Amazon sent a Canadian woman more than 50 boxes of shoes she did not order

Amazon sends a Canadian woman boxes of shoes she did not order for two months, writes Ars Technica. Anca Nitu said she had already received more than 50 packages. Each contained a return form from a buyer in North America. The woman believes Amazon sellers stole her information from her ... Read more

“Nova Post” created the NovaTech platform to look for partners to exchange innovations

“Nova Post” created the NovaTech online platform to attract partners to develop innovative products and services together with its R&D department. this is reported by the company’s press service. You can familiarize yourself with its work and leave a proposal for cooperation on the page The company notes that ... Read more

Nova Post in Lithuania: Nova Post opened its first branch in Vilnius

Nova Poshta announced the launch of the first branch in Lithuania under the Nova Post brand. This is already the second European country where the company has branches. “Our states do not have a common border, and our peoples are not ethnically and linguistically related. However, it was Lithuania that ... Read more

Nova Post opens its first branch in Lithuania in March

According to the press service of the company, Nova Post plans to open its first branch in Lithuania. This will be a cargo branch where it will be possible to send and receive parcels weighing up to 1,000 kg from Ukraine. Its address: Vilnius, Žalgirio g. 92, LT-09303, scheduled to ... Read more

Amazon’s delivery drones served fewer than 10 homes in their first month of operation

It’s been almost a decade since Jeff Bezos promised Amazon delivery drones. About a month after Amazon Prime Air made its first deliveries in California and Texas, it served fewer than 10 households — and already laid off more than half of the employees at those locations. This is claimed ... Read more

Supernova Airlines was allowed to start cargo transportation

Supernova Airlines, which is part of the Nova Poshta group of companies, received the Operator’s Certificate number UA 062, which provides the opportunity to start its own cargo flights. The first flight with the cargo of Nova Poshta Global customers is planned to be carried out in the spring of ... Read more

Nova Poshta opened the first Nova Post cargo department in Warsaw, which accepts shipments up to 1000 kg

Ukrainians in Poland can now send and receive shipments up to 1000 kg, not just parcels and documents through Nova Post from Ukraine. From the cargo department, you can send both large suitcases with personal belongings and large-sized equipment in factory packaging, such as new generators, batteries, charging stations without ... Read more

Amazon begins drone delivery in California and Texas

Amazon has started delivering orders using drones. Amazon Prime Air is now operating in Lockeford, California, and College Station, Texas, delivering a small number of packages just in time for the New Year holidays, reports ArsTechnica. In August of this year, the retail giant received approval from the Federal Aviation ... Read more

Nova Poshta will appear in Poland by the end of the year and plans to develop in other EU countries

Nova Poshta is going to enter the EU countries, in the first stage, it will be neighboring Ukraine. And the first will be Poland, where the Ukrainian delivery service should start working by the end of the year. About this in an interview with said the director of Nova ... Read more

Wing develops drones of various sizes that can carry light and heavy loads

Wing, the drone delivery subsidiary of Alphabet, has unveiled a series of new drone prototypes designed for different workloads, reports The Verge. The new drones will have the same basic elements as the devices the company currently uses to deliver medicine and other small cargo. According to the CEO of ... Read more

Nova Poshta changes the cost of international shipping: a complete list of changes

From July 7, new rates for international delivery from Nova Poshta came into effect. In particular, delivery to Ukraine from abroad has become more expensive. Tariffs for the delivery of personal belongings abroad remain unchanged for the time being, and shipping to Poland has even become cheaper by a third. ... Read more