H2FLY has tested the first airplane running on liquid hydrogen

The German company H2FLY has tested its HY4 electric hydrogen plane in Slovenia. This is not the first flight of the HY4, but it is the first time that it runs on liquid hydrogen instead of gaseous hydrogen. Tests have shown a potential increase in the range of liquid hydrogen ... Read more

The world’s first electric airline Ecojet will be launched in Great Britain. But there is one nuance

British businessman Dale Vince, who has been involved in clean energy for many years and owns the company Ecotricity, which builds and maintains wind farms and solar parks, is launching an environmentally friendly electric airline, Ecojet, writes The Guardian. But there is one important nuance. For the first years, the ... Read more

Ukraine made a test import of electricity from Europe

In order to support the energy system of Ukraine in the event of a shortage of generating capacity, the state energy trader JSC Energy Company of Ukraine carried out the first test supply of electricity from Slovakia. The actual import of 1 MW took place on October 27, 2022. JSC ... Read more