OLED Mario Red Edition and it matches the style of Mario to the maximum extent possible, reports Engadget. This design is available for the console, dock, and Joy-Con controllers. The rear dock ... Read more

PlayStation Portal will start selling on November 15

Sony has officially announced that the PlayStation Portal, a portable device designed exclusively for streaming PS5 games, will be available for pre-order today and is scheduled to launch on November 15. The device costs $199 and is intended to serve as a “portable gateway to your PS5 games.” The PlayStation ... Read more

Lenovo Legion Go portable game console will cost 799 euros

Lenovo is preparing to enter the portable gaming console market with the Legion Go model, which will be officially unveiled on September 1 at IFA 2023, Windows Report has learned. The device will cost 799 euros/$799 and will be available for purchase in October. It aims to compete with Valve’s ... Read more

PlayStation Portal from Sony – a portable device for $199 for remote play on PS5

Sony has officially announced PlayStation Portal, a portable device designed to stream games from the PS5 console via Wi-Fi. It will cost $199 and is scheduled for release later this year, The Verge reports. The device, which looks like a compact game console, features an 8-inch 1080p LCD screen operating ... Read more

Atari 2600 Plus is another attempt to revive the classic game console

Atari is going to revive its iconic console with the release of the Atari 2600 Plus, which is scheduled for November 17 at a price of $129.99. The new console is an 80% smaller version of the original Atari 2600, equipped with HDMI and USB-C ports for connecting to modern ... Read more

Lenovo Legion Go will combine features of Steam Deck and ROG Ally, but will look like Nintendo Switch

The first photos of a portable gaming console called Legion Go, which is being developed by Lenovo, have appeared online. Exclusive images of the new product were published by Windows Report. Judging by them, the company wants to create the best gaming device in its category. In fact, Lenovo’s new ... Read more

PlayStation 5 firmware beta adds support for Dolby Atmos in games and other functionality

Sony made available a new beta version of the PlayStation 5 firmware for selected users in the USA, Canada, Japan, France and the UK – 8.00 Beta. It adds the ability to encode multi-channel audio in Tempest 3D AudioTech-enabled games to Dolby Atmos (in addition to Dolby Digital, DTS and ... Read more

Lenovo is working on the Legion Go, a portable gaming system that could compete with the Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally

According to Windows Central, referring to its own sources, Lenovo is working on its own version of a portable gaming PC – Legion Go. The device will be based on a hybrid AMD Ryzen 7040U APU chip and will have an 8-inch display – 1 inch larger than the Steam ... Read more

Here’s what we know about Nintendo’s next console, which is scheduled for 2024

According to sources that spoke to VGC, the development kits for the next-generation Nintendo console are already in the hands of key partner studios, and its launch is scheduled for the second half of 2024. Here is everything that is currently known about the next generation of Nintendo’s game console. ... Read more

PlayStation 5 sales exceed 40 million — supply issues finally resolved

Sony officially announced that sales of the PlayStation 5 console exceeded 40 million units as of July 16 — 32 months after its launch on November 5, 2020. Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan bragged on the company’s official blog. According to him, Sony managed to overcome the ... Read more

Sony presented a new version of the PlayStation 5 in the style of Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is one of the most anticipated Sony PlayStation 5 exclusives, which is scheduled for release on October 20 this year. The company presented a new trailer for the game during San Diego Comic-Con. At most, Sony presented a special limited edition PlayStation 5 in the style of ... Read more

Xbox Live Gold is becoming a thing of the past, replaced by the new Xbox Game Pass Core service

Rumors about the “closure” of Xbox Live Gold started circulating a few hours before the announcement, but finally Microsoft officially confirmed: the paid service, which added new features to Xbox Live Free (online play, free game giveaways, etc.), is turning into Xbox Game Pass Core from September 14. Therefore, Microsoft ... Read more

Microsoft expects to release the PS5 Slim console this year, according to company documents filed with the FTC

Microsoft expects Sony to release a slim version of the PlayStation 5 Slim (PS5 Slim) later this year at a price of $399.99, reports The Verge. This information was revealed in documents filed by Microsoft as part of a case in which the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is trying ... Read more

Nintendo plans to transfer your Nintendo Switch account to the next generation console

Nintendo’s online infrastructure has always caused complaints from players due to a significant lag behind competitors’ platforms – in particular, it concerns the inability to transfer user data from an old console to a new one. Fortunately, things will change for the better in the future: at last week’s auction ... Read more

Microsoft admits Xbox has ‘lost the console wars’

Microsoft has said that Xbox has officially “lost the console wars.” This is stated in a document presented during Microsoft’s legal “battle” with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $ 69 billion. This is reported by IGN. A section of the document, submitted ... Read more

Microsoft has announced price increases for Xbox Series X and Game Pass in most countries

Microsoft is raising the prices of Xbox Series X and Game Pass in the vast majority of countries. This was reported by Engadget. Starting August 1st, the Xbox Series X will cost CAD$650 in Canada, £480 in the UK, €550 in most European countries, and AU$800 in Australia. “We’ve held ... Read more

Atari is releasing a new cartridge for its 1977 vintage game console

The Atari company decided to offer the owners of the 46-year-old Atari 2600 game console a new platformer, which will be released in the form of a cartridge. This was reported by ArsTechnica. A cartridge called Mr. Run and Jump will cost $59.99, and pre-orders for it will start on ... Read more