Futurama will get two more new seasons

Hulu has announced that the sci-fi comedy series Futurama has been renewed for two more seasons. In a post on the social network X (ex-Twitter), Hulu announced seasons 13 and 14, but no other details have been revealed yet. https://mezha.media/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Futurama.mp4 Last year, the company ordered 20 new episodes of the ... Read more

Why do we love the Futurama series and was it worth continuing?

For many people, Futurama” is one of the best series in history and can be considered the pinnacle of Matt Groening’s work. The story of a pizza delivery guy, Fry, who accidentally froze himself for 1000 years and found a new life in the future has long captivated the whole ... Read more

The trailer for the new season of Futurama is out

In less than a month, the premiere of the 11th season of the animated series Futurama will take place. It will be returning to the screens after a ten-year hiatus, so many fans are looking forward to this comeback. The 11th season of Futurama will be released on the streaming ... Read more

The 11th season of Futurama starts on June 24

All fans of the series have been waiting for the new season of Futurama since last year – back in February 2022 it was announced about the return of Futurama, and a year later it became known that it should be released this summer. The show changed platforms again and ... Read more

Futurama will return this summer

A year ago, the return of the Futurama cult cartoon series was officially announced, the new season of which will be released on the streaming platform Hulu. It will consist of 20 episodes. Matt Gruening and David Cohen are working on the series, and the characters will be voiced by ... Read more