Disney’s AI de-ages actors in seconds

In order to make actors look older or younger than their age in movies, there has to be some serious post-production after shooting. To facilitate the process of achieving realistic results, researchers from Disney introduced FRAN, a new artificial intelligence tool that can convincingly age or de-age an actor in ... Read more

Deepfakes in advertising could change the industry, creating new legal and ethical issues

Deepfakes of celebrities began to be used in advertising. Last week, Elon Musk’s face appeared in a marketing video from real estate investment startup reAlpha Tech Corp, writes The Wall Street Journal. And last month, in the advertising video of Paperspace Co. the likenesses of actors Tom Cruise and Leonardo ... Read more

Lionsgate used deepfake to lower age rating for a new movie Fall

Lionsgate’s new theatrical thriller Fall has received an R rating due to excessive profanity in its scenes. The producer, who had hoped to get a lower PG-13 rating, was disappointed – it would have reduced the box office. Deepfake technology, which masked more than 30 obscene words, helped overcome the ... Read more