Ukrainian ST1 mine-clearing drone is being actively tested and prepared for large-scale production

The Ukrainian ST1 mine-clearing drone is being actively tested in the field. This was reported by Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development Mykhailo Fedorov on Telegram. “ST1 is an autonomous drone for mine detection. It is equipped with an inductor coil and sensors that allow it ... Read more

Amazon wants to launch drone delivery in the UK and Italy in 2024

Amazon plans to launch drone delivery in the UK and Italy in 2024. It also intends to expand this service in the United States. It also intends to expand this service in the United States, reports Engadget. So far, the company has not named the locations in which it wants ... Read more

DJI Mini 4 Pro receives omnidirectional obstacle detection technology

DJI has introduced the new DJI Mini 4 Pro drone, priced at $759. This model is the first in the Mini series to feature omnidirectional obstacle detection, a significant improvement over the Mini 3 Pro, which could only scan the space in front, behind, and below the body. The Mini ... Read more

Ukrainian naval drones hit two Russian Vasiliy Bykov-class ships

The official Facebook account of the StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported an attack by Ukrainian naval drones on two Russian Vasiliy Bykov-class ships in the southwestern part of the Black Sea. Later, the video of the attack was posted on his own account by the Minister of ... Read more

Swift AI drone beats humans in drone race for the first time

Researchers from the University of Zurich and Intel have announced the creation of a unique autonomous unmanned system called Swift. It is powered by artificial intelligence and is capable of outperforming humans in FPV drone races, writes Ars Technica. It is a sport in which participants try to guide high-speed ... Read more

The US Air Force wants to spend $5.8 billion on 2000 drones with artificial intelligence

The U.S. Air Force wants to spend about $5.8 billion to create up to 2,000 unmanned drones with artificial intelligence. They will be able to “serve” alongside human pilots, writes The Register. The cost of each aircraft will be about $3 million, which is significantly cheaper than manned fighters such ... Read more

Naval strike drones: from ancient brigands to modern times

Recently, our colleagues from Defense Express published an interesting article about the predecessor of modern maritime strike drones, the remotely operated Fernlenkboot, which was developed and tested by the German Imperial Navy during World War I. Without detracting from the achievements of the German arms manufacturers, for this was indeed ... Read more

Olenegorsk Miner large landing ship damaged in Novorossiysk Bay

After an attack by unknown naval drones, a military ship with a list to port was spotted in Novorossiysk Bay, accompanied by three rescue tugs. Apparently, this is a large amphibious ship of project 775 “Olenegorsky Gornyak”, which received significant damage. About the attack of marine drones on Novorossiysk Bay ... Read more

China decides to limit exports of civilian drones amid war in Ukraine

China has imposed restrictions on the export of civilian long-range drones, citing Russia’s war in Ukraine and concerns that the drones could be converted for military use, AP reports. The export controls will take effect on August 1 to prevent the use of drones for “non-peaceful purposes,” the Commerce Ministry ... Read more

DJI Air 3 received two 4K cameras and a flight time of up to 46 minutes

DJI has expanded its line of drones by introducing the new Air 3 model. The main innovations are a dual camera, as well as increased flight time on a single charge. DJI Air 3 received two cameras that have the same sensor (48 MP, 1/1.3″ CMOS), but lenses with different ... Read more

During the simulation, the AI drone attacked its operator because he was interfering with the mission

An AI drone went out of control and “killed” its human operator while simulating a Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) mission. This is reported by PC Gamer. Col. Tucker “Cinco” Hamilton, commander of the 96th Test Wing’s Operations Group and the US Air Force’s Chief of AI test and ... Read more

LRUSV – an attack drone of the US Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps for the first time demonstrated its own attack drone – LRUSV (Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel). This is reported by Militarnyi with reference to U.S. Department of Defense Visual Information Distribution Service. LRUSV is an autonomous vessel developed by Metal Shark Boats, which has long supplied ... Read more

