Adobe and Figma’s $20 billion deal could hurt innovation – CMA

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is concerned about a potential $20 billion deal between Adobe and Figma, reports Reuters. The regulator believes that the possible acquisition could harm innovation in the software used by the vast majority of British digital designers. The CMA published the preliminary conclusion as ... Read more

Google Maps updated visual design, author of the original UX says it’s not good

Google Maps has changed its visual design, but not everyone liked the update. It was criticized by Elizabeth Laraki, who once participated in the development of Google Maps UX design. She wrote about it on the X platform. “Last week, the team dramatically changed the map’s visual design. I don’t ... Read more

Startup Awesomic won a Red Dot award for depicting Skovoroda with a mortar and Stus with a javelin

The project of the Ukrainian startup Awesomic received the Red Dot Award in the Brands & Communication Design category and will now be presented at the Red Dot Design Museum in Germany, the world’s largest collection of contemporary design achievements. “The League of Information Warriors project is a communication campaign ... Read more

Apple and Jony Ive finally stopped cooperation

Three years after Apple and Jony Ive, the company’s former head of design and a close friend of Steve Jobs, promised to work together “for a long time to come,” it appears that the deal between the parties is off. When Jony Ive left the company in 2019, Tim Cook, ... Read more

Project of a memorial complex in Irpin by a Ukrainian designer

Yes, the war is not over, we have not won yet, but some are already thinking about how to perpetuate the memory of innocent victims of Russian aggression. Ukrainian designer Ivan Ohiienko has created a project for the future Irpin memorial complex . Everyone remembers the photo that was on ... Read more