Sanctions are not working. China continues to receive banned NVIDIA A100 and H100 chips

Despite the sales ban on certain high-end NVIDIA chips to China (including Hong Kong) in September 2022, Chinese government organizations, including those associated with the military, continue to receive top-of-the-line NVIDIA A100 and H100 GPUs, writes Reuters. According to tender documents examined by Reuters, Chinese educational and research institutions, along ... Read more

The Chinese private company Orienspace carried out the first launch of the Gravity-1 rocket from an offshore platform

The Chinese private company Orienspace has performed the first launch of an all-solid-fuel medium-class launch vehicle Gravity-1 from an offshore platform, writes Reuters. Gravity-1 is the world’s largest all-solid rocket and the largest Chinese private rocket. The launch vehicle is capable of placing payloads weighing up to 6,500 kg, including ... Read more

A war over Taiwan between China and the United States could cost $10 trillion, or 10% of global GDP

Bloomberg has published an extensive analytical piece on the impact of a hypothetical war between China and Taiwan with the participation of the United States on the global economy. The forecasts are not encouraging. It could cost the world $10 trillion, or 10% of global GDP, which is much more ... Read more

NVIDIA releases slower version of RTX 4090 specifically for China

NVIDIA has started selling the RTX 4090 graphics card in China again, but has slowed it down by 11% to comply with US export restrictions, reports The Register. The RTX 4090D, a special version for export to China, started appearing in Chinese stores on Thursday. The video card differs in ... Read more

China softens stance on video game industry after $80 billion market collapse

China has approved 105 video games from local publishers at once. Among them are games published by Tencent Holdings Ltd. and NetEase Inc, reports Bloomberg. The measures come after Chinese regulators recently announced a series of new rules aimed at limiting the costs and rewards that encourage video game players. ... Read more

Tesla acquires land to build another megafactory in China

While the US government is trying to limit technology investments in China, Elon Musk and Tesla continue to invest in China. Tesla recently acquired land to build another megafactory in Shanghai, reports Reuters. Tesla paid 222.42 million yuan ($31.13 million) for the rights to use the 19.7-hectare plot. The site ... Read more

China restricts spending on video game rewards. The market lost almost $80 billion

Chinese regulators have announced a series of new rules aimed at limiting the costs and rewards that encourage video game players. The world’s largest gaming market, which has only just begun to recover, has received a powerful blow, writes Reuters. The shares of Tencent Holdings, one of the largest gaming ... Read more

Arm significantly reduces employees in China

Arm Holdings has laid off more than 70 software engineers in China, where it previously employed more than 200 people. Informed sources say that some of the laid-off specialists will be offered jobs outside the country, writes Bloomberg. It is expected that about 15 employees who lost their jobs may ... Read more

Google warns that China is stepping up cyberattacks against Taiwan

China is launching more and more cyberattacks on Taiwan. This was reported by cybersecurity experts at Google, a part of Alphabet, according to Bloomberg. The company said it has seen a “significant increase” in Chinese cyberattacks on Taiwan over the past six months. At the same time, Chinese hackers are ... Read more

It will take years for the US to achieve independence in chip manufacturing – NVIDIA CEO

It may take the US another 20 years to get rid of its dependence on foreign supplies for chip production. This opinion was expressed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang during the DealBook conference in New York, according to Bloomberg. He noted that his company’s products depend on many components that ... Read more

NVIDIA postpones release of new AI chip aimed at China until 2024

NVIDIA has informed customers in China that it is postponing until early 2024 the release of a new AI chip that the company developed to comply with US export restrictions, writes Reuters with reference to informed sources. According to them, it is the H20 chip. It is considered to be ... Read more

Chinese social networks demand that popular bloggers disclose their real names

Major Chinese social networks are requiring their most popular bloggers to reveal their real names. This could be a major step that would further strengthen Beijing’s control over the country’s internet, writes Bloomberg. Tencent’s WeChat, ByteDance’s Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), and Kuaishou Technology’s video service are among the ... Read more

Tensions between the US and China will slow down the chip industry – TSMC founder

