Diablo IV

Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred, the first addition to Blizzard’s action/RPG, is announced

At BlizzCon 2023, the first expansion pack for Diablo IV – Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred. Judging by the trailer, Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred takes place in the jungles of Torazhan, which we visited in Diablo II. The player will be looking for Mephisto, which is not surprising given ... Read more

Season of Blood has started in Diablo IV, and the game is finally out on Steam

The second season of Diablo IV, Season of Blood, has started. At the same time, it started with a slight delay due to the launch of the game on Steam. Just like in the first season, players will get a new quest line, new bosses at the end of the ... Read more

Diablo IV will be available on Steam

In the summer, Blizzard announced plans to launch its projects on Steam, with the first “swallow” being Overwatch 2, which was released on August 10. And now it has become known that the next game will be Diablo IV – the game will be released on Steam on October 17, ... Read more

Diablo IV Limited Collector’s Box review – collector’s edition without a game

In the era of digital game distribution, the concept of a “collector’s edition” has begun to blur. However, Blizzard managed to surprise even more: they released Diablo IV Collector’s Box, which has all the typical physical components of a collector’s edition, but the game itself is not included! Let’s try ... Read more

Diablo IV has received another patch – providing an update to the popular Blizzard game

The American company Blizzard has presented patch 1.13 for Diablo IV. All updates can be found on the developer’s website. The company has made changes to monster skills and properties of special elites that impose control effects. Blizzard has also fixed some bugs in the game. One of the changes ... Read more

The first season of Diablo IV, Season of the Malignant, starts on July 20, 2023.

Blizzard shed some light on the content of the first season of Diablo IV, which will start on July 20, 2023. The first season is called Season of the Malignant and will feature a new seasonal adventure, a new quest line, a boss, a dungeon, a Battle Pass, 6 unique ... Read more

Diablo IV earned $666 million in 5 days since the release date

Blizzard continues to troll competitors in its press releases. In the latter, published by Tech Power Up, the company announces that in 5 days since the release Diablo IV earned $666 million. Earlier, Blizzard announced that the last part of the Diablo series became the best of pre-sales on PC ... Read more

Diablo IV – Hail Lilith!

No matter what verdict I write at the end of this review, no matter what rating I give, in any case, there will be dissatisfaction. We’ve seen this in comments on other Diablo IV posts. Therefore, I suggest that you just accept the fact that some people like this game, ... Read more

Diablo IV has set a record for pre-sales on PC and consoles

Even before the start of the game for all players, which took place on June 5, 2023 (June 6 Kyiv time) Diablo IV set a number of records. This is reported by Business Wire. Diablo IV has become Blizzard Entertainment’s most successful game in terms of sales, setting a record ... Read more

The maximum character level in Diablo IV was reached in less than 3 days

As noted by PCGamesN, in Diablo IV some players managed to reach the maximum, 100-th level of the character – less than 3 days after the game appears in “early access” (which is provided to users who purchased the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate version of the game). Twitch streamer Rob2628 ... Read more

12 Diablo-style games if you’re looking for an alternative to Diablo IV

If you think that UAH 2,500 for the standard version of Diablo IV is too much, that it is not the right time for Diablo IV now, or maybe Blizzard is no longer a cake at all, we have collected for you 12 Diablo-like games that can replace the new ... Read more

Another chance to play Diablo IV before release — May 12-14

The beta test of Diablo IV, which took place at the end of March, left a generally pleasant impression of the game itself but discovered a typical problem of Blizzard — the inability of the servers to cope with the influx of everyone who wanted to join the game, which ... Read more

Diablo IV will receive additional story content every 3 months

After release, Diablo IV will receive significant quarterly updates with additional storylines. This is reported by Gamespot citing the Game Informer story. Joe Piepiora, assistant game director for Diablo IV, told Game Informer that while he doesn’t dare use the word “expansion,” the game’s quarterly post-launch updates will include additional ... Read more

Diablo IV Beta Test Statistics: players spent a total of about 7,000 years in the game

The beta test of Diablo IV ended a few days ago, and Blizzard has shared some statistics about exactly how players behaved during the initial introduction to the game. With 62M hours played, thank you for making #DiabloIV the largest Beta in Diablo franchise history. This is just the beginning. ... Read more

Diablo IV – impressions of the beta test

Game Diablo IV Genre Action RPG Platforms PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Microsoft Windows Developer Blizzard Entertainment Publisher Blizzard Entertainment Link Official website Over the past two weeks, Blizzard has conducted two beta tests of Diablo IV, both of which were limited to the prologue and the ... Read more

The Diablo IV beta test will start in the coming days, and the pre-download is now available

Blizzard plans to test Diablo IV beta in two stages. This weekend, March 17-19, it will be in the Early Access format – available to those who pre-ordered any version of the game, while the next, March 24-26, it will be open to everyone, in the form of an open ... Read more

Diablo IV: Open Beta on March 24, 2023

During IGN Fan Fest 2023, Blizzard presented a video announcing the start of open beta testing for Diablo IV from March 24th to March 26th, 2023. If you pre-order the game, you can also join the Open Beta from March 17th to March 19th, 2023. And it seems that everything ... Read more

According to rumors, Diablo IV may be released in April 2023.

Back in the summer, there were rumors that Diablo IV was going to be shown at this year’s The Game Awards event, which will be held in December. Now they are supplemented by new unofficial information: according to WindowsCentral’s own sources and the hosts of the XboxEra podcast, Diablo IV ... Read more

There will be no pay-to-win microtransactions in Diablo IV

At least that’s what Blizzard promises us. In its quarterly blog update on the state of Diablo IV development, the company told about how it is going to support the game after its release, about seasonal “activities” and about microtransactions, an issue that became especially painful after the release of ... Read more