The ECB announced a new stage in the introduction of the digital euro – it will last for 2 years

The European Central Bank has taken another step toward launching a digital version of the euro that will allow people in the 20 countries that use the single currency to make electronic payments securely and free of charge, writes Reuters. Starting November 1, the ECB is preparing to launch a ... Read more

The level of Apple and Microsoft: NVIDIA’s market capitalization has reached $1 trillion

The market capitalization of the American chip manufacturer NVIDIA reached $1 trillion at the opening of trading on Tuesday. This was reported by CNBC. The company’s shares had to be worth $404.86 to hold at that level. But by the end of the day, they lost a little in value, ... Read more

NVIDIA earned more than $2 billion in net profit for the quarter

NVIDIA reported net income of $2.04 billion, or 82 cents per share, in the first quarter of fiscal 2024. This is reported by CNBC with reference to the information of the American manufacturer. A year earlier, NVIDIA’s net income was lower and was estimated at $1.62 billion, or 64 cents ... Read more

The technology industry developed so quickly that it broke SVB – its most prestigious bank

On its last night, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) hosted venture capitalist Bill Reichert of Pegasus Tech Ventures, who gave a presentation on the topic “How to pitch your WOW! Investors” for about 50 people. “It was eerie over there,” this is how Mike McEvoy, the CEO of OmniLayers described the ... Read more

Cryptocurrency winter continues: Silvergate bank collapses

Silvergate Bank, which has been a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency world, has announced its closure and return of deposits. In a press release the bank’s holding company, Silvergate Capital Corporation, said it made the decision to close “in light of recent industry and regulatory developments.” It has long been clear ... Read more

Japan to launch a digital currency in pilot mode starting in April

Japan joins a growing list of countries exploring the possibility of adopting a digital currency: the country’s central bank, the Bank of Japan, has announced that it will launch a pilot project to test a “digital yen” in April. The move comes more than two years after the Bank of ... Read more

Added volume: monobank in Poland will be called stereo

Monobank, a popular banking application in Ukraine, will launch a new product in Poland called stereo by mono. In addition to clever naming, the Polish version promises users the opportunity to get a virtual card for free, not to pay for its maintenance, as well as the absence of fees ... Read more

Visa: almost 75% of global fraud and data breaches involve e-commerce

With global trade returning to pre-pandemic levels, fraudsters are once again looking for vulnerabilities in the security systems of physical in-store payment points. However, nearly three-quarters of the fraud and data breaches identified by Visa’s international risk team involved e-commerce players — mostly social engineering, malware and phishing attacks. Owners ... Read more

Tesla sold almost 75% of its Bitcoin assets due to the depreciation of the cryptocurrency

Tesla got rid of nearly 75% of the $936 million worth of Bitcoin that the company owned. The sale became known from the report of the manufacturer of electric cars for the second quarter. In the presentation to shareholders, the company explained that “the depreciation of Bitcoin” had a negative ... Read more

The National Bank of Ukraine fixed the new official exchange rate of hryvnia to the US dollar, now it is 36.5686 hryvnias for $1

From 9:00 a.m. on July 21, 2022, the National Bank adjusted the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to the US dollar by 25% to UAH 36.5686 per $1. The regulator explains this decision by the change in the fundamental characteristics of Ukraine’s economy during the war and the strengthening ... Read more

Cryptocurrency is losing. Digital currencies of central banks will be the basis of monetary systems of the future

Cryptocurrency has structural shortcomings that make it unsuitable for the monetary system. Instead, such systems can be built on the digital currencies of central banks (CBDCs), which are digital representatives of funds in these banks. This is stated in a new report of the Bank for International Settlements, writes Coindesk. ... Read more

Ukraine has limited the withdrawal of funds from cryptocurrency exchange to cards

Ukrainian Binance users have faced the problem of withdrawing funds to Monobank cards, however, as DOU found out, this applies not only to one cryptocurrency exchange and one bank. Ukraine has indeed limited the ability to transfer cryptocurrency to cards. Monobank explains this decision by National Bank of Ukraine Resolution ... Read more

Bitcoin has fallen to its lowest level in 1.5 years due to inflation in the United States

The world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin is now at its lowest level in 18 months. According to Bloomberg, its value has fallen by 12% to $23,981. Such has not been seen on the market since December 2021. The fall has caused shocking data on the inflation in the United States, published ... Read more

PrivatBank completes migration of IT systems to the cloud – it took 1.5 months

Ukrainian PrivatBank completely transferred IT systems from the physical data center to the “cloud”. This allowed the company to minimize its dependence on computer equipment that was physically present in various parts of Ukraine and could have been destroyed during the war. “After the National Bank of Ukraine allowed banks ... Read more

Updated. An accident with PrivatBank communication channels: there may be problems with payment by card

PrivatBank reported an emergency situation with communication channels, due to which on April 23 its customers may face temporary delays in the operation of the bank’s services, ATM networks, and payment cards for purchases through trading terminals. According to the press service of PrivatBank, the bank’s specialists are currently working ... Read more

Up to 5 years in prison for unlicensed financial advice. Australia takes control of “financial influencers”

In Australia, financial influencers are extremely popular. They advise on investment, financial products and budget through social networks. Some of them even promise a significant return on investment. From now on, anyone who continues to counsel without a license for financial services can be imprisoned for up to 5 years. ... Read more

Commemorative banknote Glory to Ukraine issued in the Czech Republic

A commemorative banknote “Glory to Ukraine” was issued in the Czech Republic. The design for it was created by an outstanding illustrator Eva Hašková, who has experience with similar projects. In particular, she worked on a banknote depicting Alois Rašín, a Czech statesman and founder of the national currency. The ... Read more