AI program creates police sketches. Experts say it is biased

Two developers used OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image generation model to create a forensics software that can generate “hyper-realistic” police sketches of a suspect based on user data. The program, called Forensic Sketch AI-rtist, was created by developers Arthur Fortunato and Philippe Reynaud as part of a December 2022 hackathon. Developers ... Read more

FRIDA robotic arm brings DALL-E-style AI art to real canvases

FRIDA (Framework and Robotics Initiative for Developing Arts) is not so much a research project as an art experiment. Of course, it faces issues of art and creativity, just like DALL-E and ChatGPT – although, probably, the question is even more acute when the manipulator robot paints on a real ... Read more

The creepy woman keeps appearing in images generated by artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has recently become a particularly hot topic, particularly through image generators such as DALL-E and Midjourney. Trained on billions of images, the systems harness the allure of the black box, creating works that seem both alien and strangely familiar, reports Vice. No one can explain how neural networks ... Read more

Now DALL-E can help you imagine what’s outside the frame of the famous paintings

DALL-E, as well as DALL-E 2, are artificial intelligence models developed by OpenAI and designed to generate digital images based on natural language descriptions. OpenAI has added a new “outpointing” feature to DALL-E, which allows the system to create new visual effects that push the boundaries of any image, reports ... Read more

The DALL-E AI image generator is now available in beta

OpenAI expands the circle of those who will be able to experience the capabilities of DALL-E in practice. AI-powered image generator was released in beta, which will be accessed by a million people on the waiting list in a few weeks. You can subscribe to the list by the link. All ... Read more

Craiyon: a mini version of DALL-E that creates images from complex descriptions

Neural Network DALL-E, which creates images based on text descriptions, is still available to few. However, it has an alternative that everyone can play with – Craiyon,, or the former DALL-E Mini. It is an open online tool based on artificial intelligence that generates selections of images even by complex ... Read more

DALL-E 2 Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI creates fantastic images based on text phrases

OpenAI reveals an improved version of DALL-E program, which can create images based on text phrases. For example, visualize “a cat made of land” or “a fox sitting in a field in winter.” The DALL-E 2 has a higher resolution and lower latency than its predecessor.  The first version of ... Read more