Rising tensions between the US and China over technology will slow down the development of the semiconductor industry in the world. This opinion was expressed by the founder of the Taiwanese company TSMC Morris Zhang, writes Reuters. He believes that the separation of the Chinese chip industry from the rest ... Read more

NVIDIA says new restrictions on chip exports to China are already in effect

New US restrictions on the export of advanced chips used in the field of artificial intelligence to China have come into effect earlier than planned. This was reported by the American manufacturer NVIDIA, writes Reuters. According to the company, the restrictions came into effect on Monday due to the postponement ... Read more

Foreign intelligence chiefs warn that China is stealing intellectual property

The heads of several foreign intelligence agencies came together to accuse China of stealing intellectual property and using artificial intelligence to hack and spy on other countries, writes Reuters. This statement was made by the heads of the security services of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and ... Read more

The US is going to restrict the export of more NVIDIA chips to China

The US Department of Commerce plans to ban the export of advanced chips used in artificial intelligence to China in the coming weeks, reports CNBC. In particular, it concerns the products of the American manufacturer NVIDIA. Earlier, the United States imposed restrictions on the export of its H100 chips to ... Read more

Indian police accuse Xiaomi of funding a news site under investigation

Indian police have accused Chinese smartphone makers Xiaomi and Vivo Mobile of helping to illegally transfer funds to a news portal under investigation. This was reported by Reuters with reference to a police report. We are talking about the news resource NewsClick. Its founder-editor, Prabir Purkayastha, was accused of conspiring ... Read more

Belgian intelligence monitors Alibaba’s logistics hub on suspicion of espionage

Belgian intelligence is monitoring Alibaba’s main logistics center in Europe due to concerns about possible espionage, writes Financial Times. The service is taking such measures because of suspicions that Beijing is using its growing economic presence in the West. Alibaba’s logistics hub at the airport in Liege is under surveillance. ... Read more

The news of the iPhone ban in China caused Apple shares to fall

Yesterday’s news about the ban on the use of Apple iPhones by Chinese government officials caused Apple shares to fall and raised concerns among U.S. officials, writes Reuters. Apple shares fell 2.9% and suffered their worst two-day percentage drop since November 2022, as China is one of the company’s largest ... Read more

China bans government officials from using iPhones

China and the United States are exchanging another round of trade war salvos, and it seems that China will simply copy everything the United States imposes on it. Now China has banned central government employees from using Apple iPhones at work, writes Insider with a reference to The Wall Street ... Read more

China to create $40 billion state fund to support semiconductor industry

Processors are the new oil, and every country wants to have its own development and production of semiconductors. Despite the fact that there are many high-tech industries in China, China’s hi-end processors are not very good, especially after the restrictions imposed by the US government. Therefore, China is introducing its ... Read more

Foxconn founder Terry Gou is running for president of Taiwan. He says China will not intimidate him

Terry Gou, the founder of Foxconn and one of Taiwan’s richest men, has announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. This is the businessman’s second attempt to run for president, writes Про це пише Insider. Answering a journalist’s question about how he would respond to pressure from Beijing over ... Read more

China’s CO2 emissions in the second quarter of 2023 recovered to record levels in 2021

While other countries are trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, China’s air pollution is increasing. According to a new analysis by Carbon Brief, in Q2 2023, China’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions increased by 10% year-on-year and were about 1% above the record levels recorded in 2021. Carbon Brief’s analysis, based ... Read more

The US bans certain technology investments in China

US President Joe Biden has signed an executive order banning certain new US investments in China in “sensitive technologies” such as chip manufacturing. In addition, the new regulations require that the government be notified of investments in other Chinese technology sectors, writes Reuters. The long-awaited order authorizes the US Treasury ... Read more

Chinese processor Loongson is four years behind Intel, benchmark shows (but it’s not accurate)

Leading Chinese processor manufacturer Loongson Technology has announced that its latest desktop processor is on par with the tenth-generation Intel Core architecture, which includes Comet Lake and Ice Lake chips, writes The Register. These Intel processors were introduced in 2019-2021, with up to 10 cores and clock speeds above 5.0 ... Read more