Nissan Hyper Urban concept car – a look at the future of Nissan electric vehicles

It’s time for the Japanese Motor Show, and that means a lot of interesting new products and concepts from local companies. One of the first examples is the Nissan Hyper Urban concept car, which offers a glimpse into the company’s future. The Nissan Hyper Urban concept is an idea for ... Read more

It seems that an electric crossover like the Volkswagen T-Roc is being prepared

The media outlet AUTOCAR reports that Volkswagen has confirmed the production of a new compact electric car. So far, only the general details are known: production at the same plant as the Volkswagen ID.3, a “bold” design and increased ground clearance. The first design sketches combine the front end of ... Read more

Sports car for Friday: the Genesis GV80 Coupe is presented

Well, like a sports car… although the word “coupe” is present in the name! After all, the new car of the premium Korean brand Genesis is nothing more than a coupe-like version of the large crossover Genesis GV80, which has just undergone an update. Everything is as usual: a new ... Read more

Update for Mazda2 Hybrid (so, it’s Mazda2, not Toyota Yaris)

There was a news story about the Mazda2 update, and it mentioned the existence of two different cars with the same name. Now the “two” has been updated again, but this time it’s a different example – the Mazda2 Hybrid hatchback, which is a clone of the Toyota Yaris. The ... Read more

BMW 530e and BMW 550e xDrive PHEV hybrids are presented: 100+ km on electricity

We have already talked about the new BMW 5-Series G60: back then, gasoline and diesel versions of the car, as well as the BMW i5 electric car, debuted. However, the time has come to add an intermediate option in the form of a plug-in hybrid: the so-called PHEV or Plug-In ... Read more

Nissan 20-23 concept realizes the dream of a “youth hot hatch”

Nissan has presented its new concept with a somewhat strange name – Nissan 20-23. But in fact, this name encodes the 20th anniversary of the European design center NDE, where the concept was created. It also hints at the realities of 2023 and the modern times of total electrification. If ... Read more

All about the Mazda CX-90 in Ukraine: a powerful 345-horsepower engine, one configuration – and a price of UAH 2.5 million

After the launch of the Mazda CX-60 in Ukraine, the local importer did not stop and set its sights on even more. In several senses of the word. After all, we’re talking about the Mazda CX-90 crossover, which offers many of the “best of the best”: the most powerful engine, ... Read more

California governor vetoes bill requiring drivers to be present in self-driving trucks

California Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have required the mandatory presence of people in autonomous trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds. This was reported by The Verge with reference to Reuters. This is the so-called Assembly Bill 316. It received widespread support among state legislators and was ... Read more

New Volkswagen Passat with a sedan body: what if?

So, the new Volkswagen Passat has been unveiled – and, as expected, it debuted only with a wagon body, no sedan body. But if there were, what would it look like? The publication Carscoops tells about a non-factory design option. But everything looks like it’s ready to go into production ... Read more

A real sports car for the weekend: Toyota GR86 40th Anniversary Limited Edition coupe – in honor of the 40th anniversary of the AE86 series

Toyota has unveiled a car that could become a cult vehicle as soon as it is released. This is the Toyota GR86 40th Anniversary Limited Edition coupe, created in honor of the AE86 cars – small “sports cars for the people” from the 1980s. As is often the case in ... Read more

Audi Q4 e-tron electric car updated: higher power, greater autonomy

The Audi Q4 e-tron electric crossover is the smallest in the European four-ring model lineup, but that doesn’t stop it from being popular.On the contrary, the Audi Q4 e-tron electric car has good sales and serves as an entry ticket to the world of Audi electric models.So, to maintain the ... Read more

Volvo will abandon turbo diesel engines as early as 2024, the future belongs to electric motors

Diesel engines have not been favored in Europe lately: at first they were attractive because of their economy, but then there were complaints about dirty exhaust due to soot particles, and then the fight against nitrogen oxides continued. Therefore, diesels are gradually falling under local bans: for example, entering certain ... Read more

A hybrid Plug-In version will appear in the Ford Ranger range

Today, any car with a hybrid powertrain is still considered to be ultra-modern and high-tech. What can we say about pickup trucks, and even in the version of Plug-In Hybrid – that is, a hybrid with the possibility of recharging. However, this is exactly the version announced for the Ford ... Read more

The new Volkswagen Tiguan crossover is unveiled: a solid foundation for a strong future?

