Google vs ad blockers: Chrome extensions will now be updated more slowly

Another round of Google’s fight against ad blockers. According to the new rules of the Manifest V3 platform, Chrome extensions will now be updated more slowly, writes Techspot. The new policy on browser extensions based on Google’s Manifest V3 platform may, if not destroy ad blockers on YouTube forever, make ... Read more

All old Chrome extensions will stop working in 2024, including uBlock Origins

In June 2024, all old extensions based on Manifest V2, including ad blockers, will stop working in Chrome, writes 9to5Google. Among the changes that will come into effect with the release of Manifest V3 will be improved support for content filtering by providing more generous constraints in the declarativeNetRequest API ... Read more

Address bar in Chrome on iOS can be moved down

Chrome for iOS now allows you to move the address bar to the bottom of the app, reports Engadget. This is a minor but useful feature that will make it easier to reach the address bar on devices with a large screen. This feature has been available in Safari and ... Read more

Microsoft really doesn’t want you to switch from Microsoft Edge to other browsers

It’s no secret that Microsoft is trying to promote their browser, Microsoft Edge, in every possible way and discourage you from downloading Chrome with various prompts. Now, as The Verge has noted, there will be even more of it. If you try to download Chrome from Microsoft Edge via Bing, ... Read more

Google is preparing to test a feature that will hide the IP addresses of Chrome users

Google is preparing to test a new feature in the Chrome browser. This is IP Protection, which is designed to enhance user privacy by hiding their IP addresses, writes BleepingComputer. While IP addresses are potential vectors for tracking, they are also indispensable for important web functions such as traffic routing, ... Read more

Google adds new accessibility features to its products

Google continues to work to make its devices and products as accessible as possible for all users. In recent updates, the company has added accessibility features to maps and slightly improved link entry in Chrome. This year, the company introduced a feature in Chrome that detects misspelled URLs and displays ... Read more

Chrome will be able to automatically create groups from tabs

Google is working on a feature that will help users organize tabs in Chrome, reports Leopeva65. Organize Tabs will automatically categorize tabs with similar content into groups, and you can rename them later. These can be news, social networks, work tabs, etc. Google is currently testing this feature in ... Read more

How to enable the new Google Chrome Refresh 2023 (CR23) interface

Google is preparing to unveil a new look for its browser with the Chrome Refresh 2023 (CR23) update. In this guide, you’ll learn how to enable some of the expected visual changes in the latest stable version of Google Chrome. For a long time, Google Chrome has had a simple ... Read more

Chrome will look a little different soon

This month, Chrome celebrates its anniversary: Google’s browser turns 15. In honor of this event, the developer promises to update the desktop version of Chrome and introduce several additional updates. Thus, in the coming weeks, the browser will receive a Material You “material design”: it will include updated icons with ... Read more

Google introduces a feature in Chrome to show ads based on browser history

Google is gradually introducing the Enhanced Ad Privacy feature in Chrome. It allows websites to show users ads that are tailored to their online activities and interests based on their browser history. This was reported by The Register. The pop-up announcing the technology began appearing for some users after the ... Read more

Chrome has a new feature for copying frames from videos, but there are questions about it

Google is introducing a feature that allows you to copy video footage in the Chrome web browser without having to take screenshots. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS, writes Engadget. In this way, the company is trying to make life easier for users, as screenshots often have ... Read more

Chrome 117 will notify users when an extension has disappeared from the browser’s web store

In the upcoming release of Chrome 117, Google is introducing a new feature that will actively notify users when an extension is not available in the Chrome Web Store, writes повідомляє The Verge. Oliver Dunk, Chrome Extension Developer Relations Engineer, told about this update. This feature is designed to help ... Read more

Google has announced a Chrome update to improve the browser’s performance

Google has announced Chrome updates for mobile and desktop that focus on integration and efficiency, writes Engadget. New mobile features aim to improve the search process, while Chrome for desktop computers makes it easier to download and access files from the Internet. On Chrome mobile, the new web page has ... Read more

Chrome will get an OCR function for converting images to text

As reported by Google, the Chrome browser in the coming months will receive the function of recognizing documents in the form of images and converting them to text. This is part of a larger initiative to make web content accessible to people with visual impairments or reading difficulties (which also ... Read more

Chrome on iOS will soon be able to search using the camera

Google continues to add new features to iOS – Chrome browser version. So, among other things, Chrome on iOS will finally get support for Google Lens, which will allow iPhone owners to search the Internet for objects using the camera. Currently, you have to use a separate app for this, ... Read more

Mobile Google Chrome will get an improved page zoom function

At the MWC exhibition currently taking place in Barcelona, Google announced new features for Android and Wear OS – in particular, improved scaling of web pages in the mobile version of the Chrome browser. This should make life easier for people who find it difficult to read small text on ... Read more

Microsoft is trying to insert a giant banner on Chrome’s download page to get you to stay on Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10 and 11, making it the default app to download Chrome or other browsers. It’s clear that Microsoft is frustrated by this and the company is looking for ever more aggressive ways to push users to stay on Edge. One such step ... Read more

The new version of Google Chrome no longer supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1

As promised back in October last year, Google Chrome lost support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 operating systems with the release of the new, 110th version. This happened due to discontinuation of support for these OS by Microsoft itself. Additionally, Chrome will now also not work on ... Read more

Chrome on Android can now hide anonymous tabs with the help of biometric authentication

Users of mobile Chrome on Android will have the option to hide their anonymous tabs with biometric authentication. That is, to open them, you will need to use the fingerprint scanner, face recognition, or enter a password. The ability to hide anonymous tabs using biometrics first appeared on Android in ... Read more

Google, Apple and Mozilla teamed up to create the Speedometer 3 browser test

Google, Apple, and Mozilla are working together to create a better way to test browser speed. Speedometer 3 will be a “cross-industry collaboration” between the developers of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Unlike some past benchmarks, Speedometer 3 is being started as a cross-industry collaborative effort. Building this will be hard ... Read more

Google is delaying the release of Chrome Manifest V3, which was supposed to limit ad blockers

For several years now, Google has wanted to replace Chrome’s extension system with a new set of programming interfaces (APIs) known as Manifest V3. It would be ok, if not for the fact that the innovation will simply destroy all popular ad blocking extensions. Technical development of Manifest V3 ended ... Read more

Google promises to reduce Chrome’s battery and memory consumption with two new modes

Google is releasing two new modes for Chrome that are designed to make the browser less draining on your system’s battery and memory. The message says that Chrome will reduce memory usage by up to 30% using Memory Saver mode. The mode frees memory from open tabs that are not ... Read more

Desktop Chrome will get dynamic themes

The desktop version of the Google Chrome browser should receive a system of dynamic themes that will be based on the current background image of the new page. Similar functionality has long been available in mobile Chrome on Android thanks to Material You’s “material design” — and now it’s getting ... Read more

Chrome will lose Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 support next year

Sad news for those who do not want to switch to new operating systems – Google announced that it intends to release the latest version of the Google Chrome browser for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 early next year. To be more precise, it will most likely happen on February ... Read more

Chrome for Android tablets has received improved work with tabs

A large part of the work of tablets takes place in the browser. Of course, native Chrome is most often used on Android tablets. Therefore, on the eve of the release of Google’s own tablet, the browser received an update that should significantly improve work, first of all, with tabs. ... Read more