Meta shows updated Facebook logo – the most attentive will notice the changes

Meta updates the Facebook logo. The changes are hardly drastic, but they are there. The blue color has become slightly darker, and the letter “f” looks a little different, writes The Verge. The company says that it strives to make the updated design, in particular, more bold. It also emphasizes ... Read more

Facebook and Instagram may introduce paid subscriptions for EU users

Meta may offer users in Europe a paid subscription option on Facebook and Instagram, which will include no ads, writes Engadget with reference to The New York Times. This idea could be a way for the tech giant to avoid conflicts with European regulators over data privacy, as social media ... Read more

Meta allowed Facebook users to delete personal data to avoid training generative AI models on it

Facebook users can now delete certain personal information that can be used to train generative artificial intelligence models, writes CNBC. This week, Meta updated the resources section of the Facebook Help Center and added a form called “Generative AI Data Subject Rights.” In this way, Meta provides individuals with the ... Read more

Instagram and Facebook users in the EU will get rid of Meta recommendation algorithms

European users of Instagram and Facebook will be able to access Stories, Reels, and Search without Meta recommendation algorithms. This was stated by Nick Clegg, the company’s president of global affairs, according to The Verge. “For example, on Facebook and Instagram, users will have the option to view Stories and ... Read more

Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users

The Facebook social network has more than 3 billion monthly active users. This is evidenced by the data of Meta’s quarterly report, reports TechCrunch. The staggering number proves that the platform is far from dead, despite the decline in popularity among young people. The daily number of active Facebook users ... Read more

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads

Meta plans to allow EU residents to download apps through Facebook ads, which will eventually allow the company to compete with Google and Apple’s app stores. This is reported by The Verge. The new ad type is set to launch as a pilot project with several Android app developers later ... Read more

Meta was fined a record $1.3 billion for transferring Facebook data to the US

EU regulators fined Meta a record $1.3 billion (€1.2 billion) and ordered it to stop transferring EU citizens’ data from Facebook to the US. This is reported by The Verge. According to the EU courts, such data transfer exposes EU citizens to the danger of violating their private life. The ... Read more

Meta has started offering verification ticks for Facebook and Instagram for $12 in the US

Meta has launched a paid verification system in the US. This was reported by Mark Zuckerberg in his Instagram channel. Users who subscribe to Meta Verified will receive a blue Facebook verification checkmark and Instagram, “proactive impersonation protection” and direct access to customer support. The subscription costs $12/month if done ... Read more

Meta is ending support for NFT on Facebook and Instagram

Meta discontinues NFT support on Facebook and Instagram less than a year after it started rolling out the feature on its platform. The update comes as the social network has laid off thousands of workers and shut down numerous projects in what Mark Zuckerberg called the company’s “year of efficiency.” ... Read more

Messenger is returning to Facebook’s mobile app after nine years apart

It’s been a long time since Meta separated Messenger from Facebook’s main mobile app. But after almost nine years of separation, the company is ready to combine them again. “We are testing the ability for people to access their Messenger inbox within the Facebook app and you’ll see us expand ... Read more

Meta will change the rules for VIPs that may have violated some company policies

Meta said it will implement most of the recommendations made by an independent oversight board regarding its policy of exempting prominent users from some content-related rules. However, Facebook’s parent company rejected some proposals to increase transparency and reduce bias against content created by public figures. The supervisory board called for ... Read more

Meta assures that Ukrainian Facebook content is not moderated in russia

The company Meta, which owns the social networks Facebook and Instagram, announced at an online briefing for the media that Ukrainian content is not moderated in russia, and posts are not deleted just because they received a lot of complaints, reports The Village Ukraine. Platforms owned by the company have ... Read more

Not only Musk: Zuckerberg also offers to pay $12 for verification on Facebook and Instagram

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to follow the path of Elon Musk, who constantly pushes Twitter users to switch to Twitter Blue‘s paid subscription. As an experiment Meta now also offers a paid subscription for Facebook and Instagram, which was named Meta Verified. For $11.99 per month when purchased through ... Read more

Meta is testing Telegram-like channels for Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated “broadcast channels”, a new Instagram feature that allows sharing one-way messages in the application. The company is testing the feature with several authors and plans to add Telegram-like functionality to Facebook and Messenger. Broadcast channels allow authors to send updates to their followers, similar to Telegram channels. ... Read more

Meta: Facebook and Instagram moderation is not biased in favor of Russia

Meta, which has remained silent on allegations of biased content moderation in favor of Russia for nearly a year since the start of the full-scale war, decided to finally address this… It would have been better if they had kept silent… “A number of recent public reports have claimed that ... Read more

Facebook secretly depletes the batteries of users’ smartphones

The former Facebook employee accuses the company of conducting secret background testing of applications without the consent of users, which depletes smartphone batteries, says New York Post. This was claimed by the data processing specialist George Hayward, who has been fired for refusing to carry out the so-called “negative testing”, ... Read more

Donald Trump will be able to use his Facebook and Instagram accounts

More than two years after Meta extended its “indefinite” suspension of former US President Donald Trump from Facebook, the company has decided to reinstate his account. In a statement, Meta said Trump would be able to access his Facebook and Instagram accounts in the “coming weeks” but that “new guardials” ... Read more

Freeing the nipple: Facebook and Instagram should review the ban on displaying images of bare breasts

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, may soon “free the nipple.” More than a decade after nursing mothers first held a “nursing day” at Facebook headquarters to protest a ban on breast images, Meta’s supervisory board has called for a review of the company’s rules banning images of ... Read more

Zuckerberg could have known about Cambridge Analytica before he admitted it

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg misled Congress and the American public about how early he became aware of the threat Cambridge Analytica posed to Facebook users’ privacy, according to a recent document of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On February 19, 2019, Zuckerberg told the SEC that he had ... Read more

John Carmack is leaving Meta

John Carmack, the tech industry titan known for his work on virtual reality as well as classic games like Doom and Quake, is stepping down as CTO at Meta, according to Business Insider and The New York Times. Carmack joined Oculus as CTO in 2013, after helping to push the ... Read more

Meta cannot force users to consent to data collection, which could mean the end of targeted advertising

Privacy regulators in the EU have ruled that Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, cannot make providing data for targeted advertising a condition of joining the social network. Information about this was published by Wall Street Journal and Reuters. This decision threatens to destroy the business model of ... Read more

Meta’s Oversight Board canceled the removal of a Facebook post comparing the Russian military to fascists

Problems with Facebook moderation are well known to all Ukrainian users who are periodically banned even for neutral posts about the Russian invasion. Finally, the Oversight Board of the Meta company drew attention to the problem. This semi-independent commission decided to reinstate a deleted post by a user who compared ... Read more

Meta intends to sell Giphy as ordered by the UK competition watchdog

The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, said that it will accept the decision of the UK competition watchdog on the sale of the GIF library Giphy. This was stated by Meta representative Matthew Pollard in an interview to The Verge: “We are disappointed by the CMA’s decision but ... Read more

Meta will make it easier to switch between Facebook and Instagram accounts

Meta has announced that it is testing new features that will help people easily manage their Facebook and Instagram accounts through a single interface. This shows Meta’s attempt to consolidate its apps so that they are not so different from each other, reports CNBC. One ​​feature allows users to switch ... Read more

Mark Zuckerberg spoke with Joe Rogan. Mark doesn’t like running Facebook, another thing is to develop a metauniverse

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. It was a three-hour conversation about virtual reality, social media censorship, and American politics. During the conversation, Zuckerberg said that running the company is “not that much fun”: I wake up in the morning, look at my phone ... Read more