Taiwan inspects four firms suspected of cooperation with China’s Huawei

The Taiwanese government has launched an investigation into four firms suspected of cooperating with the Chinese company Huawei, reports Reuters. According to media reports, several Taiwanese tech companies are helping Huawei build infrastructure for a secret network of chip factories in southern China. The targeted companies include divisions of Topco ... Read more

OpenAI thinks about creating its own chips for AI

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is exploring the possibility of creating its own chips for artificial intelligence, reports Reuters. According to people familiar with the matter, the company has already started evaluating a potential acquisition target. The company does not have a ready-made solution yet. But at least since last ... Read more

AMD lost 18% of revenue, but expects growth already in the 3rd quarter

AMD announced an 18% drop in revenue in II quarter of 2023. However, the obtained result equally exceeded the expectations of the industry, writes CNBC. The company’s revenue amounted to $5.36 billion, although Refinitiv analysts predicted this indicator at the level of $5.31 billion. In the III quarter, AMD predicts ... Read more

Despite the sanctions, 1,057 foreign components from 155 companies are used in russian weapons

Despite the sanctions, the russian military-industrial complex continues to receive Western electronic components. In russian weapons and equipment, 1,057 Western components from 155 companies, mostly from the USA, were counted. This is reported by Babel citing the report The International Working Group on Russian Sanctions. According to the study, critical ... Read more

The US is preparing to intensify the fight for chips against China, – Bloomberg

The Biden administration plans to tighten export controls to limit the sale of some artificial intelligence chips to China. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the situation. The US is expected to revise export controls to make it harder to sell some chips to China without a ... Read more

DGX GH200 and Spectrum X: NVIDIA introduced unique products with artificial intelligence

The CEO of chipmaker NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, presented new products and services related to artificial intelligence during a presentation in Taiwan. The new lineup includes a supercomputing platform, networking technologies, gaming capabilities and advertising services. This is reported by Bloomberg. First of all, he “unwrapped” the AI supercomputer platform called ... Read more

The US asks South Korea not to supply microchips to China in case of a shortage

The United States has asked South Korea to urge its chipmakers not to fill a shortfall in the Chinese market if Beijing bans U.S. company Micron Technology Inc from selling chips, reports Economic Times with reference to the Financial Times. The news appeared on the eve of the visit of ... Read more

ARM is developing its own “more advanced” chip, which it does not plan to license to other companies

According to the report of Financial Times, ARM is developing its own chip. The company tasked its newly formed team of “solutions engineers” led by former Qualcomm executive Kevork Kechichian to create a processor that can demonstrate the capabilities of its products. The main goal of the company in this ... Read more

Semiconductor supply chain players plot to flee China after ASML exit

US efforts to stop China’s semiconductor industry have reached a tipping point when the Netherlands joined. However, the consequences of the new restrictions may affect not only Chinese companies. Reuters reports that officials from a dozen companies that supply ASML components are now weighing the possibility of a mass exodus ... Read more

Apple updated the MacBook Pro 14 and 16, offering new processors M2 Pro and M2 Max with record battery life. The Mac mini also got the M2 and M2 Pro

Without a special event, the Apple company published a press release announcing the update of the MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 line of professional laptops. Previously, the dates of the release of the update were postponed, and insiders and analysts said that the new arrivals will be presented ... Read more

NVIDIA is finally closing its office in Russia. Better late than never

According to the Russian Forbes, by the end of October 2022, NVIDIA will close its office in Russia. Finally. NVIDIA is going to close the office due to “inability to keep employees working efficiently.” The company is now taking out on chartered planes those who agree to move to offices ... Read more

The US government banned NVIDIA from selling some chips in China

NVIDIA representatives reported that the US government banned them from exporting some high-end chips to China (including Hong Kong). This is reported by Reuters. These are the top GPUs NVIDIA A100 and H100 with tensor cores used in data centers for data analysis, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. ... Read more

Despite billions of investments, China has not been able to overcome its dependence on Western microcircuits

China’s government is angry about failures in the semiconductor industry. Tens of billions of dollars invested over the past decade have not produced a significant technological breakthrough, and Washington continues to successfully curb Beijing’s technological ambitions. Government displeasure has sparked anti-corruption investigations in an industry accustomed to support, reports Bloomberg. ... Read more

China has begun military exercises around Taiwan

As announced by the Chinese authorities, the day after the visit to Taiwan by the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, China’s People’s Liberation Army began military maneuvers around the island. The maneuvers, which include live firing, will continue until noon on August 7, 2022. The problem ... Read more

“We are at the bottom”: Intel is rapidly losing profits and is waiting for support from the government

The report for the second quarter from Intel turned out to be disappointing – the company lost 22% of revenue compared to last year. Profitability fell to 36.5% from 50.4%, and the net loss was $454 million. Intel shares fell 10% after financial results were released, reports CNBC. “The sudden ... Read more

Intel will make chips for MediaTek

Intel announced a partnership with MediaTek for the production of chips according to which it will produce chips for the Taiwanese company Intel Foundry Services, a new division of Intel that provides “foundry” manufacturing services to non-in-house chipmakers. According to the president of Intel Foundry Services, Randhir Thakur, “this is ... Read more

Taiwan will dominate the chip production market in the near future

Taiwan is a leader in the world semiconductor production market, controlling 46% of the foundry market and 61% of the world capacity of 16 nm transistors and less. This is reported by the company TrendForce. In 2021 Taiwan received 26% of world income from semiconductors production and 64% of income ... Read more