Elon Musk’s XMail: the billionaire announced work on an email service

Elon Musk announced that he is working on the creation of the XMail email service. He wrote about this in response to a question from one of the users of the X platform. The billionaire did not provide any details about the service. When asked when XMail would appear, the ... Read more

Google Workspace and Gmail will no longer support login via login and password in programs, only OAuth will remain

Google Workspace and Gmail will gradually stop supporting the sign-in method used by third-party apps and devices that require you to provide your Google username and password. This method, known as Less Secure Apps (LSA), is considered outdated and poses additional security risks, as it involves the transfer of Google ... Read more

Gmail has received an update with an AI-based spam filter, it has been tested for a year

The Gmail email service has received a spam filter update, which Google calls “one of the biggest security updates in years”, writes Ars Technica. It is a new text classification system called RETVec (Resilient & Efficient Text Vectorizer) that has been integrated into Gmail. According to Google, it is able ... Read more

Pro-Russian hackers Winter Vivern attack mailboxes of government agencies in Europe

The pro-Russian and Belarusian hacker group Winter Vivern exploits a zero-day vulnerability in common webmail software in attacks on government agencies and think tanks in Europe. This was stated by researchers at ESET, a security company, according to Ars Technica. The previously unknown vulnerability has the identifier CVE-2023-5631 and is ... Read more

Google will remove the basic HTML version of Gmail in January 2024

Starting in January 2024, Gmail users will no longer have access to the basic HTML view. This classic version of Gmail’s web interface provided a simple experience that many users find less cluttered than the current version of Google mail. Previously, Gmail users were able to access the basic HTML ... Read more

Google wants to allow Gmail users to send emojis in response to emails

Google is developing special emojis for Gmail, which, if launched, will make the email service more like a messaging app. This was reported by The Verge. This feature was first reported by The Tape Drive after a code was found in the Gmail app for iOS that allows users to ... Read more

Now Gmail will also have a blue checkmark to better verify senders

Google’s Gmail email service has decided to add a blue checkmark to emails to improve sender verification, writes 9to5Google. The existing system works on the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard. In it, brand logos appear in the avatar slot of the sender’s name and address. The system is ... Read more

The Spark mail client from Ukrainian developers has received a significant update and a version for Windows

Readdle, with offices in Odesa and Kyiv, has released a major update for its popular e-mail client Spark. The program received an updated interface and new features. “People and apps will constantly distract us unless we proactively limit them. To do any meaningful work, we need periods of sustained focus. ... Read more

DuckDuckGo has opened free e-mail protection from trackers to everyone

Last year, the DuckDuckGo search engine email protection service went into beta. Now the company has finally announced that the service becomes available to all users. The service acts as an intermediary between private email and the outside world. It assigns users a free address and intercepts trackers before ... Read more