Discovery – a sci-fi shooter from Lviv studio Stepico Games

Lviv game studio Stepico Games presented the first trailer of the future sci-fi shooter Discovery. The events of the game take place in the distant future on the planet Rogax, where the spaceship Daedalus crashes. The main character of the game is a former military engineer, Lieutenant Stepman. The Daedalus ... Read more

The first exoplanet discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope is almost the same size as Earth, but it looks like Venus

In the first six months of its operation, the James Webb Space Telescope has already received visually stunning and scientifically impressive results, and recently recorded another major milestone: discovery of the first exoplanet. The planet, named LHS 475b, is located in the Aries constellation, 41 light-years from the Sun, and ... Read more

HBO Max will be merged with Discovery+ next summer

Rumors that things are going “not so well” at HBO Max began to appear on the Internet the other day, at the same time as news about the cancellation of several high-profile projects that were at various stages of preparation – for example, the film Batgirl, the filming of which ... Read more