Toloka – a Ukrainian autonomous underwater drone with a range of up to 2,000 km

Toloka unmanned torpedo drones are being developed in Ukraine. One of the prototypes was presented at the Brave1 exhibition. This was reported by Militarnyi. Three versions of the autonomous torpedo are being developed: Toloka TLK 1000 (4-12 meters); TLK 400 (4-6 meters); TLK 150 (2.5 meters). Toloka TLK 150 will ... Read more

DJI introduced the Mavic 3 Pro drone with a triple camera

DJI presented the new flagship drone Mavic 3 Pro. Its main feature is the camera unit, which now consists of three modules. The main one is a 4/3″ CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20 MP and a variable aperture of f/2.8-f/11, equivalent to 24 mm. It is complemented by ... Read more

DJI is teasing a new drone with three cameras. Are we waiting for the Mavic 3 Pro announcement?

Just a week ago, DJI presented a new drone Inspire 3, designed for professional shooting, as the company is already teasing a new model. A photo of the camera block, which consists of three modules, appeared on social networks. It is quite possible that the yet-to-be-announced Mavic 3 Pro drone ... Read more

The Inspire 3 – a new drone from DJI starting at $16,499

The DJI range has a large number of drones that are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The new Inspire 3 model is intended for the second category of users and is positioned for use in commercial projects. The aerodynamics of the Inspire 3 have improved by 20% compared to ... Read more

IKEA has started using drones to keep track of goods in more stores

IKEA has announced that its stores are already using 100 autonomous drones to help keep track of goods after hours. The company signed a cooperation agreement with drone manufacturer Verity in 2020. A year later, IKEA began testing in a Swiss store. And drones are already performing tasks in 16 ... Read more

DJI has quietly discontinued the AeroScope drone detection system that could have been used by the russians

DJI no longer manufactures AeroScope, the drone detection system that the russians may have used to track and target Ukrainian drone operators. A box now appears on the product page with the text: “The Aeroscope is no longer in production. For the latest in DJI technology, please view our product ... Read more

Amazon’s delivery drones served fewer than 10 homes in their first month of operation

It’s been almost a decade since Jeff Bezos promised Amazon delivery drones. About a month after Amazon Prime Air made its first deliveries in California and Texas, it served fewer than 10 households — and already laid off more than half of the employees at those locations. This is claimed ... Read more

WSJ: Israel launched a drone strike on a defense facility in Iran

Iranian officials said the country’s air defense repelled an attempted attack by three small quadcopters on a munitions factory in the city of Isfahan. It is located next to a facility owned by Iran’s Space Research Center, which has been sanctioned by the United States for its work on Iran’s ... Read more

Amazon begins drone delivery in California and Texas

Amazon has started delivering orders using drones. Amazon Prime Air is now operating in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas, delivering a small number of packages just in time for the New Year holidays, reports ArsTechnica. In August of this year, the retail giant received approval from the Federal Aviation ... Read more

DJI has introduced the DJI Mini 3 drone for beginners

DJI Mini 3 has become a simplified version of DJI Mini 3 Pro for beginners. The main differences are the number of sensors for avoiding obstacles, the flight radius and the number of FPS when shooting video. The new drone weighs 249 grams and is designed to easily fit into ... Read more

Ukrainian naval drones: first details and fundraiser on United 24 (Updated! We have the first drone!)

The first details regarding the fleet of naval drones that Ukraine is going to build have become known, including the specifications of these devices. Fundraiser for the first 10 out of 100 planned attack naval air defense systems has begun on the United 24 website. We are talking about those ... Read more

Aerorozvidka: yes, we are preparing surprises for the enemy. When the time comes, you will see a “striking movie”!

Back in April 2022, we wrote about R18 octocopters from Aerorozvidka. At the initial stage of the Great War, these small bombers were among the first to drop minibombs made of RKG-3 cumulative anti-tank grenades on the heads of the Russian occupiers, providing an interesting and reassuring video to the ... Read more

The Star Wars star sent 500 drones to Ukraine

Luke Skywalker leads an army of drones to war. This could have been a synopsis for the next Star Wars installment, but it’s happening in real life. An actor Mark Hamill, who played the Jedi character in George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, which debuted in 1977, is a fundraising ... Read more