How the dollar became the world’s main currency. Infographic

Interesting material and visualization of the fate of gold and foreign exchange reserves of the world’s central banks from 1899 to 2022 appeared on the Visual Capitalist website. In this visualization, you can see how the dollar went from being an unknown small-town currency to the world’s main reserve currency ... Read more

The ECB announced a new stage in the introduction of the digital euro – it will last for 2 years

The European Central Bank has taken another step toward launching a digital version of the euro that will allow people in the 20 countries that use the single currency to make electronic payments securely and free of charge, writes Reuters. Starting November 1, the ECB is preparing to launch a ... Read more

E-hryvnia: the National Bank of Ukraine presented the draft concept of digital money

The National Bank of Ukraine presented to representatives of banks, non-banking financial institutions, and the virtual assets market for discussion of the project of the concept of e-hryvnia – digital money of the National Bank. This is reported by the National Bank of Ukraine. E-hryvnia is an electronic form of ... Read more