The biggest global risks of 2024: extreme weather, AI-generated disinformation, cyberattacks, and more

Visualcapitalist has published an infographic that demonstrates the biggest global risks of 2024, according to world leaders. The infographic is based on the annual survey conducted by the World Economic Forum and the relevant report created on its basis. The survey involved 1 490 leaders of countries and businesses who ... Read more

Ukrainian scientists of the National Antarctic Scientific Center co-authored an article on temperature records in the Antarctic

Ukrainian climatologists and scientists at the National Antarctic Scientific Center Svitlana Krakovska and Anastasiia Chyhareva co-authored an article about temperature records in the Antarctic. This is stated in a post by the National Antarctic Scientific Center on Facebook. The publication in the journal Nature is titled “Record high temperatures on ... Read more

The warmest winter in Europe. Thousands of temperature records were broken

Not only Kyiv breaks temperature records, abnormally high temperatures are observed throughout Europe during December 2022 and early January 2023. Almost all countries of the continent have updated their temperature records, and if we talk about individual weather stations, then the count goes to thousands. This is reported by Watchers ... Read more

December in Kyiv was warmer than normal, and a temperature record was set on January 1, 2023

According to the weather station Borys Sreznevskyi Central Geophysical Observatory on January 1, 2023, for the first time in 143 years of observations in Kyiv, the average daily air temperature was +10.3°С, which is 4.4°С higher than the record temperature value for this day, which was recorded in 2021. The ... Read more

Make Sunsets start-up sends sulfur into the atmosphere to combat climate change. What can this lead to?

Make Sunsets start-up says it has begun releasing sulfur particles into Earth’s atmosphere in an attempt to fight climate change by deflecting sunlight, writes Gizmodo. Make Sunsets sells “cooling credits” for $10 each and bids on the solar geoengineering to cool the planet (and make money). The company claims on ... Read more

Large polluters of the environment received from the EU almost 100 billion euros of free permits for carbon emissions — WWF

According to an analysis by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), over the past nine years, the EU has provided large polluting companies with almost 100 billion euros in the form of free permits for carbon dioxide emissions. Free quotas directly contradict the “polluter pays” principle, WWF said. €98.5 billion worth ... Read more

NASA has launched a new Earth observation satellite that will monitor weather and climate change

NASA has successfully launched a new Earth observation satellite that will help scientists forecast the weather and monitor extreme weather events that are becoming more common. The satellite, called the Joint Polar Satellite System-2 (JPSS-2), is part of a global observing system and the product of a partnership between NASA ... Read more

Climate change has led to a 20-fold increase in drought this year. Forecasts are disappointing

Severe drought has led to reduced harvests, power outages, and wildfires throughout the summer in North America, Europe, and Asia. According to the new large-scale research conducted by an international group of researchers from the Global Initiative to Determine the Causes of Climate Change, the probability of catastrophic summer drought ... Read more

In California, they plan to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines

It so happened that the state of California sets the trends in some legislative initiatives for many other administrative and territorial units of America. This time, state regulators are planning what the governor has called the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine. The regulator plans to ban ... Read more