YouTube tests Dream Track feature to create music using AI

YouTube is testing new artificial intelligence features that will allow users to create music with the help of prompts. This work is being done in collaboration with Google DeepMind developers. This is stated in the message of the platform. As part of this work, YouTube is introducing a feature called ... Read more

Google launches SynthID technology to recognize music created by AI

Music created using Google DeepMind’s Lyria artificial intelligence model will contain invisible watermarks. The technology in question is SynthID, which will allow people to identify that audio was created with the help of AI, writes The Verge. DeepMind explained that the watermark will not affect the sound quality and is ... Read more

DeepMind’s GraphCast AI model outperforms traditional weather forecasting methods

Artificial intelligence has surpassed traditional weather forecasting methods for the first time, writes Financial Times. It is a meteorological AI model created by Google DeepMind developers. It is called GraphCast and is capable of preparing a 10-day weather forecast in 1 minute. Evaluation of the model showed that it is ... Read more

DeepMind presents a new version of AlphaFold – now AI will help in drug development

DeepMind has unveiled the latest version of its AI-powered AlphaFold program, reports TechCrunch. Its first version was presented about five years ago. Back then, it was able to predict the structure of many proteins in the human body. Later, the system was improved – in 2020, an updated and more ... Read more

Google presents AlphaMissense AI tool for analyzing genetic mutations

Researchers from Google DeepMind have presented the AlphaMissense tool that predicts whether genetic mutations can cause harm. This is called a breakthrough that can help in the research of rare diseases, writes IBT. The tool focuses on missense mutations, which change a single letter of the genetic code. Such mutations ... Read more

Google tests SynthID technology to recognize images created by AI

Google is testing an invisible watermark to identify images that have been created by artificial intelligence. This is done to combat disinformation, according to the BBC. The corresponding technology is called SynthID, and it was created by Google DeepMind. The watermark will be embedded in individual pixels of the image, ... Read more

Google tests AI assistant that gives life advice

Google is testing an artificial intelligence personal assistant that can offer life advice, writes The New York Times. The DeepMind and Brain AI labs have been working on this development for several months. Now the group is testing the results of its work. The team focused on ensuring that the ... Read more

AI from DeepMind will help generate scripts for film and theater

Alphabet’s DeepMind has created an artificial intelligence tool that can help start work on a script for a play or a movie. Dramatron is a so-called “collaborative authoring tool” that can generate character descriptions, plot points, descriptions of locations and dialogues. The idea is that human scriptwriters will be able ... Read more

DeepMind’s artificial intelligence predicted the 3D structures of the “entire protein universe”

Protein structures began to be discovered in the middle of the last century, but for more than 50 years, mankind has not made significant progress in this area. In 1957, biochemist John Kendrew first determined the structure of the protein myoglobin, which helps oxygenate muscles. No matter how groundbreaking the ... Read more