The Tiguan crossover is very important for the Volkswagen brand. Since 2007, two generations of the model have sold a total of 7.6 million vehicles. Therefore, radical changes are not desirable in order not to lose the already established customer segment. At the same time, the car needs to be ... Read more

Nissan Frontier Hardbody pickup: a new special version in memory of the past

Nissan has recently unveiled a special version of its pickup truck that reminds us of the “warm lamp” past of the 1980s. After all, the new Nissan Frontier Hardbody fully and completely imitates the styling of the Nissan Hardbody 40 years ago. The main decoration of the Nissan Frontier Hardbody ... Read more

Fantasy about Tesla GT – an electric coupe car based on Tesla Model 3 and BMW 4-series

To put it mildly, Tesla’s model range is not very wide. In fact, we have two passenger sedans (well, one liftback, but it looks like a sedan) and two crossovers of different sizes. The truck is clearly not intended for mass sales, the large-scale mass production of the pickup truck ... Read more

DS 4 test drive: a cross-luxury original

I’ll tell you about a car that has quietly impressed me – the new DS 4, as you might guess from the topic of this review. When I took the DS 4 for a test drive, I didn’t expect anything: a white sheet of paper, no expectations, no hints. But ... Read more

Updated Cadillac CT5 sedan: a modern classic

Right now there is an auto show in the United States, so we have a lot of interesting new products from there. For example, this Cadillac CT5 is a passenger sedan that already stands out among numerous pickups and crossovers. In addition, it now stands out even more: it is ... Read more

“Did you think to save money? It won’t work!” Florida considers $200 tax on electric cars

An interesting news is reported by Carscoops: Florida (USA) authorities are considering the introduction of an annual tax of $200 (and even with the possibility of further increase to $250) for each electric car. In addition, an additional tax on PHEV hybrids is being considered. This is in addition to ... Read more

The updated Ford F-150 pickup truck has a “door in the door”

Some may think that the Ford F-150 pickup truck is not very interesting for Ukraine. But, first of all, it is the most popular pickup truck in the United States and one of the most popular vehicles in the world. And secondly, look at the streets of cities full of ... Read more

14-year-old Ukrainian Oleksandr Bondarev joins Williams Racing Academy

The 2023 CIK-FIA European Karting Champion, 14-year-old Ukrainian driver Oleksandr Bondarev, has joined the Williams Racing Driver Academy. This is reported by the official Williams website. “I am so excited to join the Williams Racing Driver Academy,” the young racer shared on his first day at Grove. “Williams Racing is ... Read more

New Peugeot e-3008: full information and all the details

After numerous leaks and announcements, the new Peugeot e-3008 crossover has finally been officially unveiled. So far, it is in the form of an electric vehicle, although gasoline-hybrid engines have also been mentioned. But first things first. So… The new Peugeot e-3008 crossover has slightly increased in size (4.54-meter length ... Read more

Volkswagen ID.X Performance concept: all-wheel drive and almost 560 horsepower

Can an electric car be sporty? The Volkswagen ID.X Performance concept car tries to answer this question with a “yes”. In fact, it is the factory tuning of the recently introduced Volkswagen ID.7 electric sedan – but it was lowered by 60 mm, aerodynamic elements were added, and 20-inch wheels ... Read more

Alfa Romeo is preparing a new compact electric crossover

This is simultaneously reported by Carscoops and several other independent sources, so it seems to be true. What are we talking about? The point is that Alfa Romeo is preparing a new model that should “close” several market segments at once. Firstly, it will be a very compact crossover: approximately ... Read more

New Peugeot e-3008 crossover: first photos of the electric car

In fact, the new generation Peugeot e-3008 crossover is due to make its debut any day now. But there is so much information that almost everything about the new car is clear today. Hmmm, a car or an electric car? After all, the first photos show the inscription e-3008, where ... Read more