Instagram appears to be preparing to launch an AI-powered chatbot

The social network Instagram is probably testing a chatbot with artificial intelligence. This is reported by The Verge with a link to Alessandro Paluzzi’s Twitter screenshot. Potentially, the chatbot will be able to answer questions, give advice and help users write messages. In addition, users will be able to choose ... Read more

Microsoft’s Bing chatbot now lets you create images using OpenAI’s DALL-E

Microsoft is adding an AI-powered image creation tool to its Bing search engine, reports The Verge. Bing Image Creator will be based on an enhanced version of OpenAI’s DALL-E model and will allow users to create images by simply writing what they want to generate. “For those in the Bing ... Read more

China is afraid of ChatGPT because it gives uncensored answers

Chinese regulators have banned the country’s tech giants from providing access to the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT over fears the tool would provide “uncensored answers” to politically sensitive questions. This is reported by Nikkei Asia citing “people with direct knowledge of the matter”. Nikkei reports that Chinese regulators have ordered ... Read more

ChatGPT is launching an AI-written e-book boom on Amazon

Brett Schickler, a salesman from the US, dreamed of being published, but had no idea it was possible. But after he learned about ChatGPT chatbot, Schickler realized that he had a great opportunity. “The idea of writing a book finally seemed possible,” said Schickler, a salesman in Rochester, New York. ... Read more

ChatGPT finally started working in Ukraine

The OpenAI company has finally opened the opportunity for Ukrainian users to register and start using the ChatGPT chatbot. Until today, this AI-based tool was blocked for Ukrainian IP addresses and numbers because OpenAI put Ukraine on the sanctions list along with such countries as russia, Iran, and Afghanistan. Now ... Read more

Humans still needed: Google relies on employees to improve Bard chatbot responses

Google is still planning to launch a new version of its search engine, which will include the Bard chatbot. Unfortunately, as in the case of Microsoft, the Google chatbot has already managed to give the wrong answer to the question that even made it to an ad. Now the tech ... Read more

Microsoft’s Bing search chatbot gives users “unhinged” answers

Microsoft’s new Bing search chatbot powered by ChatGPT gives ‘unhinged’ answers and appears to crash, reports The Independent. A system built into Microsoft’s Bing search engine insults its users, lies to them, and seems to make them wonder why it exists at all. Last week, Microsoft unveiled a new Bing ... Read more

Not only Google Bard: the chatbot of the Microsoft Bing search engine also made small mistakes during the presentation

A later analysis found that Microsoft’s Bing search engine chatbot also made mistakes during a presentation last week, writes PCMag. A similar inaccuracy made by the Google chatbot Bard together with its weak presentation cost the company a fall in capitalization. But for Microsoft’s Bing business, which accounted for just ... Read more

Reddit users bypass ChatGPT filters by role-playing with a chatbot

This year will be a turning point for Internet users, as they will have free access to the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The momentum that took place with the launch of ChatGPT will continue with the addition of chatbots to Bing search and Google, however, it ... Read more

ChatGPT was first used for a court decision

A judge in Colombia used ChatGPT to make a court decision, and it’s probably the first time a legal decision has been made using an AI text generator — or at least the first that we’re aware of. Judge Juan Manuel Padilla Garcia, who presides over the First Circuit Court ... Read more

Google is working on a competitor to ChatGPT

Googlers are testing several ChatGPT competitors as part of the tech giant’s attempt to respond to OpenAI technology, reports CNBC. Before that, the New York Times reported that Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced a “code red” and accelerated AI development to be able to introduce at least 20 AI-powered ... Read more

ChatGPT passed business and law final exams (spoiler: not very successfully)

There are fears that OpenAI’s ChatGPT can help students cheat on tests, but how well would a chatbot do when asked to write a higher-level exam? In a recently published study, University of Minnesota law professors asked ChatGPT to prepare answers for final exams from four courses of their faculty. ... Read more

A new AI chatbot makes it possible to chat with Hitler

If you want to talk to Adolf Hitler, it will cost you $15.99. Chat bot Historical Figures was created by 25-year-old developer Sidhant Chadda, who works as a programmer at Amazon. He released the app a week and a half ago and it has already been downloaded and used by ... Read more

New chatbots might change the world, but can you trust them?

Cade Metz from The New York Times spent several months talking to the scientists who create chatbots and the people who use them to understand whether you should trust artificial intelligence to answer your questions. One of its insiders, professor and artificial intelligence researcher Jeremy Howard, with the help of ... Read more