Microsoft will no longer offer Bing to Windows users in Europe

Microsoft will allow Windows users in Europe to disable Bing and uninstall the Edge browser. Such changes in the company’s policy are related to the European Commission’s law on digital markets. According to The Verge, the changes will come into effect in March 2024. In addition, Microsoft will allow you ... Read more

Microsoft will no longer force Windows 11 users to use Edge browser in EU countries

As you know, Windows 11 ignores the system’s default browser settings when it comes to opening links in the Windows widget bar or search results. In this case, Edge is launched and the page opens in it, regardless of which browser is set as the default browser in the system. ... Read more

Microsoft plans to remove five outdated features from Edge browser

Microsoft is preparing to reduce the number of features in the new version of its Edge web browser, according to The Verge. These include the Math Problem Solver, Picture Dictionary, Quotes, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode. Recently, Microsoft has already announced that these features are outdated. They intend to remove ... Read more

Edge may send all the images you view online to Microsoft

The buzz about Edge had not yet died down when it became known that the browser transmits data to Bing about the sites visited by users, but a new one is started. Another controversial Edge feature turns out to send all the images you view to Microsoft. This is done ... Read more

Microsoft Edge will get a gaming mode

Microsoft is going to make Edge more attractive to gamers and plans to add a gaming mode to its browser — Edge for Gamers. As the company explains, it will offer a whole selection of improvements and new functionality: for example, a gaming-oriented homepage, gaming themes, new apps for gamers ... Read more

Microsoft Edge caught giving Bing data about the sites you visit

As Reddit user found out, Microsoft browser Edge sends almost all URLs that its users visit to the Bing API website. There is currently no official information on why Edge does this, but Rafael Rivera, one of the developers of the EarTrumpet system utility, who was addressed by The Verge ... Read more

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot now lets you create images using OpenAI’s DALL-E

Microsoft is adding an AI-powered image creation tool to its Bing search engine, reports The Verge. Bing Image Creator will be based on an enhanced version of OpenAI’s DALL-E model and will allow users to create images by simply writing what they want to generate. “For those in the Bing ... Read more

Microsoft Edge can now use NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards for video upscaling

Owners of graphics cards from NVIDIA have been able to use the video upscaling function in Chrome and Edge browsers for some time. But what should users do with video adapters from AMD? Microsoft seems to have resolved this issue. The company is testing the Video Super Resolution feature in ... Read more

Microsoft Edge will soon be able to display two sites in one window – using the split-screen function

Microsoft has begun testing an experimental split-screen feature in its Edge browser. This was reported by Reddit user Leopeva64-2. The feature is disabled by default, but is present in Beta, Dev and Canary versions. After its activation, a new button will appear next to the address bar, which will allow ... Read more